Crop Video Online : Top 10 Online Video Croppers

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Free & Online Tools

Do you want to crop your video online? Do you want to crop your video and post it on your social media platforms to increase traffic and attract your audience's attention? Well, If you are struggling with these questions, then don't worry!! You have come on the right platform. In this article, I will briefly discuss how you should crop videos online and rate different online tools to crop your video.

Part 1. More Powerful Tool to Crop Video than Online Video Croppers

Cropping video is a basic video editing feature of skills that almost all users know. And it's a good way to crop video using free online tools. But there exceed a truth, and most online tools have a limitation in video size and speed. And if you want to do some simple editing to the cropped video, it will not be convenient.

You can try DemoCreator, one of the best platforms to crop and trim your videos easily. Also the most important, you can export cropped video without quality loss. You can share your videos on popular social media platforms.

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Follow these steps to crop your video by using Democreator:

Step 1: Install Wondershare Demo Creator
Install Wondershare DemoCreator on your Windows or Mac. Then launch the software, select "Video Editor".

video editor

Step 2: Import and add videos to timeline

Click the "Import" icon on the left toolbar, then choose the video you need to crop. You can simply add your video files to the timeline to crop them easily.

import video

Step 3: Select and crop your video
Select the video clip which you want to crop and bring a cursor to the clip edge. Then click the crop icon, it will pop up a small window about "crop video". Then you can adjust where you need to crop. Choose the area of the video which you want to crop and resize as per your adjustments.

crop video on democreator

Step 4: Save and export your video
After cropping the video, save the video and export it to a suitable video format. Click the "Export" icon on the right corner of the main interface.

export ans share video

Part 2. Top 10 Video Croppers to Crop Video Online

To crop your video online to avoid unnecessary formatting, you need to use the right set of tools which is helpful for you to crop your video without facing any kind of trouble. We've experienced more than 20 video cropping online tools, including crop video online for free and video crop online no watermark to save you time. And now list them out, each one including the detailed description and the key features. You can choose the best one.

1. Clideo

Clideo is the popular video cropper tool that trims any part of your video. This online video cropper charges $9 per month and $72 per year and allows its users to crop unlimited videos. On average, users rated clideo on a scale of 4.5/5 due to its uniqueness and simplicity to crop any video gifs and images in one place.

clideo crop video


  1. The Clideo allows you to crop video in a size that is adjustable on popular social media platforms. You not to have to waste time adjusting its size.
  2. This online video cropper supports all file formats such as AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, etc to trim your video easily.
  3. This is a fully online platform so you don't need to download the application on your mobile phone or PC.
  4. The Clideo provides high-level security to your uploaded video files and images.
  5. The Clideo allows its users to change the format of their video within the same window.
  6. Due to its simple interface, it is easy to crop the excessive parts of your video.

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is an online video cropper that allows you to crop your video in the proper dimension and correct size. The Kapwing enables users to crop online videos with no watermark. The Kapwing is a free application that resizes, filters, and trims unimportant parts of your videos. The users have rated this video cropper on the largest scale due to its most accessible video cropping software that trims and crop video easily with its drag and moves action.

crop video online kapwing


  1. Kapwing allows you to upload your video directly or past a link to your video on the website.
  2. This online video cropper is free for its users.
  3. The Kapwing allows its users to choose a platform for which they want to crop video such as Instagram story, feed, IGTV, Facebook feed.
  4. The video cropper allows its users to trim video by selecting the appropriate frame of your video.
  5. The Kapwing filters and resizes your video according to your adjustment.
  6. Due to its simple, intuitive interface, the users can directly paste a link to their video or upload their video on the site.

3. Video Cutter

This online video cutter allows its users to trim and crop video easily. The users can directly drop their files on the website to do the proper trimming of their videos. You can crop video online free by making use of all the features of the website. This tool is suitable for all devices such as PC and MAC. Users have widely used this tool because of its simplicity and a wide variety of video tools.

video cutter crop video online


  1. This is an online tool and doesn't require any installation.
  2. It crops video to the desired preposition and size.
  3. It supports all kinds of video formats.
  4. It allows easy trimming to your video with no complicated features.
  5. It provides complete security to your video files so that no one can have access to your files.
  6. This online video cropper helps you to rotate your video for a particular portrait mode.

4. Ezgif

Ezgif is a simple video cropper tool that trims video easily. It is a free online tool that allows you to crop your animated gif images. Its users rated this tool on the largest scale due to its simple and easy interface. This is a simple tool that supports all video formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, etc.

ezgif vrop video


  1. This tool allows you to trim unnecessary parts of your video easily.
  2. With the help of a graphical tool, you can select the area which you want to crop.
  3. You can upload a video or paste a link to cut your video on the website directly.
  4. This tool allows you to cut the dimensions of your videos.
  5. This tool allows you to crop and mute video online.

