Fraps Not Showing Fps - How to Fix

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recording Troubleshooting

Have you encountered this problem of Fraps not showing FPS as well? Well, if you did, you're not alone in this. But worry not as we’re here with the solutions to how to get Fraps to show FPS.

First of all, you need to know what FPS is actually. In this way, FPS (Frames Per Second) is perhaps the main factor in guaranteeing a smooth gaming experience. To screen the FPS of PC games, you need a Fraps FPS counter. These days, numerous games offer an incorporated FPS counter, while there is as yet an impressive number of games that don't exist. The program is a well-known decision for gamers who need to record their play, regardless of whether it's to make "We Should Play" recordings or just to record their gaming accomplishments. With these basic guidelines, beginning with Fraps is snappy, simple, and convenient.

This is often achieved by running software that is conflicting with the Steam overlay. Activities that use their overlay, for instance, Fraps or MSI Afterburner can cause issues. This is an old issue with Fraps that goes with various games from the last 2 years. FPS isn't just for flaunting rights. The game video recorder FRAPS is similarly still around to help you show FPS in games on the off chance that you're not using Steam or NVIDIA. If it's too low, your intelligence perseveres. If it's dependably high, you might thump up your settings for an even more fulfilling experience. Here are a couple of various ways you can check your PC game's FPS

#1 Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM)

Checking this crate inside the Fraps UI figured out how to effortlessly resolve the issue for some clients. The motivation behind why this technique is recorded first is that it's not difficult to give it a shot, there is nothing that can turn out badly, and, above all, it has a high possibility of settling the issue!


Open Fraps by double-tapping its symbol from Desktop or via looking for it after opening the Start menu and left-tapping the top outcome.

From the home screen, click the General catch at the highest point of the window and look at the alternatives underneath. Check the container close to the Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM) alternative and ensure you restart Fraps.

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#2 Don't Use DirectX 12

Another solution that we recommend for fraps not displaying fps problem is changing the DirectX 12 version. But worry not, as for Steam games, you can follow these means!

Open Steam on your PC by double-tapping the passage on the work area or by looking for it in the Start menu. There are alternate approaches to discover it.

Navigate to the Library segment of the Steam window by finding the Library tab at the highest point of the window and discover the issue game in the rundown of games you have in your library.

Right-click on the game passage in the rundown and select Properties from the spring up a menu that shows up. Snap the SET LAUNCH Option button.

fraps set launch

Type "- dx11" in the bar. On the off chance that there were other more established boot choices, make certain to isolate them with a solitary space. Snap on the OK catch to affirm the changes.

#3 Check the Settings of your Game

Normally, some issues show up when attempting to utilize two overlays simultaneously however here we have the specific inverse. This technique can be applied to all Origin games!

Click the Origin alternative from the menu bar at the highest point of the window and pick Application Settings from the menu which will show up.

Reopen the game with Fraps running and verify if the Fraps not showing FPS issue still exists.

fraps doesn't show fps

#4 Check for Interfering Software

Other software running on your computer can sometimes interfere with Fraps' ability to overlay the FPS counter on your game.

This includes screen recording software, streaming tools, system optimization apps, or even antivirus programs that might see Fraps' overlay as suspicious activity.

Try temporarily disabling these types of software one by one to identify if any of them are causing the issue. Remember to re-enable your antivirus software immediately after testing to protect your system.

#5 Run Fraps Before Starting the Game

Sometimes, the order in which you start Fraps and your game can affect whether the FPS counter displays correctly.

To ensure compatibility, make it a habit to start Fraps before launching any game or 3D application.

This allows Fraps to properly hook into the game's rendering system from the start, which can help in displaying the FPS counter more reliably.

#6 Perform a Clean Reinstall

After the thorough steps following, reinstalling Fraps is the last strategy that can help you settle the Fraps doesn't show FPS issue on your PC.

Click the Start menu and open Control Panel by looking for it essentially by composing with the Start menu window open.

Find Fraps in the Control Panel or Settings and Snap-On Uninstall/Repair. Adhere to any guidelines that show up a while later to uninstall it.

Open the Registry Editor window by composing "Regedit" in the hunt bar, the Start menu, or the Run discourse box which can be gotten to with the Windows Key + R key at once:

Type Fraps in the Find What> box and click the Find Next button afterward

Click Edit >> Find Next

Download its document, run it from the Downloads organizer, adhere to the guidelines on the screen, and verify whether the issue endures after reinstalling Fraps

#7 Use an alternative recorder

However, there hasn't been another Fraps Version in 2 years, so detract from that what you will be thinking of fraps won't show fps, you need not hold your breath. All things considered, here's the answer for you with the best Fraps elective, So, on the off chance that you simply need an FPS counter, end Fraps tenure and utilize the one from the Steam overlay, it's far and away superior and more solid. With the end goal of this article, we chose to review Wondershare DemoCreator, powerful and video-altering software that superbly fills the previously mentioned needs.

democreator interface

Wondershare DemoCreator is a screen recorder for PC, which permits catching your work area movement and making customized video demos including keystrokes, and cursors, just as sending out the recordings to AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV. It also comes with an inbuilt video editor with rich video templates and effects, such as transitions, annotation tools, green screen effects, and more.


After assessing the fraps not displaying fps problem, we can say that, because of the rich highlights, DemoCreator will convey staggering execution and offer magnificent video recording and altering experience to both fledgling and experienced clients. The interface easy to understand just as instinctive is remains as the best possible solution to encounter the Fraps not recording the FPS dilemma. It isn't hefty on the framework; both the account and altering parts were simple. In a particularly virtual age, it is crucial to utilize superb instruments to amplify your gaming experience.

The product likewise gives you a clever little magnifier that allows you to catch the specific edges of your screen's showcase. If you need to set a custom perspective proportion, you can use the Recorder window. Hence, in a nutshell, DemoCreator remains at the top of the alternative solution list with intuitive UI and user-friendly tools.