How to Split Vidoes in After Effects in 2 Efficient Solutions

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Adobe After Effects is an application from Adobe that's known as a Splendid video animation software. Treating the After Effects split the video into parts permits you to unite a few divergent components, for example, a 3-D PC model and live film, and make it look as though they were all in a similar video shot.

Albeit the UI may look convoluted, there are various easy routes to assist users with accomplishing how to split a video on After Effects. For instance, it's feasible to part video in After Effects into two layers with a couple of basic keystrokes. In this After Effects tutorial exercise, we will emphasize to you the best way to approach cutting and managing your clips for the best work process! How about we begin!

Part 1. How to Split Video and Audio in After Effects

After Effects is video illustrations altering application that was created by Adobe Systems and as of now, it is a piece of the Creative cloud use of Adobe frameworks. We can do various sorts of video altering working in this product including After Effects how to split video. Parting cuts from any video film is one of those altering work. You can comprehend split-screen video After Effects by a technique in which we cut a specific opening of any video film and use them with other video cuts as indicated by our necessities. You can follow the upcoming sections we’ve made easier for you.

split video in after effects

1. How to Split Audio from Video After Effects

Isolating Audio from the video is an incredible all-inclusive altering functionality utilized by numerous tools out there, After Effects is just one of them. Regardless of whether you need to utilize the sound from a single clasp sound for an entire video, extricate sound from a video to an MP3 document, eliminating soundtracks, or utilizing the trim, and split apparatuses, After Effects has the specific functionality you are searching for, that is After Effects split video clip. Whenever a user adds a video with sound onto the course of events, a window will spring up in the Audio board offering the capacity to isolate sound from the video. It's not difficult-to-use with a single tick.

2. How to Trim/Split A Layer in After Effects

After Effects is for making complex movement illustrations and special visualizations components or compositing on a shot. This implies the toolset that you should have the option to play out those undertakings must be diverse to the devices that you would utilize when video altering. Another would be the point at which you need to utilize a similar part of the layer on different occasions to make a fuller impact across the casing however you just need the layer to be utilized for a bit of your comp. The simplest activity at that point of After Effects split the video into parts, is to copy and manage your layers.

In any case, that doesn't intend to say that there aren't occurrences while being able to graft a layer isn't convenient. I've required, and utilized, the capacity often previously. There are many, a lot more reasons why you would have to part or manage a clasp in After Effects, and there a couple of approaches to doing it as well.

Step-By-Step Guide:

  • Step 1. Something basic, so a short post. To part a layer in After Effects, Go to the File > Import and then select the source where you want to import your masterpiece.
  • Step 2. Select the video track in the timeline of the editor, move the manual for the specific point you need to cut the track, and afterward, you can either utilize the alter menu Edit > Split layer or the alternate way Control+Shift+D.  the hotkey easy route for MacBook is Cmd+Shift+D. This will chip away at the sound, video, or picture layers.

split a layer in after affects

  • Step 3. This leaves you with your video track split, and the subsequent part is moved off into a different layer as well so you can include change impacts, etc. as you need. You are not confined to one cut, you can make as numerous as you need and have the option to do re-sort out them, etc. on the off chance that you wish.

split a layer in after effects

  • Step 4. At long last, Export the completed document from the file>export menu. Picking 'add to deliver line' gives you the render menu permitting you to pick the settings, filename, and objective of the last yield as you need.

Part 2. Splitting Video with DemoCreator - An Easier Way than After Effects

After Effects on account of its impediments as a video altering software is regularly not suggested for the work, however, there are numerous free choices out there that can be utilized rather for better user experience and improved outcomes. if you think After Effects is excessively troublesome, think about Wondershare DemoCreator. This is an expert video editorial manager, yet a simple to-utilize instrument for users who need to enter another altering level. You simply need to utilize the split usefulness in the toolbar to cut video. You can it out now by downloading it for Free and cut your video file exclusively with the DemoCreator.

Steps to Split Video in DemoCreator:

Step 1. Download and Launch DemoCreator

To begin with the DemoCreator intuitive platform, first, you need to install it inside your system and then launch it with a simple click from your desktop.  

Free Download
Secure Download
Free Download
Secure Download

Step 2. Import the Files
To begin utilizing the best effects to your content, you need to import the files inside this editor, just hit the Import button, and be with it.

import video to split

Step 3. Split the File
After the successful import, you can drag your files to the timeline and start the splitting process with a single click on the file inside the timeline and select the Split Video option from the listicle as shown below:

split video democreator

Additionally, to make it handy, you can hover your mouse on the desired location and hit "CTRL + B” to split it at the exact point precisely.

