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How to Start a Video Podcast [Easy Solutions]

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Video webcasts are the furthest down the line pattern to take over podcasting as far as we might be concerned. Never again are fans just keen on hearing what podcasters need to say, but on the other hand, they're keen on seeing the discussion happen, so they can feel like they're in the room with you while recording the webcast. Video podcasting is the same that a digital broadcast interview, other than the substance being partaken in video design versus sound as it were. This probably won't be everybody's style; except it's getting on among the podcasting local area and that's just the beginning and more individuals are adding this sort of video component to their accounts.

Part1. Why You Will Need to Make Podcast Video?

Sound digital recordings have been around for some time, however, their notoriety expands only a couple of years prior. Nowadays, it seems like everybody has a digital broadcast on an alternate point or thought. The video digital broadcast shouldn't be anything extravagant or complex - it very well may be pretty much as basic as a one-camera recording of the discussion as it occurs. Some don't utilize live video, however, all things being equal, pair their sound form with a static picture and transform it into watchable YouTube recordings. While video digital broadcasts haven't gotten on as fast or as generally as recording sound webcasts have yet, their opportunity is approaching. For the people who need to turn into a podcasting trailblazer of this up-and-coming age of video content, right now is an ideal opportunity to make a move very early on.

Part 2. How to Make a Video Podcast: Tips and Tricks

Video digital broadcasts are extremely famous and are essentially web recordings with a video component. This video can be pretty much as basic or perplexing as you'd like. It frequently comprises of a solitary static picture or can be a video recording of the webcast have and their visitors. There are huge loads of video webcast designs. You don't need to adhere to only one video digital recording design, by the same token. The genuine advances associated with how to cause a video to the webcast are genuinely direct once you have your video digital recording hardware, software, and other stuff ready. Here, we diagram a five-venture interaction to make your new video webcast ready:

1. Record Video

In the first place, catch your webcast discussion on record. You can do this with just essential video webcast gear e.g., at least one camera, or even depend on your webcams. Picking the organization, you need your video digital recording to bring reduces to what you are expecting to accomplish and the crowd you need to reach. It is ameliorating, in any case, that whichever you pick, it is genuinely simple to progress to a new digital broadcast design at some random time. While recording, make certain to keep your face noticeable and body act proficient.

2. Alter Video

Then, at that point, tidy up your recordings or graft your b-roll cuts together to make the last video. Simply ensure you reserve the privileges to whatever b-roll you're utilizing, so you don't become involved with a copyright encroachment case. Assuming you choose a remote meeting design, guarantee that your PC can catch first-class screen accounts or online courses of your discussions. Ensure you have the legitimate video altering software and devices to take care of business. In a perfect world, you need to match up your sound and video document together, so it's a consistent survey insight for your watchers.

3. Make Thumbnail

Before you transfer and offer your recordings, you'll have to initially choose a picture for your video thumbnail that will appear with individuals are perusing various recordings. you can inventively and effectively alter your video to accomplish your ideal taste. One last advance in the video altering process is to redo your video thumbnail to tempt clients to navigate to your video.

4. Transfer

At the point when you're prepared to show the world what you have, feel free to transfer your completed episode so that the world might see! Transferring your substance to a facilitating stage is the last advance to getting your video digital broadcast live on the web - yet is just a glimpse of something larger with regards to sharing and advancing your substance.

5. Share

Since you transferred your episode, it doesn't imply that everybody will see it! You want to get this going for yourself. The most ideal way to do this is by imparting to your audience members via web-based media, sending an email directly to the inbox of each email endorser you have, and some other promoting deceives you have at your disposal.

Tips and Tricks:

Share on Social Media Platforms

The main method for supporting your crowd following is by sharing your new video content on all online media applications you have a record with. If you don't have any records made at this point, this is a happy chance.

Make more limited clasps of your meetings that will perform well on friendly, similar to a delicious story or an incredible statement. These clasps are more consumable than longer ones for your crowd.

Encourage Audience Engagement

To get more individuals watching your video webcast, you want to begin encouraging commitment inside the crowd you as of now have. Request that your present crowd share their main thing from the web recording in the remarks part of the application, or to impart a social clasp to their companions who might be keen on the digital broadcast subject of conversation.

