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OBS vs. Bandicam: How to Choose

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

These days' people are highly using screen recording software for capturing screens. However, if you are looking for more flexible features and options, then you can opt for Bandicam. In Bandicam, you will get options for video cutting, merging, trimming, etc. It is a relatively powerful software for video or screen recording. It can also help you to capture images instantly. Moreover, you can adjust your video quality also.

Here you can also mix your voice or audios, add logos or watermarks, add mouse effects, etc. OBS will also provide you with high flexibility with various screen recording and editing activities. Below-given are complete details for both tools:

1. OBS

OBS is open-source software that is widely used for live streaming and recording. You can also use this for screen recording or capturing along with the audio. This software application keeps on updating itself regularly for improving the user experiences. Moreover, this open-source recording software is improving continuously.

Here, you will get various settings options in its settings menu. Also, in its settings menu, you can select your streaming service. This is again suitable software for people who are looking to do live streaming. For live streaming, you also require a stable desktop. It is because, in live streaming, your desktop will also render and capture.


When you enter its settings option, then go to the stream tab and make your preference settings. Then the scenes will appear on its screen, including various things such as webcam, audio, backgrounds, etc. Moreover, this is highly a customized software tool that contains multiple user-friendly features. Also, this is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows.

  • Select your main desktop screen which you want to record.
  • Go to its bottom left and select your required scene and source. You can also create your Photoshop.

2. Bandicam

Bandicam is a suitable screen recorder software application for Windows users. It can easily capture high-quality videos. Also, you can record a specific area by using this application. Mainly gamers are using this application software for recording live games. It will allow you to capture a screen with more compression rate.

Moreover, this application will provide you with the original quality of the video. After capturing your screen, it will save it in files. You can also record 2D or 3D games with HD quality. Another remarkable fact is that it will allow you to record various external video devices like smartphones, webcam, Xbox/PlayStation, IPTV, and more. In the case of Bandicam vs. obs, Bandicam can provide more user-friendly features to users.


Here you will enjoy the real-time drawing option, and by using this, you can outline any of your screenshots or videos. You can also add your own webcam video while recording. Again, this will allow you to plan your recording schedules. In Bandicam, you can also record your voice along with the system audio. Here, you can also take screenshots of your recordings. After registering your video, you can also merge, add or delete any required parts from this.

3. Interface

Interface of OBS

You can set up your audio interface in the OBS. This is very easy in the case of Windows. OBS is absolutely a free program that allows users to stream any video or audio to online platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. You need to download any compatible version of OBS according to your system configuration.

  • Download and install the OBS software
  • Navigate to your audio interface
  • Go to the settings menu and make your required settings
  • Click on its dropdown menu and find the audio interface.
  • Set the audio device to your properties.
  • Navigate its advanced audio properties through its settings menu.

Interface of Bandicam

This software application can be installed quickly rather than other software. Apart from recording, it will also allow you to capture screenshots. Even with a high-quality compression rate, its recording quality is relatively good. Bandicam includes a robust interface that will enable you to record the snapshots of the computer screen.

The Bandicam developers have released another version called Bandicut 3.6. It is a high-quality video editor program that comes with a good user interface and videos speed function. Moreover, this application offers excellent screen recording options.

4. Performance

Performance of OBS

OBS is an open-source and free streaming software for live video recording or streaming. This is relatively lightweight, easy-to-use software. If you compare OBS studio vs. Bandicam, then OBS is widely known because of its easy-to-use feature. You can also find a customized version of OBS studio.

Here, broadcasters can get an automated setup to begin the live streaming. It also offers secure and easy video uploading capabilities. OBS also contains a special mode for game capturing. Also, it allows to insertion of various images while recording. This software supports the sources, including webcams, web pages, desktops, images & GIFs, video via capture cards, etc. Moreover, its overall functionality and performance are useful.

Performance of Bandicam

Bandicam offers you higher FPS (frames per second) so that you can create natural and high-quality videos. These days with the increasing technological development, people prefer high FPS. It will allow users to record gameplay up to 480 FPS. The FPS is highly essential for developing the system's performance.

If you want to get a higher FPS, then you also need to minimize your resolution while recording. Moreover, the performance is relatively satisfactory and high-quality. It will also be suitable for recording external video devices such as smartphones, Xbox/PlayStation, webcam, etc. It will provide you with various options and user-friendly features.

5. Audio Recording

Audio recording features of OBS

If you choose OBS software, then this will allow you to enjoy various benefits. It will enable you to record multiple audio channels simultaneously, which means you can easily capture video conferences, commentators, etc. You can also get various video sources such as webcams and different camera angles. This can help you to make a professional video. It is well-integrated with multiple streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, etc. Steps to setup your OBS:

  • Install the OBS application
  • Create your new scene and insert your preferable sources
  • Start recording

You can also capture the on-screen video by using the OBS software application. For this, you need to select its display capture button. Here, you can choose your source as per your requirement.

Audio recording features of Bandicam

Bandicam software program allows you to capture the screen with complete ease. It is ultimately a secured and safe screen recorder software. Here, you can select the required area that you want to capture.

You can also draw outlines on your recorded screen. If you want to know that which is better, Bandicam or OBS, then in terms of features, Bandicam is the best solution for you. This screencast application will allow you to capture your system sound, audio, microphone, and computer screen. It can also allow you to record for 24 hours without any pause.



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Closing Lines

Whether you require Bandicam or OBS, both are featured with different options. Before buying any screen recording application, it will help if you check that whether your system configuration will support it or not. Both the software, as mentioned earlier, are suitable for live streaming as well as recording gameplay. You can also use them for conducting an online class, tutorial, or conference. Also, learn Bandciam vs Camtasia.

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