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Voice Changer for Video Editing

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:34:42 • Filed to: Audio Editing

From the past few years, social media and streaming websites have gained a considerable load of users. Take YouTube, daily motion, and Facebook for example. A variety of videos are published by the video content creators on these platforms. This, in the market, has raised a sense of the need for some good voice editing software since many of the videos need modification in their audios. Such as comedians parodying characters, cartoonists dubbing the cartoons, and memers editing voices for entertaining videos. Therefore, these content creators are in dire need of knowing the basics of voice editing in the videos they are working on. This section has been tailored to teach how to use some basic video editing tools to change voice in video editing. Let's get into the main topic before wasting further of our precious time.

Part1. Why you will need to change voice in video editing

As discussed in the introductory section about video content creators using tools to edit voice in video editing. However, let us continue with the most common uses for changing voice in video editing.


Gamers are the most common users of video editing tools for editing voices while creating gaming video content. Moreover, gamers might use voice editing tools while doing commentary on videos to exhibit multiple characters. Gamers also use voice changing when they are playing online games with their friends. The need to use voice-changing apps in online gameplay may be hiding their identity or even for entertainment purposes.

YouTube Video Content Creators:

Most of the YouTubers creating videos for entertainment purposes like comedians, members, and short film artists who play multiple roles individually usually need to change voice in video editing. Moreover, the audio is manipulated in frequencies to create a variety of sounds for many characters by video content directors on YouTube. This is not it but there are a million channels on YouTube that use voice editing in their videos for different purposes.

Audio Studios:

The audio studious labs which work on a variety of sounds modify different voices for the purpose of publishing content in the albums. For example, an audio studious might record the sounds of wood cutting and modify it for the best effects with the help of modern audio editing tools.


Changing voices is one of the ways for hackers to conceal their identities. Hackers deliver messages in different voices since the frequency of their voices can be traced back to them. However, they are smart enough to avoid such loopholes that can lead to revealing their identities.

Part2. How to change a voice in a video in DemoCreator video voice editor?

Now let's come to the real part of this article about changing a voice in one of the popular voice editors known as DemoCreator. DemoCreator is a voice editing app from Wondershare used to create animated videos. It is equipped with tons of characters' voices, audio assets, and futuristic features. However, to get started with DemoCreator let's learn about its basic requirements.

1. Download

The first and foremost step to learn is to download DemoCreator from its official website. The DemoCreator can be downloaded from its official website by clicking a download icon. You can go to its official website at this link.

  1. After visiting the above link click on the quick download icon.
  2. After clicking on it, the downloadable file will appear in your downloads folder.
  3. Execute the installation file and you will be prompted to the installation procedure. The installation procedure is basic and you will be easily done with it.
  4. After completing the installation, now it's time to register yourself with Wondershare to start using the application. One of the methods is to sign up using the Wondershare account center.
  5. Another way is directly visiting the webpage and clicking the signup icon on the right top corner.
  6. After finishing with the registration process, now it's time to start with the application to enjoy its feature by signing in with the credentials you made.
  7. In the end, if you want to avail all the fantastic features of the application, you can buy a premium account and have fun with your videos.

2. Add your voice to the program

Adding a voice to DemoCrater is simple and easy to learn after following step-by-step instructions for using Wondershare DemoCreator to add a voice. Before moving further, it's important to understand that there are ways of making a voice with Wondershare DemoCreator.

Direct Recording:

Step 1. If your recording device is a smartphone, attach it to your computer with a data wire. You must ensure that the cable is properly connected to both terminals in order to avoid being disrupted when capturing voice.

Step 2. You'll need to conduct a fast record with your Wondershare DemoCreator video editor after your device is securely tethered to the PC. To rapidly record your screen using the app, open it and select Quick Capture from the menu as shown in the figure below.

voice changer for editing

Step 3. The default mode for screen capturing in DemoCreator video editor is full screen, however, you may alter this by moving or dragging the boundary to vary the width and length of the region as shown in the figure below, then clicking + dragging the red circle that shows on your screen to move your recorder zone. You may also use the hotkey combination "Shift + F" to return full-screen mode.

Step 4. The next step is to activate microphone recording in the video editor, for that, go to audio configuration and choose between your system and microphone as the source of recording for audio. To prevent recordings of audio, you can choose the 'Don't Capture' button beside the Computer icon.

voice changer for editing

Step 5. Finally, begin recording using DemoCreator by hitting the F10 keyboard shortcut or press the red button shown in the figure below to begin screen recording of your device. You may also pause and resume the record using the same key. It's worth noting that capturing of the screen takes roughly three seconds to begin, and also that the F9 key may be used to halt recordings. It is necessary to keep these points into consideration when you use the app. When you are finished with the recording, it will be saved to the designated destination on default.

Voice Recording at Panel:

This procedure is very beneficial for dubbing video streams. This can be done by dragging the video to the timeline after you've correctly downloaded and installed the DemoCreator application, and then start your voice recording. The following steps will take you through the procedure of adding your voice through the video editor panel:

Step 1. The first and foremost step is to make sure the connection of the mic and computer is complete to avoid hurdles.

