Wondershare DemoCreator VS XSplit VS OBS: How to Choose?

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The plausible specs software, Wondershare DemoCreator is the top-notch video editing and screen recording software which we can say that it's an all-in-one software for video editing and recording toolkit. Meanwhile, with DemoCreator in the market, some stakeholders have a monopoly in this niche. Wondershare DemoCreator features make this software a standing out among the others as it has the best price plan with the utmost features so your sturdy adequate choice with your video editing software available in the market would surely go for this masterpiece.

However, alongside the pile of video editing tools available, here in this article, we have shortlisted the top among them and compared and contrasted these tools such that XSplit vs OBS with the masterpiece Wondershare DemoCreator. Apart from just comparing, we have also proven the assessment of Wondershare DemoCreator vs XSplit vs OBS screen recording platforms. These screen recording tools have either little enhancements or no updates at all with the time which makes them unaware of the modern technological improvements. Here we have discussed such features. Stick to this article to find out more...


Wondershare DemoCreator VS XSplit VS OBS Studio

Considering the specifications of each stakeholder of the screen recording market, we have sorted out the Wondershare DemoCreator vs XSplit Vs OBS compare and contrast that will help you to find out the best with everything you need about these masterpieces. But before we let you make a final judgment between the three of them, it would be better if you can undergo your system equipment, recording specification, processor information, and the graphics resolution which will help you find the compatibility with the best among them. So, after you've done your evaluation, now is the time to consider the table below where we have collectively stated the classifications among the three of them:




OBS Studio

User Interface

DemoCreator has a user interface that is extraordinarily intended for beginner level clients to make it simpler for them to evaluate their video recording projects thoroughly.

A solely gaming purpose recording studio and the live streaming platform has a pure gaming interface that makes it viable for gamers to use this platform for their screen recordings and streaming purposes.

OBS Studio has a user-friendly interface but it has a bit complicated specification which the beginners may find difficult to get used to of it while using it for the very first time.

Supported OS

This software is an advanced level screen recorder that has the backing to all the Windows OS including Windows 7 to encourage the users with its compatibility with Windows OS versions.

This software runs smoothly on Windows 7 32-bit OS while it is recommended to use 64-bit OS with Sp1 specification.

OBS Studio supports DirectX 10.1 compatible GPU which makes it compatible with Windows 7 and the newer versions while on the macOS side, it supports all the MacBook with the 10.12 version installed.

Processor Requirements

Wondershare DemoCreator has a fast recording turnaround as it can run easily on a normal rate of 2GHz processor

XSplit is compatible with any 2nd generation i5 system or equivalent specs processor system.

OBS Studio has a basic processor requirement of Core i2 while for the newest versions, it's recommended to be 4th generation intel core processor.

Screen Resolution

Screen goal is a major factor concerning a superior video altering and recording experience, HD screen goal is required with 1366 x 768 dimensions.

The screen resolution has to be a graphics card of DirectX 10.1 installed to run this software smoothly.

OBS Studio requires a higher screen resolution Graphics card as it has a specific capture type that requires NVIDIA or AMD cards to be installed.

RAM requirements

To make it run quicker and a speedier reaction we suggest utilizing 8GB RAM while this magnum opus requires just 3GB of physical RAM necessity.

XSplit has a basic RAM requirement to be of 8 GB while for higher RAM it runs more swiftly without any delay.

The RAM requirements for this software to be run fast and smooth on your system is 4GB.

Volume on Disk

With its various components and implicit layouts, Wondershare DemoCreator requires a 2GB circle on your framework to be introduced and run impeccably.

This software is a light-memory holder as it consumed the only 250MB on your hard disk which makes it a plus point towards the basic memory requirement systems.

While running on a 32-Bit system, it requires a 2GB of disk space to be installed perfectly.

Supported Input/Output Formats

Practically all the arrangements are reasonable to be imported inside this product while for output video, it has a fine rundown of MP4 and MOV formats which is broadly satisfactory.

This software has a limitation of its output format to be restricted to either FLV or MP4 formats while for the codec it uses stronger compression technique to consume less bandwidth

OBS Studio supports FLV as well as MKV formats which are considered to be as crash-proof while with the support of MP4 is also included but not recommended.

Editing Feature

Enough editing highlights which empowers you to shape impeccable expert looking recordings with the best change impacts to make it eye-catchy

No video editing features, but support live streaming

You can have a slight video editing tool available with this screen recording platform which is considered to be enough for basic editing requirements.

User Experience

Clients are appreciating the best administrations by Wondershare DemoCreator as it has extensive and easy to understand altering capacities.

This platform has great feedback from the gamers but it lacks the other community support as it's specifically viable for the gamers and their overlays recordings.

The user experience with this software is quite satisfactory although several crash reports have occurred so far with their slightly updated versions.

Exporting Features

Trading the final video has made it simpler for this product client's as they have numerous configurations and direct sharing alternatives accessible for their screen recording output files.

The exporting feature of this platform has a specialty of no rendering requirement. This is the reason it is the choice of gamers that it doesn't require and render the recorded video meanwhile editing it to some extent.

You can export your files to various other platforms as well with the basic format of MP4 although it also supports various others as well.


Free preliminary for trial yet additionally have a touch to premium and combination yearly charges.

The XSplit is a free and open-source screen recorder with a basic video editing toolkit.

