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How to Resolve OBS Black Screen When Recording?

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recording Troubleshooting

Video recording has emerged among the top-rated video creation sections, where people have been opting for this version with aims of monetary affluence. Many platforms have associated video recording for this case and provided exceptional features that would allow people to create innovative and influential content that has a significance to the general population. OBS screen recorder is regarded as the most significant open-source screen recorder that provides you with lucrative services for video recording. However, many people have reported issues while using OBS, among which OBS not recording video has been focused as a major issue. This article devices a complete set of remedies for OBS black screen, along with alternatives that can be considered by users facing serious issues using OBS and other screen recorders.


Why OBS Black Screen When Recording?

Sometimes, there is an issue that occurred where some people experience the "black screen" during live streaming. Most of the time, this issue was visible in the window platform. So, to recover from these issues, you have to first learn the causes of the issue. In the below options, you will learn about some causes.

1. Administrator privileges: People use OBS to share their entire screen. But there are few situations where the computer doesn’t provide its access. Because of this, it may not allow you to view the contents. To resolve the issue, just start this tool after taking access to administrative. In this way, you can solve this issue instantly. If still, it shows issues in your device, you can follow the ways discussed in the further section.

2. Compatibility issues: There are many examples where this amazing tool has not been compatible with the recent Windows versions. So, before started working on it, check whether it is compatible with your device or not. To prevent such a situation, start this application by enabling the compatibility option.

3. Conflicting software: OBS has two versions; one is 32 bit, and another is 64 bit. These versions depend upon the type of operating system you have on your device. If you don't choose a suitable option, then the function will work properly. While using this software, you should also check whether any similar screen recording software is running on your device or not.

4. Capturing options: If you are a pro-OBS user, then you already aware of its various capturing options. There are many screen recording options like a specific recorded area and full screen. There are many other options like this. So, it is necessary to choose the correct capturing option during live streaming.

5. Overclocking: Overclocking is a factor that usually boosts the performance of your PC. But sometimes, it has few adverse effects on applications. It can turn down your screen, and the viewers can't see anything. To recover from this situation, you can try it by disabling overclocking.

6. Dedicated Graphics Interfering: When anyone starts any application on their device, then the operating system will decide whether they allocate your resources or not. The operating system allocates the resource from the dedicated graphics card or through a normal motherboard. At the time of running, it may have some adverse effects in terms of running mechanics. Because of this situation, the black screen issue arises. If you want to manage this issue, then read the ways to prevent this situation.

How to Fix OBS Black Screen?

The OBS black screen issue is the most common issue that most of the users asked about. Many users said that it just shows a black screen when they tried to capture the footage on their desktop. Well, this issue not only occurs in chrome; it might occur in various browsing software. Many people said that they also experience issues while going for a live stream. According to them, it creates a large black hole in their broadcasts. So, to solve these issues here, you will learn some of the ways. Here we have outlined some most essential ways for OBS black screen fix:

1. Restart your computer

If you also face any of the above-discussed issues on your device, then you should follow this way to troubleshoot the issue. This is the most common way that everyone has tried once. So, here you have to recycle or restart your device. There had many cases where recycling and restarting the device solved the black screen problem.

To recover the issue, turn off your computer for a while and remove all power sources. By this, you can remove all the temporary configurations. When you start the device again, then you will receive the fresh configuration. Most people use this trick to get a quick result. So, to perform this step, you have to follow the below tricks.

If this issue still arises again in your device, you can choose any alternative ways to recover from that.

2. Update OBS

Open OBS studio and then click Help, check for update from the right upper corner.

check for update obs

Then the program will start checking, and a new window will pop out if there's new software update available.

new update available obs

3. Force Quit OBS and Run It Again

If the issue is not resolved, then quit the OBS tool and run it again. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it's not. But still, many people use this trick to check their luck. This is the most common method that people apply when they experience black screen OBS. There is a minimum chance of getting positive results, but you can try this once.

4. Change Compatibility Mode

Many users reported that the Windows recent version doesn't support this application. So, because of this, it is necessary to switch the mode of compatibility. If you are also working on the windows 7 platform, then you should disable the compatibility mode option. To perform this, you should follow the below-described process:

  • To apply this process, search for OBS on your device by clicking windows +s. Press right-click and open the file location. Then click on the start menu.
  • Now press right-click and selects the properties. After that, choose the compatibility option and click on start this program.
  • Now choose between windows 7 & 8. Save the changes that you made. Select whether this process works or not. If not, then move on to the next process.

5. Choose The Correct GPU for Resources

Well, this is also a reason for the black OBS screen. Most of the people failed to select the correct GPU. So, it is necessary to choose the right GPU. There are two breakdowns on which you should select is game capture and display capture. Here we provide you some of the steps that you have to follow to resolve this issue. To perform this, right-click on your display and select the Nvidia control panel.

  • Now navigate to the setting option and customize the settings. Once you visit the program setting, select the OBS screen display.
  • Now choose the correct graphics system. Now save those changes and exit the window.
  • After performing these things, restart your computer and launch the OBS tool again on your device. Now check whether the black screen problem is rectified or not.

