• 1. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
  • 2. Allow you to customize screen capture and frame rate.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates.

Manycam Software Review

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Manycam has proved to be one of the most popular software applications for live streaming, with over eighty million downloads globally. More users are increasingly exploring ManyCam on a daily basis to figure out how they can enhance their video calls and live streams. The following is a manycam software review and guide to help make life easier for beginners.

This guide will cover an overview of ManyCam, the key features, available subscription plans and pricing, the pros and cons and the available alternative. By the time you are through with this article, you will have all the insights to help you make your first video call and a live stream video that will live a mark to your audience!

Manycam Download

Manycam is a free webcam app allows users to enhance video chats and generate live streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously. The app enables you to create professional broadcasts on your platform, record on your screen and add the effects you want with ease.

With the ManyCam, you can turn your personal computer into a professional production studio for live videos and a video switcher. You can add amazing graphics and webcam effects to your photos and videos. The awesome webcam filters will make you look amazing on the camera. The ManyCam facial recognition tool allows you to add crazy facial effects and masks. Change you webcam background to make you appear in a studio or snowing in the house or as if you are on fire! You will get numerous effects in the massive library of manycam software download that you can choose from.

Main functions of ManyCam

Using multiple video sources

ManyCam allow the user to switch between numerous sources of audio, videos and image files. The pull-down menu allow you to add a new photo snapshot, still image, another camera or the desktop as the source of the video. This means that the user has an array of videos to choose and fully explore their creativity. You can choose a slow transition or cut between various sources and create a uniform video clip.

Lower third

This is a graphic-text overlay found on the third fraction of the screen. It is mainly used for adding the title or the company name to the video recording, the website domains or other information you want on a video recording. This is important for personalizing the video or pass important communications.

Green screen

The Green Screen effect allows the user to change the background of the video by adding another video from the library or from the Picture in Picture to make you appear anywhere. Simply select the colors you want removed from the background and replace it with a pre-defined video in the library or download one of choice. Ensure that the video of choice is supported before using it in the video recording.

Picture in the picture

The picture to picture feature allows you to change the background of your video recording. You can choose to use a plain background, use pre-defined background or choose a picture or a video from the source of choice and change the background of your recording.

3D masks and graphics effects

ManyCam allow the user to change the face accessories, custom effects and the background. You can download or publish the custom effects from your library into your computer. This offline effect installer helps create unique videos that express your creativity.

Mobile source app

The ManyCam Mobile source app allows you to use the mobile as the source of the video. You can both record videos from your mobile phone and send it to the software when on the move. You can also use the mobile phone as the source of the video and share it from any location. This allows you to record videos when away from your personal computer and share your experiences with friend and relatives with ease!

Taking desktop Screencast

A screen cast is the video record of the activities and actions on the screen of your computer. You can take the video record and save it in your personal computer. This feature is mostly used to record videos of instructions on your computer to be posted on YouTube. Simply drag the picture on the Picture to picture feature and adjust the size and change the color you want on the background.

Multiple channels broadcast

The manycam software download for pc allows you to use different applications at the same time. You can talk to family and friends on Yahoo messenger, Google Hangouts and Skype simultaneously. It also allows you to do live streaming at once on different channels.

YouTube Integration

ManyCam allow for streaming and broadcasting videos directly from YouTube. Select the YouTube URL found on the pull-down menu and then type the URL of the video you want to watch and it will automatically begin playing.

Price and Plans

ManyCam is available in various subscriptions to enable you to enjoy its features at affordable rates. You can choose between a lifetime and annual subscriptions.

Lifetime Advantage

The lifetime subscription allows you to access the future updates and version of ManyCam. This means that after the one-time purchase of the ManyCam, you will use all available versions and updates of the software without any additional fee.


ManyCam also offers the user with the option of subscription plans that ranges from the individual and business to the standard, studio and premium options. After purchasing your subscription, you create an account where you subscription is linked to.

Standard planned costs $27 annually. It allows for one device to be connected and has no ManyCam software watermark.

The studio plan is billed at $49 per annum. It allows use of up to two devices with 12 sources and up to 4,000 videos.

The premium subscription plan costs $69 annually. It includes up to 3 devices with 24 sources and up to 4,000 videos.

The business plans include Enterprise 3 version which supports 3 devices and costs $102 annually, the Enterprise 5 version which support 5 devices at a cost of $102 annually and Enterprise 10 version that supporting 10 devices costing $181.

Pros and Cons

The following are some of the pros and cons of using Manycam for enhancing your video calls and live streaming experience.


  • Allows broadcasting on multiple channels at the same time.
  • The audio effect of the microphone has distorting and voice changing features.
  • High quality standard live streams and videos
  • Has a careful preview mode before making videos live
  • The lower third allow adding names, location, important news and other information related to a broadcast.
  • Allow mobile app connection for broadcasting from your mobile phone
  • Compatible with numerous tools supporting webcam like Camfrog, Patalk, Skype, Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger among others.
  • Over 12 image, audio and video sources for professional streaming and easy recording and exporting to GIF, AVI and Mp4 file format.
  • Strong motion detection.


  • Lacks high definition resolutions.
  • Allows only 3 effect additions to favorites

Manycam Software Alternative

One of the manycam screen recorder alternatives you can use for quality videos and images is Wondershare DemoCreator. It has an easy to use user interface that can be used by people with no prior experience in filming or journalism. The intuitive Democreator interface allows you to capture the microphone, webcam and system sound according to your needs. The Democreator comes with tutorials that take you through the different features and how to use them to make professional video recordings. It offers video editing abilities perfect for creating gaming vlogs, presentation recordings, demo videos and tutorials.

democreator recording screen

Wondershare Democreator allows the user to capture part of the screen or allow recording of the full screen of your computer with ease. You can use the images and videos on your screen or import from other sources to include in your screen video recording. You can edit your video by cutting, rotating and cropping to create a seamless video. It allows you to add annotations, customized cursor effects and captions for important information. The videos created using the Democreator can be converted to GIF, MP4, MP3 and MOV for easy sharing and export. The recordings are of high definition and the quality of your work is never compromised.

When looking for an app supporting multiple sources of videos and ease in transition ManyCam comes in handy. It is ideal for education as it engages students in creation of unique learning practice. It is important in businesses communication for delivery of professional presentations and conferences. ManyCam can be used as a Mobile App for streaming live videos and sending to other platforms. In health, the app comes in handy for sharing reports and trainings. In a nutshell, ManyCam offers the best features to use in all the fields. It offers quality videos with numerous effects to personalize with quality withstanding.