People have their friends and family in different countries. They want to see their facial expressions while sharing some good news. For this purpose, there are many free video chat apps to convey the message properly. These apps help to connect with people irrespective of how far they live. Moreover, it makes business meetings more flexible and convenient through the virtual presence of a person.

Free online video chat apps are the remote way to communicate visually. You can share the moments live with your friends, family, and colleagues. Also, through this, business agents can get clients' reviews more clearly. So, this article will cover the characteristics that video chat apps should have and the best options available for iOS and Android users.

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  3. Wondershare DemoCreator: Comprehending Impressive Video Messages with Ease

Part 1: What Characteristics Should Video Chat Apps Comprise Of?

Video chat apps make visual communication easy and accessible. A number of people use these apps according to their requirements. Business agents need a way of communication that delivers a message without any interruption. There are many characteristics that a good video chat app should consist of for better workflow. Some of the essential characteristics of the video chat app are discussed below:

1. Video and Audio Quality

The main purpose of video chat apps is to see other people’s visual presence. So, the app should adjust the video quality according to the user’s internet connection. It must be of high quality to provide the best user experience in connecting virtually. Besides, the voice and visuals should be delivered to the other person on time. 

2. Reliability and Stability

Less interrupted communication makes the video chat app flexible to use. The best video chat apps must offer stable services to the users. The connection of video calls should not be lost during high traffic and low bandwidth situations. The app should also support users of different operating systems. Additionally, it must be available on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

3. User Interface and User Experience

An easy-to-use app usually becomes popular among users. User-friendly design is one of the important characteristics of an app. The settings and features of the app must be user controllable. Turn off camera, adjustable microphone, and muted call options should be available on the app. Moreover, a sharing screen option must be available for business collaboration.

4. Security and Privacy

The best free video chat app should provide security and privacy. Companies use the video chat app for business meetings. The confidential information of these meetings should not be leaked. The app should have a strict data protection policy and strictly adhere to it. In addition, the authentication process must prevent unauthorized access.

5. Feature Set

The app for video chat must-have feature set characteristics. There should be a recording option to record the video message. It must have a virtual background for a video call for visual captivation. The chat and file-sharing options should be integrated into the app. Video chat apps also need to support group calls and allow groups to connect on one call.

Part 2: Top-of-the-line Video Chat Apps to Look Out For iOS and Android

Duo video chat app is a quick way to communicate without physical presence. You have had an idea of a video chat app and its characteristics. Now, the point is to consider the app options available for iOS and Android users. Depending on the purpose of using the app, many options need to be considered. So, here we discuss the top-of-line video chat app for video chatting.

1. Skype (Android/iOS)

Do you want to plan a trip to Europe with friends? The tour planning can be done via Skype without a physical presence or meetups. Skype is an old and popular app used for video chatting. It offers the opportunity to chat in groups of up to 600 people. This platform is a good way to connect with friends regardless of their device. It has amazing features that we discussed below.

skype video chat app
  • Chat with AI: Skype has an AI-powered feature that answers your questions. You can convert the message to another language or ask for a movie recommendation.
  • Emoji Reactions: There is a new feature in Skype that helps you express your emotions. The app provides the emoji reaction feature to make the chat more fun.
  • Call Forwarding: You can connect with people from different countries. With just one button, you can forward a call to anyone on any device with a Skype subscription.

2. Google Meet (Android/iOS)

You can do a high-quality video meeting call with Google Meet. Arrange a business meeting at a scheduled time or spontaneously with this app. You can send a video message so that person can join later. Also, give your presentation to your clients on video using Google Meet. Let’s go through the key features of the top video chat app to understand it better.

google meet video chat app
  • Background and Effects: Google Meet has a feature to change the background and add effects to the video. Make your video chatting more interesting by changing the background.
  • Real-time Closed Captions: The app makes video calling more interesting by offering a live caption option. This closed live caption option gives a time chatting experience.
  • Data Safety: This duo video chat app is absolutely safe and reliable. The important conversations and chats of video meetings remain secure.

