How to Remove Sound from a Video on Android or iOS phones?

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Audio Editing

There are many versions of video creation that have been introduced, which starts all the way from professional video creation and editing to a mediocre video editing that is to be posted on any social media platform or such connected platforms for displaying an important event. However, tasks like sound removal from videos are like the basics of video editing, which can be too extravagant if done with a proper professional video editor. Thus, many simplistic versions of video editors are created and made available on smartphones too. This article solves the basic question of many users, which is of how do I remove sound from a video on my phone? This article presents different solutions in the form of applications for both Android and iPhone, which will eventually guide users on how to remove sound from a video on a smartphone?

Part 1
Apps for Android Devices

There are many different Android phones available in the market; however, when it comes to doing video editing, these phones act similar to every application. With a sea of applications to select from, the following provides users with a very effective list of applications that would help them to remove sound from video Xiaomi, Samsung, or Huawei smartphones.


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How to remove audio from a video using the VivaVideo App

VivaVideo is one of the most utilized mobile applications in Android for basic and mediocre video editing. To use eliminate sound from video Android App with ease, follow the steps as follows:

  • Install VivaVideo and have it opened. Tap on "Edit Video" to lead to the gallery.
  • After selecting the video, tap "Next" to propagate towards the main screen.
  • Approach the "Clip Edit" section and tap on "Mute."
  • Save the video through the "Save/Upload" option and tap the option of "Export." You can have it shared in multiple places after completion.

How to remove audio from a video using VideoShow App

VideoShow is another option when it comes to removing sound from a video on a smartphone. You need to follow the steps to remove sound from a video.

  • Have the application installed and opened.
  • Tap on "Edit Video" followed by the video you want to edit. Tap "Next" to move to the other screen.
  • Open the "Sound" tab and open the option of "Music."
  • After selecting the option of "Remove Original Sound," you are returned to the former screen.
  • Tap on "Export" to save it in the gallery. You can select any mode and then have it shared on different platforms, upon discretion.

    How to remove audio from a video using Android Pixels

    If we talk about simple and unique applications that are particularly designed for the purpose of muting videos, Android Pixels present a very simple application that helps you to remove sound from video on Android phones.

    • Have a video imported on the application. You are then provided with the option of muting the duration of the video as desired. The video size can also be reduced for muting initially.
    • The video is muted after the selection of the duration. Following this, you now have to simply save the video file or shared it on any social media platform in the options provided.

    Part 2
    Apps for iOS Devices

    Considering Android and its applications, iOS hasn't left behind its users in providing them simple redeemed solutions for removing sound off their videos. Much like Android, the applications present in the App Store perform similar operations where you can simply mute the videos and have them shared in the desired platform. However, in a very detailed list of applications, this article presents its users with the most viable option that is available in the market.

    Mutebot for iOS

    This application is the second name for a simple and attractive design. App Store contains many different applications that provide a list of features in video editing. However, if the task is to have the video muted simply, Mutebot presents its users with a keen interface with the ability to perform tasks within seconds.

    • Initially, the application demands access to the gallery of the phone. After accepting, select a video from the list.
    • The video processes itself. After completion of the muting task, it downloads automatically on the phone.

    Video Mute for iOS

    This is another simple application that has been designed to serve the purpose of muting videos. It is a very user-friendly application with free services. For serving the purpose to remove sound from a video on a smartphone, you need to follow the steps as follows:

    • Start the application and access the dashboard. Tap on the "Play" option to lead to another window where you are to select the video you wish to import.
    • After selecting the video, it leads you to another screen. Here you need to set the bars on both ends of the video to cover it completely. Tap on the tick option to conclude the process.
    • Save the video clip back in the gallery with the down icon present in the options.


    This article has provided its users with a unique guide of using different Android and iOS applications for the purpose of removing audio from a video. Whether you're using Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, or iPhone. However, it surely does answer the question of how do I remove sound from a video on my phone, let it be an Android or an iPhone. This guide will surely help users in short-listing and using the applications for this basic video editing task.