Does the Wondershare DemoCreator have Watermark?

Alma Elliott
2024-04-19 10:39:32 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Watermark on a video is the only way to claim rights on your videos over the internet. Video watermarks are the only identity of your which is a visible overlay on your videos. Hence being a video editor, it must be one of your ending tasks to add watermark on your masterpieces. The watermark could be any combination of texts, logo, signs, or any elements you would like to add over your videos so you can have the copyrights of that video which is widely accessible from all the globe.

Watermarking your video content is the easiest and popular way of protecting your content roaming around the globe. But you often consider how to add watermark to your videos so you can have this protection feature enable on all your content. Although watermark could be an overlapping image you can also remove the watermark over the videos. This article is concerned with how to remove video watermark or add watermark with Wondershare DemoCreator.

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Part 1
Does the Wondershare DemoCreator have Watermark?

Being one of the best video editing tools available online Wondershare DemoCreator user, you must have experienced a watermark of Wondershare on your videos while using the software on a trial basis. Yes, you don't need to panic as it overlaps on all the videos which are edited from the software while it is on the trial version. As the version is free so Wondershare DemoCreator watermark restricts the spammers to use their resources without their concern.

Wondershare DemoCreator with its free trial version allows you to use their enriched features at absolutely no cost. This offer is for the very beginners who want to embark on their first video editing project. But here's the kicker, along with plenty of features and screen recording functionality, DemoCreator watermark might be an annoying factor for you as it claims the video copyrights for the Wondershare. But the numerous benefits of the trial version will overcome the enabled panicking of watermark as it allows you to not just do screen recording but edit the recording and intuitively learn the video editing software.

Along with the watermark, you can still enjoy the full editing features including adding your as many as you can files to the editor, edit your audio and video files separately, adding transition effects, adding built-in elements and too much more you want to do with your videos and audio files, you can do it without any cost. However, we have also covered the answer to how to remove Wondershare DemoCreator watermark. You can find out more below.

Part 2
How to Remove the Watermark from the Wondershare DemoCreator Trial?

With the free trial of Wondershare DemoCreator, although you can enjoy the full features of this software it comes out to be a watermarked rendered project. Which has all the functionalities and editing you have done so far in the video but with a deficiency of watermark embedded in it? But you can easily remove Wondershare DemoCreator watermark from your video projects. Here we have provided you the possibilities of doing so.

The easiest and only way to remove DemoCreator watermark is buying the perpetual license of the software which has a surprisingly lowest price while comparing with other software of video editing available in the market. The best part is, you can also buy their subscription plan for the monditing available in the market. The best part is, ythly package which includes all the features with a removed watermark. You have many offers to choose the one which implies your budget accordingly. This is the beauty of this masterpiece by Wondershare.

You can download it from here:

Wondershare DemoCreator with its screen recording and editing feature has a top market place while considering the price as a null to other available tools. With its user-friendly interface, being a beginner it also complies with your expected cost amount. The benefit of buying this software license is an automated elimination of Wondershare watermark from your videos. You can buy any suitable plan from here: pricing page

The best part is, you can increase the number of systems which you want to include in your plan by clicking on FOR TEAM column from the official plan schedule of Wondershare DemoCreator attached above. 

Will the watermark be removed from produced files after activating Wondershare DemoCreator?

Yes, Wondershare DemoCreator also provides you an opportunity to remove the already embedded watermark from your videos in a handy way. While on a trial period, the software watermark is “baked in” to your output videos after you render them to your specified location on your PC. But here's the kicker, as soon as you activate the license, you can easily remove that Wondershare watermark which overlays at your videos. Here are the simple steps for doing so.

  • Go to your files where Wondershare DemoCreator project files are stored.
  • Select the specified project which had watermark previously on the output file.
  • Add the video again to the media files within the Wondershare DemoCreator.
  • Now simply render again and export the project to your specified location.

By these simple steps, you can eliminate Wondershare DemoCreator watermark from your already produced project files. Note that you can add as many as project files you have edited while being at the free trial period to your software and export them all to get the watermark free rendered file to be used for your branding purpose but this is only possible with purchasing the license of this software which has the lowest price in the video editing industry.

Part 3
How to Add a Unique Watermark from the Wondershare DemoCreator?

Watermarking is a branding of your online videos but this branding of your video content is now made easy with Wondershare DemoCreator. In addition to valuable features of video editing and screen recording tools, this software also allows you to add your brand watermark to your videos wherever and whenever you like it into the video. Follow the steps below to doing so...

Step 1: Install the Wondershare DemoCreator program

The first and foremost step to begin with adding watermark to your videos is by downloading the software if you haven't already, from the below link:

  • After the download completes, now open the .exe file which you have downloaded to install the software.
  • Just proceed with the default options selected automatically and intelligently by this software.
  • After the installation finishes open the software from your Desktop:

Step 2: Import the video files to the software

  • As you have opened the Wondershare DemoCreator, click on the Add Files icon to go to file explorer of your PC
  • Select the video files you want to add watermark onto.
  • Hit the add button to add the file into the media section of the software.

Step 3: Select the Watermark effect for your video

  • Now add the caption from the annotations menu and adjust the desired caption template for your video.
  • Now simply drag the watermark effect which you have selected to the timeline below where your video file is being edited.
  • Adjust the duration where it should be visible on your videos.

Step 4: Edit the caption as a watermark

  • You can customize the watermark effect you have selected from the built-in stock according to your requirements.
  • Click on the effect which you have added into your video timeline and edit it according to your specified needs.
  • Just unclick the effect to save the changes to your customized watermark effect added to your videos.

Step 5: Export the video

  • After you are done editing your customized branding watermark, now is the time to export the masterpiece.
  • Click on the Export button which is situated on your software interface.
  • Now customize the export settings including the format and the destination of your video project.
  • In the final step, hit the OK button which instantly starts exporting your video project to your desired location on your PC.


The bottom line of this article suggests Wondershare DemoCreator is a masterpiece that includes all the modern requirements including the watermark embedding to your video projects efficiently and effectively. With this software, along with other important editing tools, you can also remove the previously embedded watermark from your videos to make it a direct hit to your online branding.

As you have spent hours and hours of scripting and editing of your videos, which also includes the recording and forming your visions into reality techniques, you would never allow someone else to claim your videos and make your hours of work as their own. Hence to avoid ripping off your videos, here we have explained above the techniques of adding the watermark to your videos using Wondershare DemoCreator software which is a choice of professional video editors because of its enriched features at the lowest cost in the video editing industry.