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How to Download and Install Free Video Cutter and Joiner

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Video Editor Software Reviews

In case you are in the ad's expertise niche, you want to cut and join recordings by video cutter and joiner tools to showcase your recordings. In case you are a business visionary, you want to do some video altering eventually, regardless of whether you prefer to watch recordings there. Those clasps you wish you could simply trip so you can watch a given area again and again. As the name proposes this is an entirely dependable free video shaper and joiner. It is not difficult to use to divide recordings into fragments and to likewise blend video portions into one enormous video document. It likewise upholds diverse video arranges and can be utilized to change over one video configuration to another. Free Video Cutter Joiner is another program utilized habitually. Its capacities to cut and join the explicit video clasps and eliminate outtakes from your homemade recordings are remarkable.

Being a digital marketing expert, you want the best free mp4 cutter and joiner for altering your videos at whatever point required. If you are searching for such an instrument, read this article as far as possible, and you'll get a fulfilled one at long last. The web is loaded up with free video shaper applications thus once in a while you track down a decent one? Yet, does it address every one of your issues? Perhaps indeed, perhaps no. All things considered, don't stress any longer since we know the stuff to be an extraordinary video trimmer application. That is the reason we are here with the best video shaper application. In the interim, it has a choice to combine two video records without any problem. What's more, this free video cutter joiner makes it accessible to alter recordings furtherly. You can trim a clasp to various aspect ratios. If your video is topsy turvy, turn it to any 90 degrees on the go. Let's learn more about this in detail.

1. How to Download and Install Free Video Cutter and Joiner

As referenced before, the tasks of this video shaper and joiner for PC is clear and doesn't take more than a couple of moments. Be that as it may, since this video consolidation application upholds promotions, you should be aware of protection and pop-ups. If you don't need these applications on your PC, do recollect to 'uncheck' these choices. Now to proceed with the download, visit the official source and download it on the go.

The installation is way too simple for this toolkit. Free Video Cutter and Joiner is accessible in five unique dialects, is truly simple to utilize. You've just got to stack the video and change the occasions to set the start and end of the new clasp to be produced. This activity can be rehashed however many occasions as you need on something very similar or various records. At last, assuming you need that load of clasps to be important for a similar video, you just need to turn to the capacity to join recordings and create a solitary document without the parts you disposed of.

2. How to Cut Videos with a Free Video Cutter Joiner

Since it's not difficult to explore, this video shaper application has turned into a fantastic decision for cutting, joining, and altering home recordings or ads. At the point when you cut a particular segment in a video and combine the excess portions, the sound carries on in synchronization with the new video. All in all, visual and sound components are altered all the while. With regards to performing cutting and joining assignments, this video shaper and joiner gives two methods of video handling. You can pick either a 'Join' or 'Cut' and 'Direct Join' or 'Direct Cut'. As the name recommends, the 'Immediate' choice is the quickest and permits you to join or cut the video in no time. Additionally, this choice needn't bother with any client inputs, aside from picking the yield record's area and name.

For a stylish angle, the application's interface looks obsolete. While it's basic and simple to utilize, the interface looks preferable on more seasoned Windows PCs over new ones. It's worth focusing on that Free Video Cutter Joiner doesn't accompany any subjects or customization choices to work on tasteful allure. Yet, in case you're searching for a basic program to cut and join recordings, this one function admirably. Let's look at the steps to utilize this toolkit.

Step 1: Launch Video Cutter

This free video shaper has a comparable interface for 'joining' errands. You should simply import the documents and snap the 'Join' button situated on the right half of the window. You start Free Video Cutter Joiner, select the part Video Cutter to begin cutting the video.

launch video cutter

Step 2: Apply the Cut

For more noteworthy accuracy, you can physically enter the beginning and end focuses while cutting the video. This should be possible in the slider bar at the lower part of the program's principal window.

Step 3: Apply the Join

With many upheld video designs, you can cut effectively by erasing or removing the choice. To send out a video normally, it's suitable to apply "Blur in" and "Grow dim" impacts.

Step 4: Save the File

Lastly, when you're done with both cut and join, you need to make it to your file inside the system. Simply save the file by hitting an export button and selecting the destination of your altered video.

