How to Make a Good Instructional Video?

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:38:48 • Filed to: Teacher Skills

If you are looking for developing a video to present a mechanism or transfer knowledge to individuals, such videos are referred to as instructional videos. Instructional videos are construed as an epitome of knowledge and concept with a clear description of the procedure involved in completing it. Furthermore, it is significant to understand that instructional videos are not confined to design professionals in any case. The industry has represented a vast opportunity for individuals and influenced the development of instructional videos. This article discusses the optimal conditions and methods involved in how to make an instructional video.

Part 1
5 Types of Instructional Videos

Instructional videos, as stated before, are not confined to any specific design professional and provides a differing opportunity for individuals to develop an instructional video on. There are many types of instructional videos present, out of which the major standards are as follows:

  1. Presentation Videos: Presentation videos are optimal for viewers who seek to absorb the content presented during a lecture that they either found difficult in understanding in the first place or missed it due to some personal issues. These videos can depict larger timespans and simpler approaches in developing a video.
  2. Screencast Videos: These videos are quite informal in the class of instructional video, featuring the computer screens with additional audios, which usually covers a specific question or issue pertaining to a software or the device. These videos represent short lifespans and are specific in nature.
  3. Explainer Videos: These videos are designed for the explanation of a business concept or a product description. These videos are created with animations and pre-recorded content for construing a concept into simpler grounds and make it digestible for the general population. This instructional video is as short as two minutes.
  4. Tutorial Videos: These kinds of instructional videos are directed to guide viewers on the procedure that is to be followed a execute a task. These videos are created with a sense of teaching individuals the operation of the software. The objective behind developing such videos has a professional base.
  5. Training Videos: These videos are based on improving workplace skills. The videos that are being produced use a reality touch for developing the videos. The commemorate motive of these videos is to develop professional-based videos for people to train them over a certain pointer.

Part 2
3 Tips for Instructional Video Making

While understanding the type of instructional video that can be designed according to the niche and motive of production, there are several tips and suggestions that should be looked over before producing an instructional video. This also guides users on how to create an instructional video to perfection.

  1. Knowing Your Audience: Assuming the importance of the audience, this factor is considered primary in various places that involve engaging with the audience. Developing an instructional video also requires a fair understanding of the audience that is involved. This helps the presenter understand the problems involved and guides them into making a video that is focused and detailed.
  2. Determining your Topic: Focus is the primary part of creating any video that is to be presented to the masses. This can be considered from the fact that grabbing attention requires a to-the-point discussion and informative content from the presenter. Thus, it is significant to determine the topic and research over it before addressing the masses.
  3. Not Worrying Too much about the Equipment: It is not necessary to spend off hundreds of dollars over equipment that would help you develop an extremely smooth video with exceptional quality and output. There are many video editors available that provide you the ability to fend off exceptional results even without equipment. Wondershare DemoCreator is one such state-of-the-art video editor that exempts all the problems related to equipment.

Part 3
7 Steps to Make an Instructional Screen Recording Video with DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator offers its consumers with a very extensive video editing toolset that allows you to create exceptional content. The following steps should guide you on how to make an instructional video with screen recording using DemoCreator.

wondershare democreator

Step 1: Determine and Get to Know your Audience

It should be clear to you as the video recorder, that the audience that you are engaging are relevant to your niche. Following this, it is important to determine their problems and their scope to counter their queries and discrepancies.

Step 2: Write a Storyboard and Script

You should be very careful about what you speak and present to your audience. For that, you can cover the factor by writing down the script or developing creative and elaborative diagrams explaining your path of directing the video. A script surely guides you in the most appropriate manner to create an instructional video.

Step 3: Download and Install Wondershare DemoCreator

Following this, you need to download DemoCreator from the original website and install it using the on-screen instructions. A successful execution leads to a properly installed software that can be registered according to your desires.

Step 4: Record your Content Screen and Voiceover

You need to simply tap on the "Recording" button after setting all the on-screen settings for recording. Following that, you can also record your audio along with the video by setting the audio settings to the microphone.

Step 5: Make a Few Edits

After completing your video, you can develop them professionally by using different editing features provided by DemoCreator. You can enhance the video with different correction tools and crop them frame by frame to exempt the unnecessary parts of the video. Different transitions and effects can be added to have the video edited.

Step 6: Add A Video Intro and Outro

There is an additional option for you to add intro and outro in your instructional video for presenting foreplay for the viewers to give a briefing of the objectives being presented. You can open the video by tapping on "Open in Editor" and start its editing by hitting "Edit Video."

Step 7: Export and Save

When you are done recording and editing, you can tap on Export to conclude the process. Define a location along with the important video settings to save the video in the defined format and settings.


This article has provided you with a detailed guide on how to create an instructional video from scratch and utilize DemoCreator, the perfect video editor for designing the video and keeping a professional touch without using exceptional equipment.