5 Tips to Quickly Keep Your Video Sync with Audio

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Audio Editing

It may sound simple, but audio syncing needs more in place. It is the determining point of whether your project will be successful or not. Generally, you get the highest sound quality when you record audio and video separately. The brawl only comes about during the syncing process.

That's what we are about to sort out. It all falls back into following the correct workflow. Using better components and summing it up with a good video editor will give stunning results. So, the concern is how to adjust your audio and video.

5 Tips to Quickly Keep Your Video Sync with Audio

Adjusting your audio and video to match each other can make a huge difference in how engaged your viewers will be. Let's look at what you can do to match your audio and video to engage your viewers:

1. Utilize extended frames

Use this tip when you have more narration than the screen content. So, with an extended frame, you'll use a single frame, severally on a timeline. It will sort you out when you have a lot to say and a few actions to do. You can also take a screenshot image and extend it to occupy the gap in question to ensure your audio syncs well with the video without leaving loopholes.

2. Use your webcam to engage your audience

This helps when probably there is nothing crucial for your audience to see. As you use your webcam, you'll not only engage the audience but get a chance to fill in any gaps when you lack a video for that particular portion.

3. Record more content or use B-roll footage

Another trick is to bring in B-roll footage that fills in the content. Remember this is not necessarily the main footage. You can use an image that is related to what your video is about, to help fill the gaps. It could be a portion of a clip from your video or an image of a product on your video.

4. Cut out nonessential parts

Another sync video with an audio tip that is majorly used is the cutting out of nonessential parts. This applies when the audio takes less time than the video. Just check out the video and identify the parts that don't carry much weight. Ensure the part to be cut out won't interfere with the crucial information that the viewer ought to get. Also, ensure the part that you cut out can easily be understood without the user seeing them – like log-in information. This way, your audio will equally sync with your video proportionally.

5. Speed up the video playback

Remember you can fast-track your video play-time to shorten the link. Yes, those fast motion clips work magic when it comes to shortening the video to fit into your audio. However, you will need to take some precautions not to interfere with audio that is connected to the video clip. This will make it hard for any viewer to follow. Just maintain the audio flow and don't make the video clip too fast.


As much as the tips mentioned above are vital to keeping your video sync with audio, one major concern stands – a powerful editing tool. You still require a professional video editor for quality output. You can also sync video with audio in Wondershare DemoCreator. This tool works in simple steps and enables you to capture the screen with six modes. Besides, you utilize the over 100 built-in editing resources and make your video as professional as possible, increasing the chance of keeping your viewers engaged. So, just feel free to try it now!

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