• 1. Record your computer screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • 2. Allow you to customize screen capture and frame rate.
  • 3. Powerful editing tools and effects to enrich your video clips.

How to Record Games with OBS

David Wilson
2021-11-12 17:13:03 • Filed to: Game Recording Tools

The 21st century has brought about crazy upgrades in the gaming world. There are all kinds of games for every gamer out there, ranging from action to sports to simulation. Whether it is gaming consoles or good old PCs, every gamer fancies the idea of being able to share their exceptional gaming skills with everyone. That is where recording gameplay footage steps in.

Some people may want to record games with OBS Studio, as this software is a free and open source screen recording tool. Indeed, OBS comes with easy and high-quality video capturing, make it the top choice. In the following parts, we are going to tell you how to use OBS to capture gameplay.

Part 1. Steps to Record Games Using OBS

To ensure high-quality recordings for your gameplay, you will require Open Broadcaster Software or OBS. This software possesses the capabilities needed for the recording of fast-paced action in video games. Here is a complete guide on how to record gameplay with OBS.

Step 1: Download and install OBS Studio.

download obs recorder

Step 2: Click the + from the Sources part, and then choose "Game Capture"

capture game on obs

Step 3: Leave it labeled as Game Capture and click OK.

game capture

Step 4: The properties of Game Capture will appear, showing three different modes explained below.

Select the first mode, ‘Capture any full-screen application.’

Click OK. ‘Game Capture’ now appears in the Sources list.

Open any game on Full Screen.

Go to OBS. The game will appear in the window that means OBS recognizes it and is recording it.

game capture option obs

To try the second mode, select Game Capture from the Sources list and click the gear icon.

Under Mode, change it to ‘Capture specific window’.

It allows you to select any particular window to record. Select a game from the list. Click OK.

OBS recognizes the game when it is open and records it.

game capture mode obs

The last mode is ‘Capture foreground window with hotkey’.

Again, select Game Capture and select Mode.

Change the mode to ‘Capture foreground window with hotkey’.

Hit the Settings button in the lower right corner and navigate to the ‘Hot Key’ tab on the left.

The Game Capture section will show two places for Hot Keys.

Set up Hot Keys for Capture Foreground Window and Deactivate.

Hit Apply and click OK.

Go back to the game and press the Hot Key to record the game screen without watermark. To stop, press the Hot Key to deactivate.

stop obs recording

These are the basics of recording gameplay using OBS. This software offers versatile video and real-time audio recording options along with mixing abilities. You have no reason to hesitate while picking OBS to record your gameplay. The flexibility of this software will give you what you're looking for.

Part 2. OBS Alternative to Record Games

Irrespective of what software you are using, every functional software comes with its pros and cons. OBS is not immune to that. Although the software does a fantastic job of recording quality gameplay, it has its drawbacks. 

OBS does not support Windows XP, and it is not possible to link with an audio file as a source with this software. It is not user-friendly and can take a good amount of your time before you can get the gist of it.

If you're facing these issues and looking for an alternative to OBS, Wondershare DemoCreator is here to the rescue. It is yet another platform that allows you to record and edit your gameplay effortlessly. Let’s get into the details!

DemoCreator is an awesome all-in-one tool that simultaneously allows you to screen record your gameplay and edit it. The software boasts a plethora of unique and versatile features that can help you record and edit your video in any way you want. It is pretty famous among hundreds of gamers at present as it provides a frame rate of up to 120 fps.

DemoCreator gives you the freedom of recording either your full screen or just a customized region of it. The latest 4.0 version enables users to record video along with the audio. It can be used to make video tutorials, record gameplay, create video presentations, product demos, reviews.

How to Record Games with WonderShare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator acts as a multipurpose software that can be put to good use if you want to record your swift-paced action-packed video games with premium quality.

Here is a complete guide on how to use WonderShare DemoCreator to record gameplay.

Step 1: Download and install WonderShare DemoCreator.

Download Now
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Download Now
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Step 2: Once installed, open the application and select "New Recordings" from the main interface.

democreator start recording

Step 3: Now you can check the settings, you can enable the camera, microphone and screen drawing tools as you want.

democreator enable webcam

Step 4: Tap on the big red circle to start game recording. Press F9 to pause or F10 to end the capture.

democreator recording screen and webcam

You can also add titles to your videos. There is an option to add stickers or animations as well. This sounds like a solid package for software that comes absolutely free of cost.


Keeping in view all the features of the two software applications explained above, you can compare and contrast both of the recording tools. With all the recording and editing tools and advanced features, DemoCreator really can be the best alternative to OBS on gamplay recording.

These software apps are equipped with the latest technology that can help you create the content you picture in your mind. You can choose any one of these two tools, according to your preference, to showcase your exceptional gaming skills in your circle and around the globe through YouTube.

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