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Clideo Video Cutter | Review

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Assume you are a picture taker by calling or even an interest in recording and video shooting. All things considered, you probably utilized some fine video cutters to alter your long and enormous recordings for altering purposes. The ideal way is to manage video online free in case you are not proficient. Clideo is a flexible Step that offers a lot of apparatuses for its clients. From trimming, pivoting, and compacting recordings right to making slideshows, you can use Clideo's elements for various 'specialized' video-altering purposes. There's no compelling reason to download anything because Clideo is an online Step. Whatever you transfer to it, you can have confidence that it's protected because Clideo ensures assurance.

Our web-based instrument permits you to remove any piece of a video and convert it to a suitable arrangement for YouTube. The best angle proportion for a YouTube video would be 16:9, so in case you don't know that it is, you can resize your video first. On the other hand, you can buy a paid or go for a free video shaper. You want to have colossal information about the accessible free web-based video shaper for enormous records in the two cases. You can trim a video through Clideo effectively because the Step has pre-cut layouts for the absolute most well-known web-based media channels. You don't have to play with manual resizing as the Step does the work in your stead. The greatest benefit of Clideo is that it has a natural interface. You don't have to have any past altering information to have the option to utilize the Step's toolbox.

utilize the toolbox

1. How to Use Clideo Video Cutter

This free web-based video shaper for huge records permits you to move the two markers on the double to choose the start and end of your clasp. Clideo is downright the least complex yet most valuable web-based video managing utility for fledglings. Free a record up to 500 MB straightforwardly in the program, and begin cutting video portions of your beloved document. The video trimmer goes with every one of the regular configurations like AVI, MP4, VOB, MPG, MOV, and so forth. Move the marker to pick the ideal part. Save the clasp to your ideal area.

Step 1: Upload your Videos

Transfer a video that you need to manage or cut. This should be possible all without downloading and introducing any product. That is because Clideo works totally in your program, regardless of whether that is Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. What's more, that is from any gadget, be it Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

transfer a video

Step 2: Trim Videos or Cut Video

To manage the start and end of a video cut, select the clasp and drag the markers on one or the other side. You can likewise remove a piece of your video cut by choosing the slice symbol to graft a video cut. Zoom into your video cuts on the timetable for more exact managing and cutting.

trim videos or cut video

Step 3: Download the Trimmed Video

Give your video a fast see and hit the commodity button in the upper right corner. Your managed video is fit to be shared.

download the trimmed video

2. Pros and Cons

An extremely well-known choice for this situation is Clideo's., a site that is committed to permitting us to cut a video consistently, in an exceptionally basic way. The interface on the web is truly simple to utilize, something vital for this situation. In this way, everything clients can deal with everything in straightforward advances and cut said video at whatever point they need. With regards to managing, it is feasible to do it with the agents or by physically entering the timestamps on the web.


  • This open-source video shaper is free.
  • Exact video cutting by outline.
  • Effectively switch between Keyframe cut mode and Normal cut mode.
  • Permits you to quickly empower and impair different video/soundtracks before cutting.
  • Permits you to glue URL to stack recordings for cutting.
  • Supports basic cuts by hauling handles or utilizing bolts to indicate time.
  • Backing single cuts and adding numerous leap cuts.
  • 4K video cutting could be smooth on even an old PC.


  • Some of the time can't catch outlines exactly.
  • It doesn't permit you to cut video by setting time physically.
  • You can cut MP4, AVI, MOV on the web. However, yield in MP4 as it were.
  • Sticking URL for video cutting doesn't work, even without a blunder message.

Likewise, it works with many arrangements, including 3GP, AVI, MKV, MOV, so you will have no issues when working with them on the web. It is a free site, yet this implies that the video will have a watermark. Assuming you need to eliminate this imprint, you need to pay a membership.

3. Clideo Video Cutter Alternative for Computer

Cut, a way of overseeing huge video documents, may not seem like a key factor that makes video editorial manager software convincing; however, it is most certainly one of the essential elements that nobody would miss. In case you are battling with which software to utilize, regardless of whether you need to quickly manage video on the web or need a video managing software with outrageous accuracy. DemoCreator is the classical video handling software with a free video trimmer and splitter implicit. On the other hand, run the DemoCreator video trimmer to cut one or numerous undesirable parts, from the beginning, the center, or the end. There would be no unprofessional changing or picture trimming. You can save your video in precisely the same configuration as before without delivering and loss of value.

Compared with the Clideo video cutter, it is feasible to cut recordings without re-encoding, yet barely any video cutters support it. But in the case of DemoCreator video editor, you've plenty of other options as well as this option as well. The projects professing to manage recordings without encoding again generally can't cut recordings unequivocally. Hence DemoCreator makes it feasible for every project to cut as well as add transitions to make it look the same even without the cuts to unwanted parts. It provides you with a plethora of such features which you can utilize to make that happen, here we've enlisted the steps required to do so. The entire video cutting cycle could be pretty much as basic as: open the video, mark the beginning and end focuses, then, at that point, trim video. Let's have a look at them.

Step 1: Import Your Videos

You probably have downloaded and installed an all-in-one DemoCreator software for performing some valuable tasks on your videos. Now, the next thing you need to do is launch it from the Start menu of your PC, and you'll be amazed at the intuitive interface of the DemoCreator editor.

Right after selecting the Editor option, hit the import button is available in front of this software interface and select your favorite file to import right away. Now the best part is, Wondershare DemoCreator is open to numerous file formats to import of your own choice. After you've made a selection, proceed with the selection.

Step 2: Cut Your Videos

Now, to apply the cut on your videos, you need to use the split option from the list. Right-click on your video inside the timeline and select the split video option from the list as shown here:

Step 3: Add Transitions Between Clips

In the next step, go to the Transitions menu and select your favorite Overlay transition from the plethora of available transitions at your end. After you've made your selection, you can detach the audio from the video to make it more interesting, and it will sum up the cut parts of your videos as a single video file with customizations.

Step 4: Export and Share

After you're done adding overlay cut transitions i-e J and L-cuts, now is the time to save as well as share directly the edited file by following the export steps below. With DemoCreator, you can also opt for sharing your output file with your specified video format directly to your YouTube channel.

Also, if you want to save to your PC, customize the output setting, personalize your video output file settings, including file name, and hit the save button directly. From here, you can also share your edited video file directly to the YouTube platform or even upload your file to viable platforms like OneDrive and Google Drive.


With Clideo, cutting recordings without re-encoding somewhat implies cutting recordings without deciphering. In case there is no video deciphering, you can't recapture each definite frame for managing. That might create issues like video faltering or loaded with misfires toward the start, missing edges, video and sound out of sync, and so on. Thus, the DemoCreator software makes it look for the outlines accurately, leaving your video beginning with edges and outlines and making this process handy to the fullest. In light of these special features it upholds, we suggest trying this software for your easiness.