Direct Listeners to Your New Formats

Your most faithful digital recording audience members might be so up to speed in standing by listening to your non-video webcast episodes through a real-time feature, that they don't understand you've begun offering video digital broadcast episodes too. Thus, ensure you spread the news on your sound just forms as well.

Part3. Software For You to Make a Video Podcast

1. Wondershare DemoCreator

screen recorder record podcast

On top of the list, designed specifically for the beginner-friendly norm. DemoCreator incorporates streamlined podcast solutions that allow you to change the brilliance, openness, and difference previously and during the recording. The product stands apart for its utilization of man-made consciousness. It can perceive individuals' appearances during the recording and pull together the video consequently. The AI might make a low profundity of field, so your video web recording has an expert-looking foundation obscure. Moreover, its experience substitution highlight is top-notch. The wise AI feature is exact to such an extent that even while moving, your picture composite will constantly stay clean.

DemoCreator is an incredible recording stage for studio-quality sound. They have a wide cluster of elements that will assist with carrying any podcaster's recording to a higher level. A portion of our top picks incorporates their moderate transfer and programmed reinforcements to guarantee the wellbeing and security of your substance. They additionally have a video choice where you can have one host and up to three visitors taking an interest. DemoCreator records all members locally and in discrete tracks so it makes your life simpler after creation. DemoCreator's natural point of interaction simplifies it for any client to enter a meeting regardless of whether they're new to remote recording software. With AI acknowledgment, the subject can be consistently positioned before the foundation fitting your personal preference.

Key Features:

  • Ability to make separate music tracks
  • Embed introductions and outros
  • Audio effects are easy to embed
  • Make advertisement spots and special effects
  • Record webcasts along with the audio source availability

2. Wondershare Filmora

screen recorder record podcast

Filmora has the instruments to make that venture agreeable. It's both sound and video altering software that accompanies a lot of guides and instructional exercises to assist you with dominating the fundamentals and making astounding recordings. It's ideally suited for amateurs and intermediary clients since it assists you with making extraordinary recordings in a matter of moments and supports every one of the well-known designs. Since it's a freemium Instrument, the free form will allow you to evaluate every one of the elements however the end video will have a watermark.

This PC and Mac video editorial manager accompanies a natural point of interaction that makes it simple to use for the two fledglings and further developed clients the same. Make and alter your digital recording on the application's timetable effortlessly and alter the sound by changing over, cutting, changing the examining rate, applying impacts, and that's just the beginning. Wondershare Filmore is not difficult to utilize and upholds the best organizations for sound and video. On the disadvantage, the program doesn't offer storyboard altering.


  • Allowed to utilize
  • Viable on Windows, and Mac
  • Full recording and altering choices
  • Upholds most sound document designs
  • Upholds 16-cycle, 24-bit, and 32-digit sound quality


  • Limited free features

3. Adobe Audition

screen recorder record podcast

Adobe Premiere accompanies an advanced point of interaction that requests specialists and those wanting full oversight over usability. Adobe regularly refreshes the product, as well, to guarantee that you have best in class devices consistently. The Adobe Creative Cloud stands apart as a trailblazer in the expert universe of video and sound creation fields. This implies it accompanies somewhat of an expectation to absorb information so assuming you are simply beginning remember this. The connection point isn't the easiest to use choice accessible, yet offers a major assortment of elements that allows you to accomplish full oversight over your sound.

Adobe Audition is viewed as one of the most famous web recordings altering software choices available. The program gives the client close unlimited authority and adaptability over their tasks. Moreover, it has a sound system waveform editorial manager with perception instruments and strong commotion decrease devices. Record, alter, blend, and disseminate webcasts inside the set-up of projects. Very much like in Audio Director and PowerDirector you can make a venture in one application (like Adobe Audition) then, at that point, open and alter it in another application (like Adobe Premiere) without reproducing the document. The advanced sound work area can be trying to use, basically from the beginning, since it has such countless highlights and choices accessible to the client.