Step 2. To make the app record your voice, you will need to open the Audio Setup and choose whether the voice should be recorded with the PC or an external microphone. This is by default permitted to utilize both in the settings panel, however, picking one is best to avoid difficulties. Like in method one, similarly select the 'Don't Capture' option beside the Audio icon to use the microphone. And bingo! You are good to record your voice to the program.

voice changer for editing

Adding Sounds:

The DemoCreater is equipped with a library of a variety of sounds to be added to the video you are working on. For Example, you might need a sound for a nice intro in the video or the sound for the sad end of the video. For this purpose let's see how can we add sounds to the timeline in the DemoCreator.

  1. Go to the left tool panel and switch to the sound tab.
  2. Double click on the sounds and get an audition to choose from them.
  3. Simply drag the sound you want to add to the timeline.

adding sounds

3. Change your voice with DemoCreator

So enough of the basics of adding or recording voice to the program now let's come to the modification of the voice from voice settings. So voice editing involves certain functionalities that should be learned to edit the voice in the way you want. Let's discuss them one by one below:

Audio Muting:

After adding a clear audio or video clip to the timeline of the app, now it's really easy to mute or even detach an audio file from a video. For that, you need to select the clip and right-click on it to pop up a small menu. With a list of other options, you may see the Mute Audio option to mute the audio.

audio mute

Audio Detaching:

Following the same procedure done for audio mute as shown in figure 9, you can select detach audio from the timeline of the app to separate an audio track from the media clip.

Fade In Fade Out:

The fade in and out the option of the program lets you adjust the effects on the audio track on the timeline. For this, you will need to right-click on the audio track and select “Edit Audio” from the menu list on figure 9. After that, small purple dots will appear, from where you can adjust the sound fade in and out effects as shown below.

fade In and out

Audio Denoise:

Another change in the audio track or voice can be made through the audio denoise option of the DemoCreator. From the upper right of the properties, you shall click on the audio icon and click enable beneath the denoise tab to filter out the background noises. There are three settings mainly low, mid, and high.

audio denoising

Voice Changing:

The final and most important feature of the DemoCreator app is voice-changing capability. The app consists of different voice changing effects including male, female, robot, child, and transformer voice. There are also many varieties of other options to change the voice accordingly. To do so you will need to follow the below steps:

Step 1. First of all, you will need to import the audio or video file to make the changes. This can be easily done by dragging the file to the timeline or adding it from the file and options.

Step 2. After successfully adding the media file, all you need is to select the “Audio” option from the right properties panel. You will likely see the Voice Changer tab there as shown in the Figure below. In the Voice Changer, there will be a variety of sounds to choose from for the immediate effect on the media file that you would have been added.

select voice chaning

4. Save the Video

Since you are done with all the effects on the video you have worked on through DemoCreator. Now it's time to save the video. This can be done by following the step given below:

Step 1. Go to the File option in the top menu tab of the DemoCreator.

Step 2. Click on save the project under the file option.

Step 3. After that, you can click on the Export option in red in the right corner of the DemoCreator app.

Step 4. By clicking Export, a new window will pop up. This window display will contain two options: 1) Storing the video locally on your machine. 2) Publishing it directly on YouTube.

Step 5. Now it's your choice to whether save the video on a computer or publish it. Choose the destination, name, format, and preset settings for the video to be saved, if you have opted for saving it on your computer. In the end, click Export with Watermark and your video will be saved.

Step 6. Make sure you are already signed in to avoid any issues during saving the video.

voice changer for editing

Part 3. DemoCreator voice changer

There are main 5 categories of voices effects that can be applied to the voice you have on DemoCreator or in real-time for a mic. In this section, we will introduce these common voice-changing effects and how can they be deployed as shown in Figure 5.

Before going to voice effects first it's necessary to import the audio or video you want to apply the effect on. After that just select audio on the right two main tabs on the screen. Scroll down to the end and go to the voice changer section. Here you will see 5 different voice-changing effects.

1. Man

The man effect can be chosen out of the five categories. In order to apply this effect just click on it while you have the video loaded on the timeline.

2. Woman

Another effect is the sound effect of the woman sound. Just with a click, you can convert all the voices in your video or audio into a woman's voice.

3. Child

Similarly, a child voice effect is another effect that you should try too. Voices are different from each other in pitch and frequency. This ready-made child sound can be applied to any voice on a video.

4. Robot

If you are fond of the voice of a robot on your video that you have just edited. Then the robot effect of the DemoCreator effect is at your disposal. This effect will totally convert your usual voice into a robot’s.

5. Transformers

Who can miss the popular transformer’s voices like optimum prime? If you want some cool voice of a transformer on your video content then this feature is just a click away.


There are many applications for voice editing but this article is fabricated to give a slight peek of one of them to use. Therefore, the goal of the preceding article is to provide readers with a clear understanding of how to use DemoCreator and what capabilities are available to utilize effectively. We've gone through the most crucial of them based on their unique features and characteristics so far. However, I am hopeful it assists you in changing voices through the DemoCreator application and teaches you to download it with no hurdles. Furthermore, this article will ensure that you have explored more in using the DemoCreator app for voice editing.