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How to Trim Snapchat Video in Easy Steps

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Snapchat

Have you ever encountered such a problem when you are using Snapchat, the length of your video release can only be limited to 10 seconds. Or the video is too long but you want to cut the most interesting part. So at this time, you have to shorten the length of your video then the video can be released successfully. How to trim snapchat video, there are several options, trim directly on snapchat or use other software, both you can find the answer.

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Part 1: How to Trim Snapchat Videos?

To trim a video means to cut the video in such a way that you get specific moments of the video on the beginning and ending. This feature is only available in Snapchat and by using this feature you can determine the beginning and ending point. Most of the people use trim option while sharing funny videos to show few sec videos. The purpose behind cutting a video on Snapchat is to show the content that you want.

Step 1: Login into Snapchat account

login snapchat

Open Snapchat mobile application in your mobile and click on the login button and make a video using your camera but before sharing it with your friends you can view it.

Step 2: To trim the video

trim snapchat video

Click on the three small dots a menu will pop up then select edit video option to trim a Snapchat video.And you canclick on the video roll then push or pull the scroll to set the video length.

Step 3: Share it with your friends.

share snapchat video

Once you have made changes to the video length now you can click on the arrow button given below in the right corner for proceeding purpose. Now a screen will appear showing option my story and our story. Tap on my story option.

Step 4: Save the video

save snapchat video

After selecting my story option you can save the copy of the video that you have edit. For saving select Save as Copy option. Now your video is saved.

Part 2: Alternative Way on How to Cut a Video for Snapchat.

When you can't cut a video on Snapchat using Snapchat editing features then Wondershare Democreator software is the best way of cutting video on Snapchat. Democreator is the best video editing software because it has video editing, screen recording and video sharing option.

Let me show you the Steps to cut video on Snapchat by using Democreator

Step 1: Install or Download Wondershare Democreator

First download theWondershareDemoCreator and then register with Democreator according to the requirement. It is better to download or install this software on the desktop.

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Step 2: Select and drag the video you want to trim

select the video to trim

For editing purpose you need to select Snapchat video clip from your gallery or you can record the screen as well. You can easily add Snapchat video clip in the Media Library by dragging and dropping it on the time line.

Step 3: Video Trimming

video trimming

To trim a Snapchat video in an effective way you need to set your cursor to the clip edge after opening selected Snapchat video clip. Now you can cut a Snapchat video clip by dragging the clip in any direction.

Step 4: Save and share your video

export the trimmed video

You can save your file in different format like MP3, MP4 or MOV after completing trimming process. Also it’s easy to share the video to the YouTube.

Some of the great features of Democreator:

Layout: Graphical interface of Democreator is easy to use and can capture keystroke, mouse movement and Desktop. Using this software you can insert special effects in your videos.

Flexible screen recording: Democreator one of the best feature is screen recording and can capture PowerPoint slides, demos, videos and high quality tutorials. This software does screen recording up to 120 fps and this option is popular among video gamers.

Video Editing: This is one of the most important function of Democreator and allows you to create customized title with the help of text and animation. There is fade-out and fade-in effects. Using this software you can create eye catching videos with annotation effects and cursor movement.

Mic Sounds and System: DemoCreator records the machine sound by design. It also makes it possible to record audio via a microphone. It saves soundtrack for editing separately.

Part 3: Other Features of Snapchat

Snapchat recently added some new features in the app to grasp user attention because most of the user are moving towards Instragram.

Filters: Snapchat filters are awesome and people have fun using it. Some of the popular filters are

  1. Vogue Noir
  2. Fire glasses
  3. Polaroid Frame
  4. Lips Freckles
  5. Lion
  6. Scary mask
  7. Dancing Turkey
  8. VHS

Fast Forward: New Snapchat have fast forward filter that display video in the fast motion which have great gags of people falling.

Adding Special effects: There are different effects in the Snapchat that you apply on your pictures like adding lenses etc.

Edit Video Length: This is the one of the most popular feature of the Snapchat and it is easy to cut a Snapchat video using few steps.

Stickers and Emoji: Without stickers and emojis your picture is incomplete. Stickers are of various categories like Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas day etc.

Text: You can insert the Text into your picture whatever you like and you change font size and color as well. To insert a text in your picture click on Text option given on the upper right corner of the screen.

There are seceral ways to trim snapchat videos. If you just need to trim and do not need other editing on your video, then you can do it directly through the snapchat. If you want to edit your video with more features, then Wondershare DemoCreator is a better choice. With DemoCreator, you can not only record for your snapchat video but also edit on it directly, it will be more convenient for most of users.