OBS Studio is a free platform that can enable you to use it monthly as well as on a long-term basis.

This table deeply concentrates on the specifications which are the basic requirements before picking up a choice amongst the pile of other software platforms. To these brief specifications, we have sorted out Wondershare DemoCreator as the top-class screen recorder as it has a positive and user-friendly environment that doesn't have a specific audience but users from every field. Keeping in mind the above table specifications of these masterpieces, you can wisely shortlist the one among them, and meanwhile, to clear your thoughts on your selected one, we have given you a detailed specification section below. Find out more below:

Nonetheless, the above table has all you need as an underlying level to work out which software suits your prerequisites however here's the kicker, as we've clarified the classifications of these software tools of how the picked toolkit is suitable for your requirements. In addition to that, we've shortlisted the top-notch screen recorder which is required in making a last determination for the screen recording and editing toolkit.

Discussing the screen recording highlights, the number of video editing tools gets restricted to some instinctive features regarding the editing of screen recordings which have this exceptional component Wondershare DemoCreator inserted normally. Here we've explained the likenesses and contrasts Wondershare DemoCreator VS XSplit VS OBS Studio share for all intents and purpose.

Wondershare DemoCreator VS XSplit VS OBS Studio: Screen Recorder

Even though the top-rated screen recorder Wondershare DemoCreator has its powerful screen recording audit, in this section we have evaluated the XSplit vs OBS alongside Wondershare DemoCreator screen recording specifications so you can have a better understanding of these three screen recorders.

Key Points:

  • Wondershare DemoCreator has the specialty of straight-forward screen recording features like overlaying the integrated webcam within the recording meanwhile for OBS studio, you have this deficiency of direct interface and for the XSplit, we have the intuitive platform for the gaming purpose only.
  • Being a gamer, with DemoCreator, you have the overlay specifications as well so you can easily find out the overlaying option to include in your screen recordings, same goes for the XSplit screen recorder while for the OBS Studio, you need to go through settings to enable this overlaying specification.
  • Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to control the live video streaming as well, while for XSplit, it's viable but for the OBS Studio, live streaming has a delay time which in turn have a direct impact on-screen recording.

Wondershare DemoCreator VS XSplit VS OBS Studio: Video Editor

The sole purpose of screen recording is to produce a perfect and error-free output file which in turn, has to be a professional-looking video to be embedded into a playlist. TO give your screen recordings a professional touch, modern screen recorders include their built-in video editors which have some advanced level editing tools to give your recorded videos a new level of the edited environment. In this regard, we have compared and contrast the video editor specifications of Wondershare DemoCreator VS XSplit VS OBS Studio and shortlisted their key features according to this point of view:

Key Features:

  • With Wondershare DemoCreator, you can edit your recorded video from basic to advance level editing specs like titles and effects, while for OBS Studio, you have a limited feature concerning the editing of recorded videos and on the other hand, XSplit has no more than basic editing tools for recorded videos.
  • Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to edit both audio and video parts of the screen recordings intuitively while OBS studio has a collective editor for both these parts and XSplit has no special tool to deal with the audio and video part of the screen recordings specifically.
  • You can add previously recorded videos into the Wondershare DemoCreator timeline and merge different screen recordings with its handy editor while OBS Studio has this deficiency of split-screen editing and XSplit allow you to merge and stitch the previously recorded screen recordings.

Wondershare DemoCreator VS XSplit VS OBS Studio: Price Comparison

In this section, we will discuss the cost-effectiveness of the software and compare and contrast between these three toolkits which we have shortlisted for you to give you a proper perspective of choosing the best among them. Meanwhile, the price factor has its worthwhile considering software for your necessities, but it also includes the free sources but limited features and for the unlimited features, you need to spend some dollars so you can enjoy the featureful platform specifications. Find out more about the price comparison between DemoCreator Vs XSplit Vs OBS Studio in the below features bulleted points:

Key Points:

  • Considering the price value among the three of them, the OBS Studio is a free software which has no price of service at all but it turns out to be the limitations in the specification, hence to make more of your recorded videos with OBS Studio, you need to buy third-party special features which can cost you well.
  • Keeping in mind the price factor, the XSplit has a free version but it lacks several specifications which are insufficient for a perfect and reliable screen recorder toolkit which can also lack the feature of giving your screen recordings a pro-level touch.
  • On the other hand, Wondershare DemoCreator has a price value with a free trial to check whether it's feasible for you to get used to this screen recorder. Once the free trial ends, you will be prompted to buy its low-cost package which gives you overall access to the editing toolkit for your screen recordings which is the cost-effective and reliable package as well.

NOTE: The price of the product will be changed according to the activities in different periods. Please refer to the information on the actual price page.

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With the straight-forward feature list of Wondershare DemoCreator VS XSplit VS OBS Studio which we have provided you, now you can easily predict the most viable screen recorder toolkit according to your system requirement and the budget value. In addition to that, you can opt for the best among them which has all the basic to pro-level specifications with a low price of just $9.99 per month. Wondershare DemoCreator, which has this outstanding feature of including all the modern level features which can bring your screen recordings to the whole new level.

The reason we have recommended this software is its high-quality features list which has the best specifications of video editors as well as screen recording toolkit, so it doesn't favor any specific niche or category instead it has the best specifications and tools for all the category users.