3. Pros and Cons

With a fast speed of cutting and joining recordings, Free Video Cutter Joiner is an amazing decision. Since it takes a modest quantity of room on your PC, the program is lightweight on framework assets and doesn't crash some other applications. Unmistakably, this video shaper free download for PC is an extraordinary decision. Best of all, it likewise goes about as an MP4 shaper and joiner. With a solid similarity, it upholds an enormous cluster of configurations, like MP4, RM, F4V, MPG, MOV, WMV, AVI, 3GP, ASF, VOB, MKV, RMVB, and so on More than that, it empowers you to pick related boundaries dependent on your real necessities, similar to quality, size, test rate, outline rate and the sky is the limit from there.


  • Cut and consolidation recordings without exertion
  • Backing most well-known video document designs
  • Offer two modes to deal with your records
  • Two different ways to cut - Extract Selected and Delete Selected
  • Play video to review to improve exactness
  • Permit choosing boundaries to yield your recordings


  • Absence of some altering highlights
  • Backing promotions and introducing packaged applications together
  • Record transferring interaction might be slow now and again
  • Hard for new users to utilize

4. Alternative Way to Cut Videos

Free Video Cutter joiner is nevertheless got the name in the rundown of best video shaper applications. But it has several flaws and to overcome such a truly outstanding and known application Wondershare DemoCreator is here to fulfil those. It assists you with putting forth changes in your video without an attempt. It is not difficult to use as it is one of the video trimming applications that can permit you to cut your recordings in single snaps. You can make your clasps look great by utilizing a wide scope of video impacts. Also, there are choices like quick-handling, customizable see the quality, intermediary records, and others that make you more useful. Furthermore, it is the answer for your camera issues, for example, fisheye and camera shake. Indeed, even you can add your different media in video tracks and offer it on the web. It very well may be utilized on Windows, Mac,

With this application, you can consequently reformat your recordings and oversee bend changes. The straightforwardness in use speeds up your sound blending. It has every one of the instruments needed to make and share stories. It implies you can broaden your altering Step. is a fantastic application to manage your video. With managing, you can add impacts, activity, and instant introductions in your video. You can rapidly trip and alter any video in the blink of an eye. Indeed, even you can add photographs in video. With the Chroma key, you can change the foundation of the clasp. Offer choice is one more in addition to point. You can share your last clasp on YouTube, and other social average Steps with a single tick.

Step 1: Import your Videos

After you've made your choice for the DemoCreator, simply download and install the masterpiece DemoCreator software from the official sources, they should be handy for you as it offers a default installation process. Now, the next thing you need to do is launch it from the Start menu of your PC.

When inside the Editor option, hit the Import button situated inside the Import section of the interface and select your video files to import right away. You can add as many video files together regardless of their formats. As Wondershare DemoCreator is open to numerous file formats to import of your own choice. After you've made a selection, proceed with the selection.

Step 2: Cut and Join Videos

After the imports have been done, now is the time to apply the cut on your videos, you need to use the split option from the list. For that purpose, right-click on your added video inside the timeline and select the split video option and for the joining purpose, simply drag your split videos with their according to positions and join them inside the timeline.

Step 3: Add Transitions

You can add various effects as well as transition effects specifically while blending two recordings. It is accessible at the left half of the window where different capacities like stickers, comments, impacts are likewise accessible. Afterwards, you can easily save the video by visiting the Export window, and in this way, you can have your favourite transition effect according to your video clips with full effectiveness.

Step 4: Export and Share

After you're done adding overlay cuts, now is the time to save as well as share directly the edited file by following the export steps below. With DemoCreator, you can also opt for sharing your output file in favourite format available inside the list.

If you want to save to your PC, then customize the output setting and personalize your video output file settings including file name, and hit the save button directly. From here, you can also share your edited video file directly to the YouTube platform or even upload your file to viable platforms like OneDrive and Google Drive, hit the sharing option and specify your platforms.


Free Video Cutter Joiner is the name of the most straightforward video shaper joiner program that can diminish enormous video documents and dispense with undesirable parts like plugs, outtakes, and trailers. With the straightforward interface, you won't have any trouble utilizing Free Video Cutter Joiner. Free Video Cutter Joiner can cut video with a limit of 100MB in only 10 seconds, the speed isn't awful for a free application isn't it. For that, DemoCreator recommendation is inevitable. As you can likewise set custom settings for video splitting and joining. Make your video cutter journey much simpler with this handy platform on the go.