3. Zoom (Android/iOS)

Zoom makes it easy to connect with your remote employees. It is an all-in-one platform that offers phone calls, meetings, and whiteboard options to users. This amazing app provides high-quality audio and video. Workflow with clients and employees gets better with this top video chat app. In addition to that, the live messaging option makes it more feasible.

zoom video chat app
  • Co-annotate: Video chatting becomes more exciting with the co-annotate feature of Zoom. Team members and clients can add their opinions on specific topics.
  • Built-in Collaboration: The app has a built-in collaboration feature to connect with anyone from anywhere. Collaborate with your teammates through this ready-to-use feature.
  • Live Streaming: Zoom provides live streaming meeting and webinar options. It generates a live-streaming video link for people to join meetings and webinars easily.

4. Face Time

Anyone can connect with their family and friends for special occasions via FaceTime. You can leave a video message for people who don't pick up a call. Also, with SharePlay, people can listen to music while watching videos. FaceTime makes discussion on documents and presentations easier. Share your device screen with this best free video chat app.

face time video chat app
  • Mic Modes: This perfect app feature helps block out the ambient voice. During video chatting, highlight your voice by using the voice isolation option.
  • Portrait Modes: The user can blur the background with the portrait modes of the app. It also helps brighten your face by dimming background lights in video chat.
  • Handoff in FaceTime: Your iPhone battery gets low while video calling? You can move it seamlessly to the iPad and Mac to keep the workflow smooth and interruption-free.

5. Messenger (Android/iOS)

Do you want face time with your client while chit-chatting on Facebook? Messenger makes this easy for you by providing the option of a video call. There is no need to type a long message to convey your idea. This best live video chat app helps in this way by connecting with your client in one click. Moreover, it offers cross-app messaging and call options for flexibility.

messenger video chat app
  • Filters: Messenger makes the video calling experience more fun with the filter option. People can apply these filters while video chatting for an enjoyable experience.
  • Watch Together: Users can watch videos with clients on this easy-to-use app. This feature can help business agents to take live reviews of products.
  • Privacy Setting: People do business marketing on Messenger and have concerns about privacy. This concern is solved by Messenger, which offers a variety of privacy setting features.

6. Imo (Android/iOS)

Imo offers a video calling option for your international clients. Companies can video call internationally, even at 2G, 3G, and Wi-Fi connections. Your message is conveyed without any interruption by video call. This good video chat app is reliable and efficient for Apple device users. In addition to this, it makes the collaboration process more flexible as it is available on all devices.

imo video chat app
  • Free Stickers: You can make a video call, a fun activity, by using free stickers of Imo. Users can share the file of music or pdf along with stickers to make chatting interesting.
  • HD Video Call: The user wants to impress the client with the HD video call of this app. The quality of the video on Imo is high and gives good results.
  • Chat Privacy: It ensures the maximum privacy of your calls and chats. This surety makes users rely on this perfect app for video chat.

7. Microsoft Teams (Android/iOS)

Collaboration among business agents becomes easier through Microsoft Teams. This platform can help you to work on the project with team members through scheduled meetings. In the secure setting of this app, you can join official audio and video calls for meetings. Also, users can plan a surprise event for their special ones by connecting with friends and family.

microsoft teams video chat app
  • Emoji and Animations: People can express their emotions by emoji while discussing a plan or project. Animations can also be added to make visuals more captivating.
  • One-to-one Chat: You can mention one person while having a meeting with many people. This one-to-one chat feature makes everyone attentive in the meeting.
  • Virtual Rooms: The virtual room option lets users get more from meetings or video calls. It offers whiteboard, screen share, and breakout to make meetings more productive.

