How to Record Discord Audio with OBS Studio?

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:38:43 • Filed to: Audio Recording

Discord has set up its mark among the voice chat applications as one of the most proficient and readily consumed platforms for communicating. The gaming community has broadly adopted these platforms as their base for communication due to impressive features such as low latencies. Under such circumstances, gamers usually call for recording their audios for various purposes. Hence, the market provided gamers with different recording platforms that allowed them to record Discord audio. For this article, the primary focus would be based on Discord audio recording using the OBS Studio recorder.

Why Do You Want to Record Discord Audio?

Recording your Discord audio might not have been quite common in the gaming community; however, it is being acknowledged and adopted by gamers worldwide. The major reasons that would have led to such circumstances would be to create podcasts, which can be made quite simpler with such recording and voice chat applications. Following the other reasons for saving the Discord audio recording, it can be considered for keeping a record of the meeting or discussing a certain group. It has another utility of creating audio files that can be utilized across other media productions and publications over the Internet. Thus, recording your Discord audio does provide you with a variety of important applications that can be easily implemented.

How to Record Discord Audio with OBS?

When it comes to finalizing a platform that would offer unique services to record Discord audio, numerous platforms might come to your mind. Although there are hundreds of software available across the market, this article features OBS Studio to help you select the best platform for recording your audio. OBS Studio is an open-source screen recording platform that provides efficient tools and features in recording audio over the platform. The user-interface presented by OBS Studio is exemplary, prolific, and easy to use. Gamers who seek to find the platform that would help them record the perfect voice should comply with OBS Studio as their primary choice. This software offers much more than just recording the platform. It even helps you recite the message sent across the communication channel that you have pre-set, allowing you to completely focus on your game and overlooking all the messages and chats across the channel.


Along with the text-to-speech conversion, the platform even caters to integrating the stream tools with the chats. You are even allowed to broadcast your recording across multiple domains with the platform itself. With high-quality audio results, you can efficiently follow the Discord Audio recording method to overview how to record Discord audio using OBS Studio.

Step 1: Access Settings

After launching the platform, you are required to open the "Settings" and proceed to select "Output" from the panel available on the left side of the window. Set the mode to "Simple."

Step 2: Maneuvering Audio Quality

In a similar section, you need to hover your cursor across the "Recording Quality" option to ensure that the quality selection is of the highest rate from the list of options in the drop-down menu.


Step 3: Set up Encoder

Over the same window, access the "Encoder" and select the option of "Hardware (NVENC)" from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Set up Advanced Settings (Optional)

Despite all these settings, you can change the mode from "Simple" to "Advanced" under the cases where you wish to record multiple voices simultaneously in Discord. Over launching the application, you can easily capture the screen from where the audio can be easily extracted after completing the task.


  • Available across the Windows Operating system as a desktop application and a web application.
  • A free and open-source platform with no hidden charges.
  • It allows a rapid enhancement of the stream.


  • Not available for Mac users and mobile users.
  • Have no video editing function.

If you want to get more alternatives to the OBS Studio recorder.

OBS Alternative: Wondershare DemoCreator

As you go through the OBS Discord voice recorder, you can come across other impressive alternatives that can offer you similar services with an even better experience. Such a platform that covers both the ambits is referred under the name of Wondershare DemoCreator. Out of all the available media at a high price, Wondershare DemoCreator intends to offer unique and state-of-the-art services under a lesser price tag. This makes the platform a first-rate choice for the users in the gaming community. Following this, the platform seeks to provide a balanced toolset and feature set for screen recording and video editing.

This basic foundational feature allows DemoCreator to outsmart the major screen recording platforms across the market. This platform is not only mentioned for screen recording. Still, it can be exceptionally utilized to cover the needs of editing the recording before sharing it across social media platforms. DemoCreator intends to bring the market with an impressive interface that would not only guide beginners but allow professionals to record Discord audio effectively. Several reasons should tempt you into using DemoCreator for recording your audios, which are defined as follows.

  • A straightforward platform with a lightweight structure, allowing users to consume its services with ease.
  • It allows you to work over different videos with various file formats.
  • Provides a very detailed library of effects, filters, and transitions.
  • Has a very impressive text editor and audio editor with built-in music and sound effects.
  • Offers fast rendering speeds in execution.

If you want to know how to record discord audio with DemoCreator.


This article has introduced you to a very cohesive guide on recording Discord audio in OBS Studio efficiently and executing the task without any discrepancy. It would help if you went through the guide to easily understand the processes involved in allowing you to record your audio with the specific platform.