Step 4. Export and Share
After you’re done splitting your video to make it stand-out, hit the Export button and select your desired directory and format to save your video.

export and share splited video

Also, you can share your video directly to the YouTube platform for your viewers by hitting the YouTube menu bar from the Export menu.

share to youtube

Part 3. More Features About After Effects and Tips

Adobe's After Effects CC instrument is better than anyone might have expected. It's quicker, has inherent help for Cinema 4D and you can match up your settings to different machines with Creative Cloud. In any case, that is not all, and there might be a few components of AE that you haven't run over yet

After Effects Features:

1. Immersive Virtual Reality Effects

After Effects CC gives numerous apparatuses and highlights that help users in making connecting with recordings to players and crowds. With these creations, the crowd can feel included and drenched in the thing they're playing or watching.

With the application, users can alter Artificial reality or 360 recordings utilizing the VR Comp Editor that has numerous compositing apparatuses. As users construct the VR/360 recordings with the apparatuses, they'll have the option to consider them to be as they'll reflect in a VR headset.

2. Data-Driven Animation

After Effects CC's most recent variant exhibits another apparatus that empowers users to make intuitive movement designs and liveliness with information records. With this element, users can import JSON information documents to the application to add activities to the piece.

JSON is a versatile document design for live information assortment from various information sources. JSON documents may likewise have information like review results, political race measurements, or climate forecasts. At the point when users import these documents into the application, the information can be utilized as a base to make vivified diagrams, sliders, characters, and other moving illustrations.

3. Create Virtual Reality Environments

After Effects CC additionally gives a heap of capacities and instruments that permit users to add VR impacts to their 360/VR recordings. Through this instrument, video upgrades should be possible while eliminating video bends. The devices likewise permit the expansion of different impacts, dynamic changes, and title drops to 360/VR recordings.

Moreover, users can establish Augmented reality conditions utilizing the application's apparatus suitably named "Establish VR Environment." Through this component, users can promptly set up the organization, cinematography, and other significant viewpoints for making an incredible 360/VR video.

Tips for Using After Effects to Edit Video:

1. Expression Controls

After Effects CC likewise has a strong device that makes the activity of video items and scenes less complex and faster to do. The applications can likewise utilize the Expression controls, which are codes and lines that control liveliness in a more limited time.

With After Effects CC, users can likewise enliven explicit articles like veils and shapes through articulations for their way focuses. Through the articulations, the application is mechanized to delineate the x and y directions of the waypoints of these items. The final result is the activity that is rearranged as users will not need to go edge by-outline in dealing with it. Besides, After Effects CC likewise peruses set qualities in articulation and naturally applies it to the article's edges in the video to save time in the movement.

2. Use Shortcuts

After Effects CC's apparatuses additionally incorporate a visual console easy route manager that permits users to enroll their console alternate ways. The easy routes can be altered and seen through the application's console UI. With the easy routes altered, users can be agreeable in altering and vitalizing their recordings as they can bring out devices and highlights quicker through basic key presses.

3. Saving Frames

After Effects CC likewise has an auto-save include, which is new for After Effects CC and is available in Team Projects. Group Projects is a component that empowers video altering groups to impart various adaptations of the creations to one another. With the auto-save include, users can basically take the recently saved renditions of their works, update them to the most recent ones, and even beginning new activities from the auto-saved adaptations.

Related FAQ:

1.How to Delete A Clip in After Effects?

You can't rename a recording thing in the Project board or even give it an impermanent false name. Try not to stress: You can rename it when it turns into a layer in a piece. In later parts, you'll perceive how this naming plan permits you to give extraordinary names to each layer while as yet following their ancestry back to a solitary film record. You can, obviously, name organizers and creations on the Project board.

Similarly, as significant as getting sorted out the components you need is discarding the components you needn't bother with. You can eliminate singular things or have After Effects naturally dispose of the things that haven't been utilized in a piece.

2.How to Cut and Join Videos in After Effects

On the off chance that you need to realize how to combine layers in After Effects. Eventually, we will likewise tell you how to consolidate recordings in another manner. Start the software and open the documents in the venture board that you wish to consolidate. Simplified each document from the task board to the timetable board gave at the base. At that point, you will track down the two video cuts that are flawlessly consolidated. Presently save the changes afterward.


After Effects is most ordinarily utilized for adding proficient post-preparing impacts to recordings, however, the After Effects split video clip can likewise be utilized to join shots like a customary video sequencer. Users can import shots to the After Effects course of events as independent layers, at that point orchestrate them in a succession. Each layer can contain extraordinary video impacts, yet it is likewise conceivable to apply similar impact to numerous shots by joining the individual layers. Consolidating shots includes connecting different layers to make a solitary, pre-created layer that can be treated as one constant video record.