  • Adobe is a laid-out brand, so you can find numerous instructional exercises on the web
  • Highlights intended for podcasting
  • Video adjustment
  • Responsive speed
  • 360 augmented experience and 4K video support


  • Complex toolkit
  • Not beginner-friendly

4. Movavi

screen recorder record podcast

Movavi Free has all the force of Movavi, even though it has a restriction: you can send it out just to MPEG-4 (Web, YouTube, and Vimeo) at a most extreme goal of 720p. Assuming that is enough for you, you can download the program and begin utilizing it immediately. Movavi Free clients can now download the 64-bit rendition, which was recently restricted to Pro clients. The Freeform presently likewise accompanies a 30-day Pro Trial period. Perhaps in the wake of investigating it for some time, you will choose to go further and purchase the Proform.

The Movavi sound creation application permits you to record, alter, interact, and blend sound and MIDI tracks. This product is known as the "lightweight" choice since you can introduce and run it from a USB, meaning you don't need to introduce the application on your PC's hard drive.


  • Free to install
  • Simple to learn
  • Limitless webcast facilitating
  • Across the board apparatus


  • To some degree cumbersome module joining
  • No portable application
  • Less web-based instructional exercises/help assets than other well-known DAWs

5. GarageBand

screen recorder record podcast

Supportive recording and altering highlights make GarageBand however strong as it seems to be not difficult to utilize. Make and stir up to 255 soundtracks then, at that point, clean it off with every one of the basics, including reverb, visual EQ, volume levels, and sound system panning. Effectively add photographs and recordings to projects, trim clasps, add consistent changes, and blur sound. Inventive video channels let you add an artistic look. Assuming that utilizing a MacBook Pro the most valuable orders consequently show up on the console through the Touch Bar. It likewise offers pre-recorded circles and synths to assist you with making ambient sound and jingles for your digital broadcast. Assuming that you own a Mac and have a careful financial plan to record and alter your webcast, dealing with GarageBand seems OK. It's free for use as well as gives a few remarkable highlights.

GarageBand is one of the most incredible digital broadcast recording software for Mac clients to orchestrate and join various sounds into a solitary webcast. Send your film using Messages for a moment response, post on famous online media locales like Instagram, and distribute straightforwardly to YouTube in shocking 4K goal. An incredible benefit for MacBook Pro clients is the Touch Bar allows you rapidly to move around a task by hauling your finger across a visual outline of the track. This reasonably advanced sound workstation offers a simple expectation to absorb information and accompanies an easy-to-understand interface.


  • Convenient digital broadcast recording and altering apparatus
  • Accessible on iOS gadgets too
  • Virtual Software Instruments
  • Sound Loops and Jam Packs
  • Import and alter MIDI records


  • Macintosh only, as it were
  • No split-track recording for a very long-time member
  • Needs progressed highlights

6. Audacity

screen recorder record podcast

Audacity is the free, open, open-source sound recording and altering software that numerous podcasters start with. It has every one of the essential highlights you'll have to alter your tracks and tidy up your recording. At the point when you're finished altering, you can send it out into different document designs also. You never again need a full recording studio or costly advanced sound workstations to record sound - a PC and a couple of basic bits of webcast software like Audacity.

Boldness is a simple to utilize and cross-stage sound supervisor and recording software for the two novices and specialists. Its advanced sound workstation is viable with various working frameworks, including Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, from there, the sky is the limit. It's an open-source stage with a free form worked by many volunteers.


  • Great recording and altering highlights for nothing
  • Upholds most normally utilized document designs
  • Record live sound, either utilizing a mouthpiece or a blender.
  • Simple customization and altering with capacities like cut, duplicate, and glue.
  • Broadly utilized, so there are numerous web-based instructional exercises


  • UI is obsolete
  • No multitrack recording

7. FlexClip

screen recorder record podcast

FlexClip is a free web recording software, appropriate for novices and specialists the same. The iOS and Android gadget support empower you to record a digital broadcast with no additional hardware. Henceforth, if you are searching for a basic digital broadcast recording software, FlexClip is an astounding choice. In the wake of recording your digital broadcast, you can alter it right from your cell phone.

It likewise offers an Episode Builder to assist you with making episodes with no altering. You can likewise add progress impacts and your audience members' voices in your digital recording to make the webcast seriously captivating. The advanced sound creation application permits you to record, alter, cycle, and blend sound and MIDI tracks. This product is known as the "lightweight" choice since you can introduce and run it from a USB, meaning you don't need to introduce the application on your PC's hard drive. Also, FlexClip allows you to improve your fragments depending on the situation.


