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Top 10 Side Hustles for Teachers to Make Money

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 25, 24

We all know teaching is one of the noblest professions around, though they are poorly paid. Teachers ignite the passion for learning in learners from an early and work through to mold learners for successful futures. But this is not easy to maintain when your finances are always messy and student debts keep pilling.

According to the US Department of Education, there are more than 3.2 million teachers in public schools alone. However, it is well known that teachers are usually underpaid and hence compelled to search for teacher side hustles to make ends meet.

side hustle teachers

If you are one of those looking for a second job, then this list is for you:

In this article
  1. Tutoring
  2. Standardized Test Administrator
  3. Teach English Abroad
  4. Be a summer travel guide
  5. Driving for dollars
  6. Freelance writing
  7. Blogging
  8. Curriculum developer
  9. Teaching Online
  10. Creating videos

1. Tutoring

An easy way to make extra cash as a teacher is tutoring focused on age or subject. You can even narrow your focus to SAT and ACT prep since this teachers second job naturally falls within your skill set. Organize to do it after school or on the weekends when you are free and make an average of $17 an hour. Online sites like, and VaristyTutor offer great flexibility and good pay.

2. Standardized Test Administrator

Even though the requirements may vary across states, test administrators will always be needed. They ensure testing procedures are adhered to and tests are collected for grading. With the migration of schools online, plenty of online proctoring opportunities are coming up.

This position pays at least $32,000 a year. Visit sites like ProctorU to learn more.

3. Teach English Abroad

English teachers are always in demand around the world. It is one of the easy side gigs for teachers since you can do it during your summer vacation or even online over the weekends. Some of these opportunities pay up to $5,000 a month. Sites like Teachaway and Go Overseas will give you great chances to earn some extra cash on the side.

4. Be a summer travel guide

Most teachers get the summer off each year. This is a perfect opportunity to travel a lot or be an expert guide for a specific tourist area. After visiting or studying one area long enough, you can be the expert to guide tourists and make your money while having fun. Backroads among other sites offer such jobs and feature trips all over the world. You can be a tour guide in your home town and create your guide and set your fee. This could turn into a full-time business if you put enough into it. A study by Luisa Zhou found out that 81% of small businesses started as a side hustle and grew to be solid businesses. These founders were working at other jobs, studying, or taking care of their families from home.

summer travel guide

5. Driving for dollars

If you already have a car, you can simply register with ride-sharing companies like Lyft or Uber and earn some good money after work. However, if you don't want to carry people in your car, consider driving for delivery services which include DoorDash, and Instacart. When someone orders takeout, you pick it up and deliver it and get paid for the service plus tips.

6. Freelance writing

Excellent second careers for teachers include writing on the side since teachers already are good with language and writing. Research by Elna Cain found that 60% of freelance writers spend 10 hours a week on the work. This fits so well with teachers' work life. You can easily spend 2 hours a day on this side hustle and improve your financial position. About 84% of companies outsource their content creation work hence the unending stream of work for freelancers all over.

7. Blogging

As a blogger, you have full control of your time and can write about whatever makes you happy. It takes so little to create a blog and start writing. Find out what your passion is and write about it regularly. Within no time, your site will be popular and advertisers will be paying you for placing ads on your site. This online side job for teachers has little demand for your time, you can write it in your mind as you walk or drive to work and then pen it within a few minutes.

8. Curriculum developer

Education institutions need an effective curriculum for their academic programs. An experienced teacher can do this work as a side hustle for teachers while working remotely. You may be asked to review a previous curriculum or draft a new one based on student test results, federal and state standards, and observations.

9. Teaching Online

Teaching may be noble, but you always trade hours for dollars, what if you could create teaching videos and lessons and sell them as online courses? Create once sell many times. Platforms like Udemy or Outschool have a solid infrastructure to support such awesome teaching as a second career idea. Since Udemy targets adult professionals, you are best placed to create a course in your area of expertise and sell it to millions.

