How to Fix Freezing and Lagging in OBS?

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recording Troubleshooting

OBS, often known as Open Broadcaster Software, is one of the most proficient open source free video recording platforms used by many video creators worldwide. Many video creators feel the need to initiate their cycle from a freeware, constituting enough features suitable enough to cater to any video creator and help them develop their experience with time. Where OBS is known for many impressive recording and streaming features, it comes with its incompatibility issues. This article articulates the problem involving OBS lagging and the solutions associated with solving the issues at large.

Part 1. How to Resolve OBS Lagging When Recording the Game?

OBS Studio lagging has accounted for among the most common problems encountered by users throughout the world. These issues are either figured while recording or playing it across the platform. The most common reason associated with OBS lagging stream is its incompatibility with the device where it is installed. In such cases, many remedies can be tested across the platform to resolve the OBS lagging when recording.

  • While streaming online, the network connection is an essential factor to be apparent. You should ensure that the network connection is stable and is not influencing the dropping of frames leading towards the OBS lagging.
  • There can be any unnecessary hardware damage that is leading to such lag issues. Look across your router, ports, devices, and all other associated hardware that is being used while recording through OBS.
  • Many video creators prefer using high values of bitrate for a high quality of video streaming. There are cases where these values are too excessive, leading towards the frame drop that causes the raw OBS lagging recording across your device. You may consider decreasing the bitrate value to a modest amount.
  • Ensure that the computer's resolution and the software are synchronized to every extent. You should amend the custom settings in OBS to bring the values in line.
  • Your system might be running across outdated drivers. It would help if you considered fixing the complete driver set before moving towards recording videos across OBS.
  • Your firewall settings might not be updated correctly, leading you towards blockage while recording videos on the OBS screen recorder. You are required to disable this feature from the settings of your computer.

Part 2. How to Resolve OBS Lagging while Live Streaming?

Streaming is one proficient section of video creation where smoothness and serenity are considered the optimal part of the complete sections. Many people who are quite regular in live streaming consider ousting issues such as live stream lagging from their work, ensuring quality, and effective deliverance of content to the viewers with no specific problems. For catering to the needs of live-streaming, many people consider using different platforms, such as the very well-known OBS screen recorder. Although you may have OBS in your pocket for live streaming, you may still face difficulty with such problems as OBS stream lagging across your device. For catering to such issues, a few factors can be looked over to resolve the lagging discrepancies with ease.

You need to make sure that you have a wired connection for the network connection. Using Ethernet cables for such cases is considered far more proficient than keeping yourself across the wireless router.

  • Close down the bandwidth-intensive programs in your computer that provide the platform with significant bandwidth for smooth streaming. You should ensure that no back-end downloads are operating over the computer.
  • There can be a series of different graphic lags across your device. You need to lower down the in-game graphic settings to cope with the limit of the computer.
  • It is significant to ensure that the graphic drivers of your computer are up-to-date. These can become a preeminent reason for the OBS lagging stream.

Part 3. OBS Game Recorder Alternative

The market is saturated with a variety of game recording software that provides efficient services and state-of-the-art features to its users. While believing that every platform comes with its own discrepancies and drawbacks, this article provides you with a very intuitive alternative, an alternative that covers both the tracks of efficient streaming followed by high-quality results. Wondershare DemoCreator is a balanced platform for video recording and video editing, which is packed with a variety of prolific features and uses for video creators around the world.

How to Record Game Screen with DemoCreator?

DemoCreator ensures that you are delivered with results that are both high in quality and efficient in operation. For understanding the system involving recording a game screen using DemoCreator, you may follow the guide provided below, displaying the involved factors in detail.

Step 1: Launch Application and Recording Stream

You need to install and launch the application across your device. After moving into the system from the "New Recording" option.

run democreator

Step 2: Set your Parameters

The platform offers you to set the screen, audio, and video of the live stream before moving into it. You can customize select the area of the target window before initiating the recording. Similarly, you can set up the audio recording settings, followed by the need for a webcam for recording your video simultaneously.

record webcam democreator

Step 3: Start Capturing

With the parameters set, you can initiate recording by tapping on the red "Record" button. The platform starts recording with a timer on the screen. Once you are done recording the video, you can easily pause or stop the recording with the controls provided.

record screen with democreator


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This article provided you with a detailed guide of the remedies to screen lagging in OBS, along with a set of alternatives and fixes that can be adapted to cover the issues involving OBS lagging. Does it help for you? Or it is the time to switch to Wondershare DemoCreator!