5. Typito

Now crop your videos by using this free tool. Trim any area of your video by using this tool. Typito is an online video editor for YouTube makers, Vlogger and video advertisers. It is 'Canva for videos' and is known for its easy User Interface to include text videos. Typito positions itself in the middle of the desktop-based tools that let give you many adaptabilities and the mobile applications that let you do flexible video cropping. Typito has been rated by its users on a scale of ⅘ because of its simple cropping process.

typito crop video


  1. Typito allows you to crop videos for various social media platforms.
  2. This online video cropper trims video by using its simple features.
  3. Resize your video by using this tool.
  4. It provides the option of zoom in and out while cropping your videos.
  5. The unlimited number of videos is cropped through this tool.
  6. It has a simple and easy interface.

6. Crop Video

To crop video online, use this simple and free tool. This online tool allows you to delete the parts from a video that you don't want to use. As per the reviews of the customer, this tool is highly rated and widely used by them.

crop video online free


  1. This tool is entirely free and online.
  2. This tool works on all types of devices such as PC, Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  3. It provides complete security to its users while uploading their videos on the website.
  4. It's simple and precise interface meets all your cropping demands.
  5. Select the area to crop your video.
  6. It supports all video formats.

7. Fastreel

As per customer reviews, it is one of the widely used tools. The fast reel is an easy online video editor that offers a broad scope of tools and layouts to make video editing easy and quicker. This online cropping tool is appropriate for the experts and novices who need to make their video content look incredible. It helps you to cut, crop, compress videos where you can make a slideshow, erase undesirable portions, and change video speed.

fastreel crop video


  1. This is a simple and easy cropping tool.
  2. It has a simple interface.
  3. This tool provides complete security to its users.
  4. This tool is completely online, no need for installation.
  5. This tool crop video according to your adjustments.
  6. You can easily export your video.

8. Veed.IO

Trim and cut video by using this tool with a simple click. This is a free tool that allows you to crop your video according to your adjustment and to share it on popular social media platforms. As per customer review, this is a top-rated tool.

veed crop video


  1. With this tool, you can cut or trim your videos straightforwardly.
  2. You can even crop your youtube videos by posting URL links on the site.
  3. This tool cuts your video within a single click.
  4.  Veed doesn't compromise with the quality of your videos.
  5. It has a clear and trouble-free interface.
  6. To remove the middle part of your video, choose the option of Split.

9. FreeConvert

This video cropping tool is free and is compatible with any web browser. Additionally, all files are ensured with 256-bit SSL encryption and erased consequently post 2 hours. Your file security and protection are assured with this free tool. This tool allows you to simply upload your video file and crop it in such an adjustable social media platform position. As per customer review, this is the best video cropper available.

freeconvert crop video


  1. It supports all video formats.
  2. It crops video perfectly to be fitted on any social media platform.
  3. It trims the video as per the dimensions of the video.
  4. It provides complete security to your videos.
  5. You can directly paste a link to your video or upload your video.
  6. This tool works on any browser.

10. Biteable

Biteable is an online video cropping too that easy for everyone to use. Crop your videos for any and every social channel with Biteable. It’s fast, easy, and you’ll never crop off the wrong bits. To get started, sign up to Biteable for free, then hit ‘create new video’. The cropping process is clear and distinct, you can find the steps fast.

bitable crop video

Key Features:

  1. The cropping process is clear and fast.
  2. It supports multiple video formats.
  3. You can crop your video for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  4. So easy to create beautiful videos for client to use in social media and advertising.

Part 3. How to Crop Video without Losing Quality

Cropping a video on DemoCreator is way easy, with the actual interface that itself helps you perform your task like a pro. When you export your video and find the video is blurry, you may forgot to set the project settings. Learn this way, let your video export with high quality.

Step 1. Launch the Wondershare Democreator on your Mac or Windows. After cropped the video, click the File, then select Project Setting.

export video

Step 2: Then click the Frame Rate, and select 120 FPS. In this way, your videos will with high quality.

export high quality video

Step 3: At last, click export, also set the frame rate to 120 FPS.

export video


In the above article, we have discussed various online tools to crop the video. If you don't want to lose the quality of content and explore multiple features for free, try DemoCreator Now and trim your video to fit it on social media platforms. If you want to crop your video but you don't know where to begin, then Wondershare Democreator as compared to other online tools, is a perfect choice for beginners as it provides tutorials to their users. The Wondershare Democreator allows you to crop your as per resolution, frame setting or bitrate, which is quite tricky in other online tools.