How to Crop Video on Windows with the Top 4 Video Croppers

Oliva Eve
2021-10-21 12:23:12 • Filed to: Editor Software Review

It is one thing to record a video and it is another to edit it to desirable standards. One editing feature that’s quite common is the ‘Crop’ process. It carefully removes the unnecessary information from your video. When you crop a video on windows 10, you can’t get the part you removed by dragging the side of the clip to the direction you cut it from. You can, however, undo the process to return the video to its original state. But when you trim your video, you can get the part you removed by dragging the side of the clip back. If you wish to get two parts of the clip, use the ‘Split’ function. Your clips will stay intact but are just divided into different parts. 

Part 1. Crop Videos on Windows10 with the Best Video Cropper - DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator works in simple ways to help users record and edit videos. It creates an efficient environment for composing both demos and live recordings. Furthermore, this app has been revamped with over 100 editing precepts for a professional end product. Whether you are a teacher, compiling some tutorials, or a marketer giving some illustrations on how to use your product or service, DemoCreator has all you need. Use it to record multiple screens simultaneously, perform real-time screen drawing, and even encompass added high-end effects like green span technology. Follow these steps to crop video Windows with DemoCreator.

Step 1. Download and launch DemoCreator

Visit the DomoCreator page, download the tool and install it on your computer. You can select either Windows or macOS version. Once you successfully download it, install it and then launch it on your computer.

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Step 2. Import your video

You have the option to capture a video from scratch or import your video from the PC. Hit the ‘New Recording’ button and start recording a live video. Otherwise, to import a file, click the ‘Import Media’ > ‘File’ buttons and extract any video from your computer.

import video

Step 3. Add files to the timeline

Once imported, double-click the file to add it to the timeline. You can also drag and drop your video to the timeline and proceed to crop it.

crop video on windows

Step 4. Crop video

To crop your video, select your clip then click on the ‘Crop’ button. Resize the visible area you need to crop. Next, click and drag on the resize handles until the video fits the desired crop region. When you are certain, click the ‘OK’ button to crop it. Likewise, you can manually insert specific dimensions to crop it as well.

crop video on windows 10

Step 5. Save and export video

Finally, save and export your video to the computer. DemoCreator supports numerous file formats and you can choose any like MP4, MOV, FLV, among others. You can also change the frame rate, bitrate, and codec of your video. When all parameters are set, click the ‘Export’ button to save it and also share it with other online platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more.

export cropped videos

Part 2. Cropping Video on Windows with VLC

VLC Media player, our second in-line tool is a free and open-source multimedia player.  It runs on all platforms from Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows. It also supports a wide range of media players, Webcams, Streams, and Discs. Check out how to crop videos on Windows with this free tool.

Step 1. Install and launch VLC

Open VLC and then open the file you wish to crop. To open a file on Windows 10, click the ‘Media’ option and then hit the ‘Open File’ option.

Step 2. Choose an area to crop

With your video successfully imported, decide which area you want to crop. Once you pick the areas, the app will indicate ‘Cut out this area’.

Step 3. Crop it

Crop the indicated area by going to ‘Tools’ > ‘Effects and Filters’ > ‘Video Effects’ > ‘Crop’ options.

vlc vrop video

Step 4. Save your video

Once you have cropped your video, save it on your computer. Click the ‘Save’ button in the bottom-right corner and choose a name for it. Pick the desired location. Remember that you can also save your cropped video on other external devices like flash drives and discs.

Part 3. Crop Video Windows 10 - EaseUS Video Editor

Another possible way to crop a video Windows 10 is to use EaseUS Video Editor. This tool supports various video formats like MOV, AVI, WMK, MP4, and 3GP. When it comes to editing videos, this top-notch app works in a few steps to merge, rotate, cut, split, or crop your video. Additionally, make use of the zoom feature to see which parts to crop while editing. Check out the steps to crop your videos into various sizes and export them in high-quality formats.

Step 1. Import a video

Once you have downloaded and installed the EaseUS Video Editor to your Windows device, open it and click the ‘Import’ option to add your videos.

Step 2. Add video to the timeline

To add your video, right-click the video file and choose the ‘Add to Project’ option. You can also drag and drop your video directly to the Timeline.

easeus crop video windows

Step 3. Crop video

Right-click the video you want to crop. Next, choose the ‘Crop’ option from the pop-up menu. This will open another editing window where to customize other settings. You can customize the output folder and edit the file name, among others.

easeus crop videos

Step 4. Export cropped video

Once you adjust the necessary parameters, click the ‘OK’ option to keep the changes. When the process completes, click the ‘Export’ button to save your video on the computer.

Part 4. How to Crop a Video on Windows10 with Animotica

Another Windows video editor crop tool that will give you an added advantage is Animotica. It works fast, enabling you to compose your video in only 5 minutes. It lets you carry out any editing task, for a super finish. With this crop tool, you can eliminate any part of your video or give it specific dimensions to fit any video sharing platform. Follow these steps to crop your video with Animotica.

Step 1. Install Animotica on your PC

Visit the website and install Animotica for free.  Next, launch the app on your computer and get ready to crop your video.

Step 2. Select a video to edit

Immediately when you open Animotica on your PC, you will see a home screen with various options. Go to the ‘Project Prepare Tools’ option and click on the ‘Edit Video’ tab. Then click on the ‘Select A Video File’ option and navigate to your saved videos on the computer. Choose the one you want to crop and tap the ‘Open’ option.

animotica crop video select

Step 3. Crop your video

Wait for the video to be uploaded and then begin to crop it. Tap on the video thumbnail to unleash the available editing options. Select the ‘Crop’ option. Designate a portion to crop. This feature will uniformly crop your video in the top, bottom, left, and right corners of your video frame.

animotica crop video

Step 4. Save your video

To save your video, click on the ‘Save Video’ button. You can also adjust the video resolution and bit rate as desired. Then click the ‘Save As’ option, input a filename, and finally hit the ‘Save’ button.


All in all, you have learned to crop video Windows with the four promising video editors. The below table is a further elaboration of the compatibility nature with Windows 10, ease of use, and whether the free version leaves a watermark on your videos.


Compatible with Windows 10

User friendly

Advanced editing features








Yes, on free version

VLC Media Player










Free trial 30 days

Yes, but you can blur it






Yes, on the  free version

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