  • The natural investigation dashboard allows you to follow the presentation of your episodes and crowd development.
  • Adapt your web recording by choosing your preferred sponsorship promotions.
  • You can likewise take gifts from audience members every month.
  • Convey your digital recording to every significant stage, including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.
  • From making a webcast to facilitating it, is free for its clients.


  • Fairly inconvenient module reconciliation
  • You can get full highlights in the Proform

8. Castos

screen recorder record podcast

Castos was planned explicitly for starting podcasters. Its essential capacities are recording and altering digital broadcasts, and clients don't require a lot of specialized information to begin. With an altering interaction that is completely computerized, the $28 each month might appear to be worth the effort to novices. Even though Castos makes altering webcasts a breeze, the sound quality doesn't depend on similar guidelines as other software on the rundown.

Castos is intended more for music engineers than podcasters, so the sheer number of elements might overpower. Assuming you are searching for an excellent instrument that works consistently, and you end up being a music maker as well as a podcaster, then, at that point, Castos is a decent decision for you.


  • Transfer sound records of any kind
  • Distribute directly to webcast facilitating supplier
  • Online application for use anyplace
  • Extremely simple expectation to learn and adapt


  • Online means it's less viable for longer accounts
  • Sound quality is lower than other starting level DAWs

9. Resonate Recordings

screen recorder record podcast

Resonate Recordings is an extraordinary webcast facilitating device for clients who need to make, have, advance, and track their digital broadcast from a solitary stage. It empowers you to arrive at a great many possible audience members. Getting your digital broadcast added to these various stages is perhaps the easiest type of regular webcast advertising that you can do to help get your web recording going and begin assembling a crowd of people. It permits you to modify the digital recording player according to your marking needs. The digital recording player additionally empowers you to pay attention to webcasts at 2x speed. Along these lines, you can pay attention to more satisfaction quicker than expected.


  • Effectively make and distribute web recordings.
  • Track the exhibition of your digital broadcast in light of socioeconomics, areas, and the sky is the limit from there.
  • Give straightforward webcast details.
  • Advance your digital recordings naturally.
  • Discharge video short clip of your webcasts via online media for more viable advanced advertising.


  • Make section markers inside your episodes.
  • Elevate your webcasts to develop their compass.

10. DemoAir

screen recorder record podcast

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DemoAir is an online application that permits you to record and download studio-quality sound documents directly from your program, bringing about a lossless 16-bit 48k WAV soundtrack per visitor. On account of its utilization of multi-track neighborhood recording, your sound quality is ensured paying little mind to possible irregularities in net association because the application records every individual's side of the discussion independently before synchronizing them together. With HD video recording, separate soundtracks, and a basic instinctive dashboard with loads of elements, DemoAir is a delight to record sound with. Likewise, they are an incredible choice for digital broadcast creation groups; because the program is electronic, colleagues can get to their records, accounts, and timetables from any program or gadget.

DemoAir is a shiny new remote recording stage that has as of now piled up an amazing cluster of clients notwithstanding its generally brief time frame in the commercial center. DemoAir additionally has an incredible investigating and client service framework and other cool elements, incorporating an inherent visit framework, various techniques for welcoming visitors and co-hosts to recording meetings, a 'dim' mode, and mechanized episode transfers. Offering both free and paid levels, the application is inconceivably simple to utilize and explore. For most podcasters, the free arrangement will have the vast majority of the elements you want. Generally speaking, DemoAir is a reasonable choice that is very client instinctive, so if you're not that well informed this may be the ideal software for you.


  • Computer-based intelligence controlled final details
  • Offers loads of presets and sound formats
  • All around upheld for the people who need assistance
  • Programmed foundation obscure
  • Simulated intelligence-controlled foundation substitution
  • Improved lighting


  • Most elements are intended for music creation, not podcasting
  • No multitrack recording


Sending off a new digital broadcast or redesigning a current one can be an interesting cycle, yet picking the right webcast recording software can likewise be distressing. Few out of every odd software is ideal for each podcaster, so ensure you pick one that has the highlights you want. The best thing about video web recordings is that you can watch them or pay attention to them when you are working out or cooking or going by your errands or driving. Begin your video web recording to share your encounters as a salesman or offer your most loved webcast with your companions or prospects and talk somewhat about the digital broadcast to arouse their curiosity utilizing a video email.