OpenShot vs VSDC: Which Video Editor Is Better?

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Video Editor Software Reviews

Videos have proven to be very useful in improving viewers on a website or any social media platform. Consumers tend to find video content much more memorable as compared to any other form. However, social media users are becoming more sophisticated every day. Nowadays, you can't just impress them with simple videos. You need adequately edited, professional-looking videos to grab their attention.

Many people come across when they are just about to start video editing, which editing software they should use? There are many options available. This article will compare 2 of the best ones out there as of now, OpenShot vs VSDC.

Openshot vs. VSDC

OpenShot video editor is an open-source editor available across many platforms. It can be used to create incredible videos and films thanks to a user-friendly interface. It offers unlimited layers, which allows the user to add watermarks, a soundtrack, and much more.

However, in an OpenShot vs VSDC comparison, we must mention some highlighting features of VSDC as well. VSDC is a free, nonlinear editing software available for Windows only. It works best for YouTubers, video game streamers, freelancers, etc.

Here's a quick look at some detailed features of both softwares.


In terms of features, both applications are pretty amazing and offer a wide range of users. Let's have a look at some similar features offered by both the softwares:

  • 3D video editing
  • Audio tools
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Split/Merge
  • Supports HD resolution
  • Text overlay

Additionally, some other features offered by VSDC are:

  • Brand Overlay
  • Media Library
  • Social Sharing
  • Video Capture
  • Video Stabilization


One of the basic differences between the 2 softwares is the availability across different platforms. While VSDC may offer many additional features as compared to OpenShot, one of its drawbacks is that it is not available on Mac or Linux. VSDC is only available for Windows; on the other hand, OpenShot takes the upper hand in this particular case because it is available across Mac and Linux. Thus, in the battle between VSDC vs OpenShot, the latter has quite an edge.

Customer Support

For anyone who has ever used any video editing software, it is a known fact that customer support is critical; people face many situations including software crashes and glitches in the system, etc. To overcome this, efficient and quick responding customer support is critical. After all, who wants to wait a couple of hours before someone responds to their issue?

In light of this, OpenShot offers email support to its users, while it seems like VSDC gives this issue much more important because in addition to providing its users email support, it also offers a training facility. By training, we mean documentation in the form of a user guide that makes the software very easy to use.


In an OpenShot and VSDC comparison, this might not seem to be very important for most users who command the English language. Still, for those more comfortable in their native language, this has proven to be very important. It seems that OpenShot has not given any importance to this specific point because the only language in which OpenShot is available in English.

In comparison, VSDC offers its services in a broader range of languages so that people can quickly work in whichever language they seem to be most comfortable with. The languages that they offer are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

Target Customers

From the build of the 2 applications, it is clear that they are designed in different ways to target other customers. While both are easy to use for both professionals and beginners, their features make their target audience very different. VSDC offers pretty basic features and are commonly used by freelancers and YouTubers and some other streamers. On the other hand, OpenShot offers a more professional interface that startups and agencies prefer. For marketing agencies, OpenShot is definitely the better option.

Customer Reviews

Let's have a look at some OpenShot and VSDC reviews and what people observed while using the 2 softwares:


After going through different reviews it is clear that people liked both the softwares; however, in the case of OpenShot, the feature that was particularly noticeable and made an overall comfortable experience for users was the fact that it was available across all major platforms. In recent years, we've seen a lot of the video editors shifting to MacBooks and iMacs so this is certainly something VSDC should think about.

Also, people loved its overall professional outlook and the easy to use transitions it offers. However, some people did observe that the software took some time to load but overall, they were pretty satisfied with the results.


In the case of VSDC, its user-friendly interface attracts new users - and it's what keeps them there. However, many people found that the system did not have a professional outlook and gave an obsolete look. Some people also faced glitches while editing. All in all, people had mixed opinions about VSDC.


Openshot video editor is a free editor, while VSDC offers both a basic version and a pro version that costs $19.99.

Summing Up

In conclusion, it won't be wrong to say that both softwares are pretty amazing for editing and offer a friendly interface. But in the end, it would depend on the user's personal choice. If you're just starting out your career as a freelance video editor, we recommend you to go with VSDC. It's simple, user-friendly, and offers all the features you'd need as a beginner. The software also provides new users with a training facility.

However, if you would like software that offers some additional features and the basic ones, OpenShot has the upper hand. It's available on Apple devices and offers top-notch video editing features like none other.