How to fade in/fade out audio in DemoCreator?

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Being a video editor and dealing with the sound of your recording's audio is the main thing you should consider in your altering techniques. As an apprentice, you've most likely caught wind of sound editing like what is fade in/fade out a couple of times, and you've been considering how you can utilize it to improve your recordings. Fades as often as possible fill in as sound advances and there are two essential sorts of fades: fade-ins and fade-outs. A fade is a continuous increment or decline in the degree of a sound sign-in sound designing. The inconspicuous development of a melody can make film advances consistent or sneak up all of a sudden in key minutes.

Fade-in audio is fundamentally the reformist expansion in the volume of a sound sign. This wonder is applied in videography to create an additional layer of polished skill, particularly when the melody's end is excluded from the video. Fade in and fade out audio can change the attributes of a sound. For example, a fade-in is utilized to mollify the assault, particularly in vocals where extremely noisy sounds can happen. Plus, fade in/fade out music can be utilized to mollify the assault of the drum or potentially percussion instruments. Utilizing fade-in, the melody can begin with a low volume which increments throughout the following couple of seconds until the typical level is reached. Then again, fade-out audio alludes to the progressive abatement in the volume of a sound sign.

How to fade in/fade out music in DemoCreator?

You often considered fading in/out with your audio as it has repercussions like mismatching with your video audience's demand. However, fade in/fade out music is surprisingly made easy if you have got a toolkit that has all the necessities naturally embedded so you can utilize them accordingly. Wondershare DemoCreator serves that purpose more swiftly than ever as it has a friendly interfaced layout that helps you doing audio editing in DemoCreator handily. Here's how you can perform this action with this masterpiece.

Step 1: Download and install the Wondershare DemoCreator program

To dive into the audio enhancement techniques with DemoCreator, you first need to download and install this software from the links below, which we have brought here for you as follows:

Now as you've downloaded the executable file of this software, the next step is to install it accordingly, and to do that, just use the default installation procedure which will surely lead you towards the successful installation of this intuitive program.

Step 2: Record or import the music files

Now in the next step, this software allows you to perform the live recordings with the addition of webcam recording, screen recording, and the recording of your system sound and microphone sound separately and in parallel. Hence, to proceed with the recording of sound lively, hit the New Recording button available to you at the initial launch of the software as follow:

Now if you want audio editing in DemoCreator to your previously recorded music file or video file then you must opt for the Video Editor button at the starting interface as follows:

Step 3: Drag and drop the audio file into the timeline

In either case, I-e to perform live recording or edit pre-recorded audio, you must be brought towards the video editor of this software to perform the sound engineering without any prior experience. To do that, after the successful import of your sound recordings to this software, drag and drop them from the media library to the timeline at the bottom of this software as follows:

Now you shall preview your sound files within the timeline where you can crop the video or trim the audio of the concerned audio file within the timeline handily.

Step 4: Edit Audio Files

To proceed with the fade in/fade out music, right within the timeline where you have previously added the audio files, select your desired audio file and right-click on it to select the Edit Audio menu from the list as follows:

Note: You can also proceed to the Audio Editing window just by selecting the audio file within the timeline which will open up the Audio Editor at the right corner of the software interface.

Step 5: Fade In/Fade Out Music File

Now in the main step, here's the kicker with the Wondershare DemoCreator as you can easily hover over the audio file within the timeline where you can see the white circle filled with pink color at the starting end of your audio file, that's the fade-in audio button within your audio file as follows:

Now to opt for the fade-out audio, the other end of the audio file within the timeline which you have selected has the pink circle, drag the circle to fade out music file with a single click and dragging phenomena as follow:

Note: These Fade-in/Fade-out circles would only be visible to you if you've previously edited the audio files, I-e to enable those options, simply right-click over the audio file and select the Edit Audio option, only that'll bring you these options for fading-in/fading-out.

Step 6: Adjust the audio speed, volume.

Also, to fade in/fade out music, the best part with Wondershare DemoCreator is that you can also perform the audio editing in DemoCreator with its built-in audio editor. To advance with the audio editing, select the audio file within the timeline as follow:

Now at the right side of the screen, you can see the audio editor popped up as follows:

Here you can perform various editing techniques stated below:

  • You can easily adjust the volume of your fade in/fade out music by changing the volume slider within the audio menu.
  • You can also perform the Denoise operation via audio editor with the enabled slider.

Note: In the Denoise section, you can also select the built-in buttons of Low, Mid, and High for the denoising purpose of your audio.

In addition to that, you can also perform the audio speed altering with this software just by regulating the Speed slider within the Speed section of the audio editor.

Step 7: Export and share

Now as you're done with the solution to how to edit audio in DemoCreator, there's the last step which will give you the final and usable output file right within your PC. That's an export option with which you can export your audio files to your desired format and your desired location within your system. To proceed with that, hit the Export button situated at the top-right corner of the screen.

Now to advance with saving your file to your system, customize the format section of the window and select the MP3 format.

Soon after customization of audio file hit the Export button situated below which will eventually take you to save your audio to the desired PC location.

Now here's the kicker with the DemoCreator as you can perform the sharing of your music files directly to your YouTube channel right from the Export window of this software. TO proceed with that, hit the YouTube menu section as follows and Sign in to your YouTube channel to perform the sharing of your music file.


From the above-mentioned step-by-step guide of how to edit audio in DemoCreator, you can now perform the audio editing on your own. Fading the audio is an effect used in sound changing to make the sound step by step beside or decrease the sign level. It's significant especially in smoothing the beginning and end of a soundtrack. Exactly when you need the beginning of the sound to augment from calm ceaselessly, you can use the Fade subsequently. Curiously, the Fade Out effect is valuable to reduce the sound to calm, and with DemoCreator, it's made handy. Try out this software from the following links to download easily:

Altogether, utilizing fade in/fade out music with the DemoCreator, the tune will gradually diminish the volume similar to the end. The altering to your audio can fill in as an account answer for bits of music that contain no undeniable consummation. You can now perform various sound engineering techniques without mastering the field with this software as it has made it easy for all of you to perform the techniques. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the software from the above links and start mastering your audio files efficiently.