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How to Fix "OBS Not Recording Audio"

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recording Troubleshooting

Are you recording your important meeting or instructional exercise and suddenly realized that your recordings are without audio? We get you! Numerous OBS Studio clients perusing will be comfortable with the dampening second when you've recorded a video or begun real-time, just to track down that the video is lingering behind the sound.

OBS application gives the expert way of altering, amazing extra alternatives, and other refined elements. Even though it has many progressed highlights, the majority of them discover trouble in utilizing them and altering them as indicated by their necessities.

Part 1 Common OBS Audio Problems and Causes

As a rule, the video takes more time to measure and encode inside OBS than sound. This can imply that once in a while the sound beats or is out of time with the video, bringing about an irritating defer that makes the review experience somewhat awkward. There are various purposes behind OBS not picking or identifying work area sound, or the work area sound has quit working. In any case, the most well-known ones among them are recorded beneath:

  • Issues with OBS software sound settings
  • Degenerate speaker settings or improperly arranges headset
  • Outdated or Obsolete sound drivers
  • The Sound applications on your PC meddle with OBS
  • Your PC doesn’t support the OBS studio version.

Likewise, with most specialized issues, there can be quite a few justifications for why a PC would battle with this cycle, yet one thing to pay special mind to is that every one of the sound gadgets on your framework is set to either 48 kHz, or 44.1 kHz, which are the two example rates that OBS upholds. Discover the example rate that you're utilizing in the Audio Settings segment of OBS and ensure all the other things coordinates in your PC's sound settings board. Presently, you realize what could be the purposes behind OBS not getting game sound or OBS sound not working. We should gain proficiency with the arrangements and fix OBS Mic, not working issues.

Part 2 How to fix OBS Not Recording Audio

You use OBS to record the screen and afterward utilize some video-altering projects to alter the recorded recordings. Nonetheless, some of the time you might think that it is exceptionally disappointed when recording with OBS studio yet wound up knowing there is no strength for the recorded video. After looking for a wide range of arrangements, it worked each an ideal opportunity to fix the "OBS no sound" issue with these arrangements. So, we should investigate these strategies.

Adjust the sound checking

One of the effective approaches to fix the OBS work area sound not working is to change the sound checking inside the sound setting. To do this, simply tap on the "setting" symbol on the work area sound or the blend/Aux bar and afterward select the " progressed sound properties". From that point onward, pick "Screen off" under the " sound checking" choice for all of the work area sound and blend/Aux bars.

Adjust the sound checking

Close the OBS Program and Restart It

One more approach to fix the "OBS no sound" issue on your PC is simply to close the OBS studio program and afterward restart it once more. In the wake of restarting the program, you can check indeed if the green level bar is moving when you talk about something. If not, it implies the OBS sound is as yet not working. Now, simply close the program again and afterward restart it. I at any point attempted this answer for commonly and effectively fixed the issue of OBS studio sound not working

Adjust the OBS sound setting

On the off chance that the above arrangements don't attempt to assist you with fixing the "OBS sound not working", then, at that point, you can go to "settings">" audio">" gadgets" to change the OBS sound setting. You can pick the "default" alternative for all of the work area sound and mic/Aux gadgets or the particular sound or speaker gadget you simply use on your PC. In any case, don't pick the impaired alternative for these gadgets. One reason why OBS studio sound not working is that you simply pick the "impaired" alternative for one of the gadgets.

OBS sound setting

Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Close by utilizing OBS if you utilize other sound-related projects, odds are they clashing with OBS. Henceforth, to fix the work area sound not working as expected we recommend uninstalling such projects. Take a stab at disposing of such projects that may meddle with the sound. If doing as such aides fix OBS not getting mic, or OBS sound not working keep those projects uninstalled.

Turn off Windows Game Bar and Game DVR

To fix the "OBS recording rough" issue, you can decide to wind down the Windows Game Bar and Game DVR. Presently, you can follow the means beneath to do that: Simply press the Windows key and I key together to open the Settings application and, in the Settings window, click Gaming to proceed. Finally, Go to the Game bar board and mood killer the Record game clasps, screen captures, and broadcast utilizing the Game bar switch.

Remove Other Programs for Audio Control

On the off chance that you've introduced other sound-related projects. they're probably going to struggle with OBS and hence cause the work area sound not working issue. Numerous clients additionally affirm Realtek Gaming Software and Razer Synapse will meddle with OBS. Take a stab at eliminating programs that might assume responsibility for your sound gadget. If the issue disappears, you ought to uninstall those projects to stay away from conceivable sound issues in OBS.

