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Shotcut Video Editor Free Download for Windows, Mac and Linux [Guide]

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Shotcut is a free open-source video editing program that runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. As a result, it may be of interest to people who prefer not to be reliant on large software firms and instead prefer the constant updates provided by a community of passionate and devoted developers. It's as simple as dragging and dropping to add media. From there you may preview each by double-clicking on them, set In and Out points, and drag the file from the preview window right into the timeline. It's all quite natural and intuitive, and it functions in the same way that most professional video editors do. Additional panels may be brought to the fore to provide even more information to the screen at any one moment, and the different panels can be moved or even formed as floating windows.

Part1. An Introduction to Shotcut

Shotcut is a respectable open-source video editing tool that is fully free and full-featured. It's touted as a consumer/prosumer-friendly, straightforward program that gets the job done with little interface complexity, and it succeeds for the most part. Although it looks that you only have one video layer to deal with, at first sight, you may add as many video and audio layers as you need - the only caveat is that you must do it manually. You can't, for example, plop a clip-on top of another in the timeline and have a new layer emerge for that clip to be added to automatically. It's a bad this isn't occurring, but it's a small, if aggravating, gripe. Importing video, keyframing on a timeline, editing, and splicing, and adding transitions, titles, and effects are all handled with just a few clicks and lots of drag and drop.

Part 2. Shotcut Download for Windows

Shotcut is a versatile, feature-rich, and easy-to-use multimedia editor. If you're new to video or audio editing, this application will be very tempting to you. With different visual and audio editing features, the program allows you to create and modify multimedia files. This program is the greatest option for novices since it has an active and involved community. It also includes a number of tutorials to assist you in getting started. These are also solid solutions, although their functionality may be daunting to inexperienced users. Having said that, although the Shotcut download has a lot of capabilities, it lacks a big library of optional plugins as well as certain sophisticated functionality.

free shotcut video editor

Step 1: Run a System Check

Determine if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit. This may be done by going to File Explorer, right-clicking This PC, and then selecting Properties. Check if it shows 64-bit or 32-bit under System and System Type. You'll need this information in the following step, so keep it handy.

Step 2: Download the Installer

Go to the Shotcut website via a web browser. Select either the 32-bit or 64-bit download option on the Download page (depending on your findings in step 1). Unless you're seeking for anything particular, avoid the portable version.

Step 3: Download and install Shotcut for Windows 10.

Run the installer when it has finished downloading. Your web browser will tell you how to accomplish this, but it normally appears in the bottom left corner of the screen and asks whether you want to start the installation. If it doesn't appear, go to your Downloads folder and look for it.

Step 4: Double-check security

To install Shotcut, just double-click the.exe file when it has finished downloading. Accept the licensing agreement by clicking "I Agree" on this page. The installation will begin when you accept the Windows security prompt. After reading the licensing agreement, click Accept. If you do not accept, the software will not be able to be installed, so we will assume that you agree to proceed with this tutorial.

Step 5: Installation Directory

If you wish to modify the installation location, choose "Browse" from the drop-down menu. Simply choose where you want Shotcut to be installed and then click "Next." Keep the default installation if you don't want to modify it. Choose a destination folder. This is the location on your computer where the files will be installed. The default location is already selected for most users: C: Program Files (x86) Shotcut.

Check the components you wish to install in the following box, then click "Install" to begin the installation. If you notice a different location or a (86) in the destination, don't be alarmed. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the amount of space necessary is less than the amount of space available (you can see this in the bottom left of the installer). The installer takes slightly under 300MB at the time of writing. For the vast majority of PCs, this will not be a problem. To go to the next screen, click Next.

Part 3. Shotcut Download for Mac

Shotcut for Mac is a cross-platform, open-source video editor with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. Shotcut for Mac allows you to work with many panels that may be docked and undocked as needed. Details about media assets, an encoding panel, a filter panel, and a tasks queue are among the items that may be seen. You may also examine recent files, playlists in thumbnail mode, and recent search history. It also allows you to drag and drop files from the file manager.

free shotcut video editor

Step 1: Support for a wide range of formats

FFmpeg supports hundreds of audio and video formats and codecs. No import necessary which means native editing, including multi-format timelines, resolutions, and frame-rates inside a project. Many video formats offer frame accurate seeking.

Step 2: Options for Devices and Transportation

For input and preview monitoring, Blackmagic Design SDI and HDMI are used. Capture of the screen, webcam, and audio Playback of a network feed. Supports capture from SDI, HDMI, camera, JACK & Pulse audio, IP stream, X11 screen, and Mac DirectShow devices with resolutions up to 4k.

Step 3: Interface with a Sleek and Intuitive Design

Detailed media properties, recent files with search, playlist with thumbnail view, filter panel, history view, encoding panel, tasks queue, and melted server and playlist are among the many panels available. Assets may also be dragged and dropped from the file manager.