8. Discord (Android/iOS)

You can hang out with friends virtually through the Discord online video chat app. It is a way to make a virtual home of friends and family. People can enjoy this app via video chat, text, and the voice features it offers. Discord helps you to remain in touch with your foreign friends or club members. We have discussed the features of the app to explore and use it in a better way.

discord video chat app
  • Custom Channel: Discord offers a separate custom channel feature for every topic. This makes the video call discussion process more organized and effective.
  • Screen Sharing: The user can share video and voice calls with the screen-sharing feature of Discord. It also helps in sharing the screen of video game streaming with friends.
  • Custom Emoji: You can make virtual hangouts more attractive with custom emoji. There is a need to snap a video and turn it into an emoji in a few instances.

9. Tango (Android/iOS)

Try something new on the Christmas holiday using the Tango video chatting app. People can make a heartwarming story or share a live stream of a musical performance through this top video chat app. There are 400 million Tango users that use it for seasonal celebrations. Also, it helps in making friends and sharing holiday greetings with family.

tango video chat app
  • Go Live: Celebrate your occasion better with the “Go Live” feature of Tango. This makes connection easier with your loved ones.
  • Holiday Content: The app provides different emojis and stickers for holiday greetings. This content makes greeting more captivating and memorable.
  • Customized Captions: Tango offers the customized caption option before live streaming. It allows non-native language speakers to comprehend the video message.

10. Snapchat (Android/iOS)

Snapchat is a social media video chat app used by a number of people. You can send a photo or video to your friends in just a few minutes. Influencers and social media activists use this app to connect with their followers. They engage their followers by sharing thoughts on video chatting. Video calling helps users to keep in touch with their favorite social circles and influencers.

snapchat video chat app
  • Filters and Stickers: Video calls on Snapchat are fun activities due to filters. The filter and emoji applied on the face make chat more interesting.
  • Annotation: You can add a caption or text to your recorded video. This feature makes it easy for users to convey messages better.
  • Map: The app provides a map feature to see what happens worldwide. You can find nearby cafes or popular parks to visit on the map or track your friend’s location.

Part 3: Wondershare DemoCreator: Comprehending Impressive Video Messages with Ease

There are many options for free video chat apps for video chatting. Some of the top options have been discussed above in detail. These apps sometimes have problems with live video calling. It might show problems in properly conveying messages and better workflow. To address this, DemoCreator offers a video message creation option to convey your idea.

Wondershare DemoCreator is an exceptional video recording and editing tool. You can create your video message and share it with your colleagues. It is an exclusive tool with AI-powered features to ease your tasks. Companies can make professional videos with this advanced tool. People can customize video as it have multi-purpose features. It has easy-to-follow steps for video creation; let's go through them.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Own Video Message

You want to deliver a message with a high-quality video that attracts your client. DemoCreator is a ready-to-use tool that makes this process quite easy:

Step 1: Install the DemoCreator and Create Video

First, install DemoCreator in your system to access the main interface. Click on "New Recording" to open another tab of video recording. After this, press the "Rec" option to record the video. Hit on the "Stop" icon to stop the recording and access the media panel.

record new video for editing

Free Download
Free Download

Step 2: Edit Video with Advanced Features

Add the captions from the "Annotation" button on the upper left corner of the media panel. Click the "Transition" button to add a transition effect to the video. To do so, you have to choose one effect and drag it to the timeline above your recorded media.

add captions and effects into video

Step 3: Finalization and Export the File by Link

Once the editing is complete, press the “Export” button from the top right corner. You will find an “Export” menu to adjust parameters. Go to the left panel and tap your desired social media platform option to export the file. Sign in and connect your accounts to make your video shared through links.

export video to desired platform

Free Download
Free Download


In short, free video chat apps make workflow easier and better. This article gives a detailed idea of the characteristics that the app needs to have for use. Also, we have discussed the best options for video chat apps and their features.

The problem arises when a message is not conveyed on a live video call. In this regard, Wondershare DemoCreator is the best option to deliver your message by recording it. It has many useful functionalities that need to be explored by installing it.

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