10. Creating Online Courses videos

Many people in almost all professions are making videos for fun and to earn some money. As a teacher, you can make educational videos to teach about your area of specialization. Tutorials make it easy for learners to grasp concepts and even repeat where they failed to understand. Post these videos on YouTube or learning sites like Udemy to earn some good extra income. It makes for a great second job for teachers.

You might be wondering what the current trends are in video creation. Over the years there has been so much development in this field, and businesses are using new methods all the time to gain viewers' attention.

Here are the main trends to look out for:

Video-first platforms: In addition to regular social media like TikTok, online viewers are increasingly going for any platform that presents its content in video format. TikTok for example has seen skyrocketing growth in video web searches of up to 500%. Video creators are making some serious money from ads placed with these videos and accepting sponsorship.

Short-form video: With the ever-shrinking attention level among the young and old alike, demand for shorter videos is shooting through the roof. Platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have opened up the space for video creators to make significant money in their spare time.

Monetizing with new platforms: As trends change so are the ways to make money on the side. More and more subscription-based content platforms are coming up and showing success in their business models. One such is Patreon which charges a subscription fee to allow users to view content, get early access and attend events.

Video storytelling: Pioneered by Snapchat and perfected by Instagram, and LinkedIn, stories make it easy to consume any media. They appear personal and encourage regular engagement with and among the target audience. Brands now advertise more with stories due to its effectiveness.

Online learning: As more and more people shift to learning online so is the demand for more video content. This makes online teaching an excellent side job for teachers and an easy way for learners to gain knowledge.

 Depending on what you want to achieve, there is a video type to use. Each goal demands a specific type of video for it to be effective.

Here are some major types:

    • Explainer video
    • Company culture video
    • Tutorials videos
    • Events videos
    • Demo/product video
    • Onboarding videos
    • Vlogs/ personal videos
    • Whiteboard/ creative videos
    • Educational video

The main factors to consider before creating your videos are the goal, hosting, and budget.

To begin with, each video has to have a target audience and since each group has its prefered media you must choose accordingly. Your videos may fall in the tutorial, educational, or explainer category as a teacher.

Secondly, will the videos be self-hosted or will you upload them to YouTube or maybe Facebook? Every hosting platform has its video types. The right ratios, and length for each media should be considered.

Lastly, What budget are you working with? Even before you begin writing the script, consider your budget. Some types may cost more to produce.

Use DemoCreator to Make Money with Videos

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

For you to create a professional video you need one or more tools. After trying so many applications I have landed on DemoCreator, a tool with so many features it can meet every video creation need. Even as an amateur, you will produce amazing results. It is very easy to use and has features such as:

      • Light Editing
      • Multi-track Editing
      • Rich Resources
      • AI Effects
      • Pan& Zoom Effects
      • Auto Captions / Annotations
      • Beauty effects
      • Record and Edit Videos in Multiple Tracks
      • Media Import
      • A screen drawing tool

Any teacher with a few hours a week can create and professionally edit tutorial videos and build a successful teacher side hustle. Naturally, a new user will be daunted by the tasks of creating videos or using a new application. However, with DemoCreator, it is as if you already worked with it. Here is how to create a stunning video for money with DemoCreator.

Step 1Download the Wondershare DemoCreator free trial app to your PC, and install and launch it.
Step 2Choose the theme to work with. DemoCreator brings on board several themes for video creation. Select your needed category then move on to create your video. It could be tutorial, gaming, etc.
choose theme
Step 3Create video. Star to record your audio and video in different tracks then go on to edit them as desired.
create video
Step 4Add motion and transition effects. Edit your video how you wish by adding your desired effects from the over 50 categories.
add effects
Step 5Save and export your video in any format to any platform.


Turn your love for teaching into a side hustle and make some serious income in your free time. You don’t need to invest much to start, and you already have the skills and knowledge to share with the world. So what’s keeping you from beginning your side hustle for teachers? Get started with DemoCreator and create your future with fun.

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott Mar 25, 24
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