Snapchat videos are made to record and share some fabulous moments of your daily life with friends and family. Sometimes, you may need to crop a video on Snapchat, that said, remove some distracting or any other unwanted elements from the frame for more views.
If that's your case, read on. The post will show you the easy ways to edit and crop any videos for Snapchat on mobile or computer devices.

How to Crop Snapchat Videos with Great Ease?

Wondershare DemoCreator is your ideal option to edit and create attractive snapchat videos. Aside from robust recording ability, it also allows you to trim, crop, and resize snapchat videos in minutes. Meanwhile, you can access a wide array of filters, effects, animations, etc. to level up your video. Just give it a try!

Simple Guide on Cropping Snapchat Videos with DemoCreator:

Step 1. Launch DemoCreator Video Cropper.

Download and install the app below and choose Video Editor.

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crop snapchat video 1

Step 2. Upload Snapchat Video.

Now click on Import + icon to add your media file locally, and simply drag-n-drop the clip to the timeline.

crop snapchat video 2

Step 3. Crop Your Snapchat Video.

To crop your video to the perfect size, enter the Crop Tool at the top-left corner of the timeline, where you can set the aspect ratio or customize the cropping area based on your needs. Beyond that, you can make your video more appealing by adding background music, quality filters, transitions, and so forth.

crop snapchat video 3

Step 4. Save the Cropped Video.

Once you are happy with the result, click OK to confirm. Then you can edit further or directly hit on the Export option in the main interface. Save the Snapchat video to a computer or mobile phone through cloud storage. It's that simple!

crop snapchat video 4

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Free Download

How to Crop Videos on Snapchat with Snapchat App?

Snapchat has a built-in video editor that allows you to trim videos longer than 10s, crop video size, or add some unique filters to your clips. To easily crop a recorded Snapchat video or image on your Android or iOS device, follow the simple guide as shown below:

  1. Open the Snapchat app and your camera roll, and choose the video or picture you desire to crop.
  2. Tab on the three dots in the top-right corner of the Snapchat screen and select Edit Snap.
  3. Pick the Crop Tool from the toolbar. It looks like a square with dotted lines.
  4. Choose a pre-made aspect ratio or size to crop your video clip. You can also drag the edges of the frame to custom the video size.
  5. Once the editing is finished, you can click on the Save button to apply the crop and post the content to your story or share it with people around you.
crop a video on snapchat

FAQs Regarding Snapchat Video Editing

1. How to Crop a Snap Video?

Shortening or cropping a video on snapchat has been never easier with DemoCreator video editor. It enables you to quickly adjust video aspect ratio or size with quality maintained. Better still, you can use it to add zoom-in or out effects. It's free and easy to handle!

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Free Download

2. How to Crop Photos on Snapchat?

It's similar to crop snapchat videos. Just go to the camera screen and upload any pictures you'd like to crop from your camera roll. Then, select Crop Tool to modify the snap image.


In this blog, you have seen two methods of cropping a video with or without the Snapchat app. It's not that tough to achieve. Happy editing!

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott Apr 18, 24
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