Part 4. Shotcut Download for Linux/GNU

Shotcut supports all video and audio formats, and if you have powerful hardware, you can even edit 4K footage effortlessly. The 19.06 edition of the Shotcut video editing software was just released. Here's a fast guide to getting Shotcut video editor installed in Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 18.10. Shotcut is also a cross-platform, free, open-source video editor. It also supports a large variety of file types. As a result, these are the main characteristics of Shotcut. Although the program looks to be basic, it conceals a complicated set of functions. All instructions are shown on the screen, with several menus and tools located above the timeline. Trim, split, auto-rotate, color correction, wipe transitions, overlay, chroma key, and more can all be done using Shotcut’s video editor.

free shotcut video editor

Step 1: Install the PPA Repository

Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+T to open a terminal window. To add the PPA, use the command below:

Step 2: Update/Upgrade the Apt Package

Then, update the apt package list with the latest versions of accessible packages. Upgrade command may also be used to install updated versions of the packages.

Step 3: Create a Shortcut

Finally, to install Shortcut, execute the following command. Launch it from your program launcher after it's finished installing.

Part 5. Related FAQs about Shotcut

On a centralized platform, Shotcut allows designers to undo or redo edits on audio and video playlists, switch between UI layouts, view media properties on a panel, and measure video quality. Designers may also use the program to apply a speed effect to video or audio clips, as well as wipe transition methods, 360° video filters, and other tools to edit material according to their needs. To mix sounds between tracks, editors may utilize different audio filters such as bass and treble, copy channel, high pass, downmix, expander, and exchange channels. It also crosses-fades audio and video dissolve transitions by overlapping pictures. Teams may also monitor numerous timelines simultaneously using thumbnails and waveforms.

What is the purpose of Shotcut?

Shotcut is an open-source video editing software that allows companies of all sizes to create graphics by combining audio, video, and editing effects. To mix sounds between tracks, editors may utilize different audio filters such as bass and treble, copy channel, high pass, downmix, expander, and exchange channels.

Is Shotcut watermark-free?

Watermarks, add-ons, trial versions, plug-ins, and irrelevant bundled software, such as the freeware mentioned above, are not permitted in Shotcut. Shotcut, unlike other free programs, does not need file import since it has a built-in timeline editor.

Is Shotcut suitable for uploading to YouTube?

The greatest free open-source video editing software for YouTube. A broad number of video and audio editing tools are available, as well as compatibility for a wide range of formats, including 4K. Shotcut is not only free but also open source. As with other open-source software, there are benefits and drawbacks.

How much memory does Shotcut occupy?

Shotcut is more compact, requiring just 300+ MB of disk space, while DemoCreator requires several GB because to the templated material and presets, which all need storage.

Part 6. Alternative of Shotcut

Videos are frequently utilized for sharing, entertainment, education, and other purposes on video sites, social networks, and news platforms. The need for video editing tools is increasing as the demand for movies to deliver information grows. Looking for a Shotcut substitute? Shotcut is a video creation and editing program that is open-source and cross-platform. You must choose the appropriate equipment for your needs based on your requirements. DemoCreator, the most versatile recording editing program, is the focus of our suggestions. It has enough functionality for users to make spectacular videos out of video snippets. There are a number of alternative products out there that might be a fantastic fit for your requirements, whether it's convenience of use, price, user rating, or value for money.

DemoCreator records video and music in real time or on demand. You can use a microphone to capture your voice, a camera to capture your face, and the framework sound to record inwardly. It's the perfect tool for creating screencasts, webcasts, and video educational activities. You can record several streams, set up accounts, take a photo with the camera, screen record video, display keystrokes, and add mouse effects. There are also improvements to the stability, solutions for problems like fisheye and shaking, and options to add slo-mo or converse. Extra-quick preparation and variable review quality are two of the reward profitability advantages. It's simple and quick to share to other stages. After you've completed capturing using DemoCreator, you may edit the video, save it in any well-known format, and distribute it over informal networks.

How to Use DemoCreator to Record a Screen

Step 1: Get Wondershare DemoCreator and Launch

You may get the desired version of Wondershare DemoCreator for free from the official website. You may begin installing the program as soon as the download is complete.

free shotcut video editor

Step 2: Launch the DemoCreator Recorder application.