Add a Media Source

The last arrangement you can attempt to fix the "OBS no sound" issue is to add a media source. To import a media source like a video or sound document, perfectly click the mouse under the "sources" classification in the OBS studio and select "add media source". You can add a video or sound document to the interface and check whether this can assist with fixing the OBS sound not working issue

Add a Media Source

Update your System Sound Driver

If you continually find sound issues when utilizing OBS, it's an ideal opportunity to refresh your sound card driver. An off-base or outdated sound driver would prompt different irritating sound issues when you utilize your applications or mess around. You can get the most recent sound drivers that work for your PC in both ways, automatically as well as manually by visiting the official website of your provider.

Disable Windows Game Mode

To assists clients with improving their framework and play any game all the more easily, Windows 10 offers a component named Game Mode. It can convey the greatest execution to the game handling. If the OBS recording is uneven, you can likewise attempt to debilitate Windows Game Mode to fix the issue. To do that, hit the Windows key and I key together to open the Settings application. And then pick Gaming. Snap Game Mode on the left board. In the final stage, disable the slider from the menu.

Disable Windows Game Mode

Reinstall OBS

If none of the fixes above reestablishes the OBS work area sound, you ought to consider a full reinstall of OBS to fix any top to bottom program issues. Download OBS from the authority site and introduce it on your PC once more. The recently introduced OBS Studio is relied upon to work impeccably and give you the ideal live-streaming and screen-recording experience.

Part 3 OBS Alternative to Record Video and Audio

Perhaps the most widely recognized issue that decorations will run into is that their sound would, after some time, escape sync with the remainder of the stream. For instance, your mouthpiece sound may coordinate with your lips right away, however, there is a recognizable balance from the video an hour into a transfer. Fortunately, these sound sync issues in OBS are normally brought about by an example rate confound. Your originally thought may be to change the sound sync in the high-level sound properties, yet that isn't actually what you need to do, nor should you do. Hence that, introducing DemoCreator is the need of the hour. Because with DemoCreator, there’s no need to take any worry about Audio recording functions as it provides you a huge stack of controlling it eventually.

Wondershare DemoCreator is a screen recorder with a Video editor that features the top recording and editing feature on the go. With this masterpiece recorder, you can customize the recording components to the fullest. Including webcams, audio sources, microphone sources, system sound, and much more. To add more, all of this feature is made handy for beginners as well. So with DemoCreator, you don’t need to consider any worry as unlike OBS studio, where the Audio did not recode notifications often pop up, DemoCreator lets you free from such hectic hassles. You can also edit the recordings to the fullest so if you want to add any post-production audio from the files on your system, DemoCreator has to be your choice for that. Here are the steps to perform audio recordings with the DemoCreator.

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Step 1: Launch DemoCreator Recorder
As soon as you launch the Wondershare DemoCreator Screen recorder, you shall be open to deal with the basic recording tools such as screen size, frame rate, screen resolution and other efficient recording features as this software allows you to perform all these basics right at the start of the recording as follow:

DemoCreator Recorder

Step 2: Set up Audio Source
The most important part of the screen recording or webcam recording is the audio recording and with the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder, you can perform the webcam screen recording as well. To do that, hit the integrated webcam feature you can seat the main part of the recording interface. you can do that efficiently with the straight-forward button of the microphone as follow:

Set up Audio Source

Step 3: Start and Stop Recording

Now hit the record button and it’ll record your customized interface with ease. Finally, now if you’re done with the recording, now is the time to oversee what you were doing and what have you done with your webcam and screen recordings with the Export feature of this software. You can also share your masterpiece with the audience directly as well.  To save and export your video with this software, here’s how you can do that by simply hitting the Export button at the top right corner of the screen as follow:

Start and Stop Recording


OBS studio is one of the most amazing free screens recording applications which is not difficult to utilize, especially for YouTubers. Be that as it may, one of the normal issues when recording with OBS studio is the "OBS studio sound not working " issue which appears to be exceptionally baffling because you might wind up going through a few hours recording and altering a video yet there is no solid. So, in this article, we have shown you a few effective ways we have used to fix the "OBS No Sound" issue on your PC. You can straight-away opt for DemoCreator and remove the anomalies hassle-free.