6. Change OBS Settings

If you have issues with your device because of the OBS tool, then you can customize the setting option as per your requirement. To change the settings, you should be aware of the version of your operating system and the version of the OBS tool. To change the settings, follow the below-discussed process.

  • Open the OBS setting option and click on its choices one by one.
  • If you use this tool for the first time, then you could take some help from YouTube and other social sites.

change obs settings

7. Change Drive Permission Settings

If you installed OBS in C drive, then there is a high chance that it could not give you full permission to access the site. It doesn't give you access to customize its contents. It usually occurs due to security reasons. Well, some users customize the options of ownership. By doing so, you can completely solve the issue. Log-in into this account as an administrator. Now to perform the step, follow the below points.

  • To launch this, press the windows+E. Now click on the right click button on the C drive and select the properties of OBS studio.
  • Check the security option edit if required.
  • Change the settings of the permission tab.
  • Hit on the authenticated users option.
  • Now save the changes and turn down your window. Restart your device again and open the OBS software again. Your issue will be solved and if not, then move to the next option.

8. Disable Overclocking

By over clicking, you can increase the clock rate of the processor. Once it reaches the temperature, the speed of the clock reverts back to the original position. In this way, it cools down. When this is placed at its optimal position, then the clock speed will be increased again. The cycle continues for the infinity time. By this, you can achieve a better frame rate and performance.

Most of the time, the black screen issue arises due to enabled overclocking. You should try disabling it by visiting the setting option if there is an issue with your device. You can also try to launch the overclocking related software.

9. Enable Multi-adapter compatibility

Well, there is a setting option available in the OBS. It has the feature of multi adaptor compatibility. This feature is available on devices that have crossfire technology or SLI. By this, you can connect 2 graphics cards after enabling the feature; you can somehow find the solution to the OBS black screen. The most shocking part of this it also fixes the black screen problems in computers that don't have crossfire technology & SLI technology installed.

10. Check Conflict Software

There may be some additional software that might have access in the background related to the video recording and screen capture software. It is the most common cause where you thought that the software is not in the running mode, but actually, it's running on your device. So for this, you should follow the below conditions:

  • To apply this step, click Windows +R and choose the appwiz—cpl in the search field.
  • After selecting the additional software, you can press the button and uninstall it.

11. Reinstall The Software

If the above-described methods didn't work for you, then apply this step. If you are still unable to perform live streaming of your gameplay, consider reinstalling this application on your device. There may be a corrupted and outdated copy in your device, so it is necessary to preset the configurations.

  • Click Windows +R in the search box and press enter.
  • Now search for the OBS and press the right-click option to uninstall the program.
  • After that, restart the device and navigate to the official site and install the updated version of this tool.

If all the above-defined ways don't work for you, you should choose this tool's alternative. There is much alternative software for this tool, but here we will describe the Wondershare demo creator.

12. Choose an Alternative Recorder

Many video creators feel the need to edit their videos after recording them from scratch. It feels quite redundant to discover an appropriate video editor from the market to cover the basic needs in such cases. This is where OBS studio lacks behind, as compared to Wondershare DemoCreator. DemoCreator ensures that the user is provided will all the necessary editing tools that are quite important in editing any video to make it look better in every sense.

Many factors can be looked over while following the best alternative for OBS screen recording. In situations where you face a black screen crisis with OBS, DemoCreator ensures that you are provided with the autonomy to select the settings of the video all by yourself, with the ability to figure out the appropriate settings that would be significant in covering all the issues including black screens. While we believe that DemoCreator is reluctant to provide exceptional services, you need to understand the procedure involved in recording any video using the platform's features.


If you want to get a detailed comparison post of OBS studio, please click here here to learn more details about Wondershare DemoCreator vs OBS studio.

How to Capture Screen with Wondershare DemoCreator

The following step-by-step guide discusses the process involving capturing the screen with the help of the platform's features.


Step 1: Launch Application

It is significant to download the software on your device and install it successfully. Launch the application and proceed from the "Get Started" windows to select the option of "New Recording" for screencasting with the help of DemoCreator.

Step 2: Set up Parameters for Recording

A new screen opens up, constituting the settings for recording the screen. Several factors can be changed and looked over as desired, including the screen, audio, and video of the complete procedure. Navigate through the left panel of the screen and change the appropriate settings as desired.

Step 3: Change Advanced Settings

You may also feature other settings apart from these primary settings that are necessary for any video recording. Navigate to the "Advanced" section from the left panel and change different locations such as the GPU acceleration for the video. With these settings finalized, you may finally proceed towards starting the recording.

Step 4: Start Recording

Tap on the red circle button and the platform gives a 3-second timer before officially starting the recording. You can pause or stop the recording using the buttons provided on the net with ease. Once recorded, you can finally consider editing or saving the video as desired.


This article has taken up OBS's issue, recording a video, and figured out major remedies that users can test to avoid black screen. The article has also provided users with the opportunity to consider another alternative for the screen capture, with a guide on efficiently utilizing it to record the screen.