You can choose New Project from the menu after the launch and go straight to the Screen Recorder. From there, you can customize your webcam recording settings with a variety of options that are simple to comprehend and enable you to customize the screen with many additional features.

free shotcut video editor

Step 3: Begin and Save Recording Sessions

When you're ready, you may start recording right away. Simply make sure the recording window is open and then press the Record button to start recording straight away. Finally, after the goal has been achieved, press the Stop button to end the screen recording. Finally, after you've finished recording. Now is the time to edit the on-the-go recordings.

free shotcut video editor

How to Edit Recorded Video with DemoCreator

DemoCreator Screen Recorder is our top option from our list of video recorders for a. This simple and powerful screen recorder device works with both Windows and Mac computers and may let you capture a video and record your screen in a single click. It's especially useful for video guides, real-time recordings, and online events since it allows you to simply adjust the recording limits and, in any case, it has its own built-in editorial management devices for managing your recorded documents. The greatest feature of Wondershare DemoCreator is that it enables you to quickly and easily edit your recorded films to a professional level. So, to set the resolution for the Recorded video project, go through the procedures below:

Open the Video Editor application.

After you've launched the DemoCreator program on your PC in the first phase of this process, choose the Video Editor option as seen below:

free shotcut video editor

This step will lead you to the Wondershare DemoCreator video editor's straightforward interface, where you can complete the next tasks with ease.

Import Videos That Have Been Recorded

The next step is to import your pre-recorded Recorded video into the DemoCreator program. To do so, go to the main interface of this software and press the Import button as follows:

free shotcut video editor

You may also import many Recorded videos at once, as well as photos, music files, and GIFs, with only a few clicks using this editor. Now that your movies have been successfully imported into the program, drag them to the timeline

Set the Resolution of the Recorded Screen

Here's the kicker: you'll need to pick your preferred screen resolution for your Recorded films in the following step. To do so in a straightforward manner, choose File from the intuitive DemoCreator menu bar as follows:

free shotcut video editor

  1. Select Project Settings from the drop-down menu, and it will take you to the Project Settings of your current Recorded videos project. The following are the different changes you may make to your Recorded video resolution:
  1. By altering the resolution numbers, you may adjust the screen resolution of your output Recorded video project. You may also use the presets that DemoCreator has previously created to find the best match for your project. To modify the frame rate of your project, just pick the frame rate in fps from the drop-down choices below:
  1. You may now use the drop-down Playback Resolution option to select the playback resolution of your project, which you can trim in half or four times. You may also modify the backdrop color, which will display only if the video resolution you recorded is lower than the project screen resolution. You may choose your favorite color from the list below:

How Can I Export My File?

As soon as you're done with the setup, use the DemoCreator screen recorder to clip off your screen resolution and have a blast. It's time to get started with the recordings, and DemoCreator gives you a range of options to use depending on your screen resolution. Videos that have been recorded. After you've altered your Instagram video and chosen the correct screen resolution, export and share it to the preferred site or YouTube channel, depending on the only aim of your project editing. Following your selection of the project's desired screen resolution, you have a few exporting options to choose from. To simply export your masterpiece, click the Export button at the top of the DemoCreator editor and follow the steps below:

free shotcut video editor

Meanwhile, if you don't want to modify your recording and just want to get started with the needed Recorded screen resolution recording, DemoCreator also has a Fast Export option that allows you to export instantly with a single click to your desired spot on your PC. To go for it, right-click on your Recorded video recording within the media files and select the FastExport button from the list as follows:

free shotcut video editor

To make a simple export to your selected place on your PC, go to the customizable settings window and tap the Export button as seen above. You can also use the YouTube menu bar to get a direct YouTube share button, but you'll need to login in to your YouTube channel account first:

free shotcut video editor

Part 7. DemoCreator for Windows and Mac

The first step in utilizing DemoCreator is to install the program on your PC or MacBook so that you can start using it right away. There are a variety of other methods to include recordings into your marketing strategy. So, Wondershare DemoCreator is for anybody looking for a simple, low-cost way to generate interesting Instagram videos. If you're going to make Instagram videos, you'll need to set up your image as a presence on the app. To make things easier for you, we've given the following links to straight download Wondershare DemoCreator:

Now that you've completed the download, simply open the downloaded file and install it as directed, as it also supports default installation to your desired folder on your PC. Usually, this software is just a click away from you as it requires a simple downloading and installation process to initiate the customized resolution Recorded video. After you’ve downloaded this software, you can now install it without any panic and to do that without any anomaly, we suggest you install this software with the default installation guide embedded within the installer.


Shotcut is a multi-purpose, feature-rich, and user-friendly multimedia editor. This program will be highly appealing to you if you're new to video or audio editing. The application enables you to create and change multimedia files using various visual and audio editing tools. This program is the best choice for beginners since it offers a vibrant and engaged community. It also comes with a variety of tutorials to help you get started. Whatever your needs are, this list of the finest free video editing software programs will provide you with what you need. All you have to do now is choose your favorite and begin adding effects. As a result, we only propose DemoCreator for this purpose. It's less difficult to produce wonderful chronicles alone, without an in-house crew or re-appropriating your video showing efforts than it is with some other opportunity.