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What is the Best Screen Recorder to Record 1080p 60fps Video?

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

The modern world has developed and strengthened its foundation into video creation ever since it has been introduced into the system. Since then, hundreds of genres in video creation started to induce in the daily lives of people. Content creators looked forward to presenting better ideas and advance towards modernity and stability. A very proficient version of video recording added in the market over a while, where it took a fair share of the market in a very short period of time. Screen recording protruded among the hundreds of genres and presented a clean structure for developing guides and tutorials for various users throughout the globe. As time propagated, content creators looked forward to better grounds and specifications to work on. This article provides you with a comparative guide on selecting the best 60fps video recorder to produce high quality 1080p content for the audience.

Part 1

The first platform that comes into mind when figuring out the best 60fps screen recorder is the Wondershare DemoCreator. The venue is a complete commemoration of impressive features and a low-price tag that makes it an economical choice for screen recording and video editing in a market that is influenced by massive price tags and promotions. Wondershare DemoCreator fixes itself as an impressive 60 fps recorder with an able editor, providing the users with a single platform to cover all their basic video requirements. It intends to balance the recording and editing tools, enlisting as a perfect platform for beginners and professionals to work on. The unique and monumental user interface presented by Wondershare DemoCreator is worth the praises, with an automated foundation for allowing a more straightforward, simpler approach to video creation. One of the unique factors presented by Wondershare DemoCreator is its ability to record both 60fps and 120fps videos with excessive results. It intends to offer very cohesive customization properties that allow you to record 1080p 60fps video with no discrepancies. One of the most pragmatic approaches adopted by Wondershare DemoCreator is its competitive video recording and editing tools, induced with a user-friendly aiding interface that allows any user to create the best results through them.


  • It is a complete, simple, and lightweight platform to work on.
  • You can record screen, webcam, system audio, Mic sound at the same time.
  • It provides you the ability to input all the major video formats to use across them.
  • Wondershare DemoCreator record 60fps and 120fps videos.
  • Offers a complete and detailed library of filters, animations, and transitions.
  • Attenuates a very impressive audio editor with advanced capabilities.
  • You can enjoy all the features in the free trial version.


  • Has a minimal color grading tool.
  • No masking tool was offered.

System Availability:

  • Windows & Mac

Click here to get how to record a 60fps game with DemoCreator.

Part 2

As you would look into the competitive platforms that provide similar services to the Wondershare DemoCreator, you may come across another two-in-one software providing a recording platform following an editing system to develop unique video content. Camtasia is referred to among the pioneers of video recording and editing, where it allows a user to produce and present professional-based content with an unlimited offering. Camtasia Studio has no bounds to show itself among the best 60fps recorder. Its improved and latest versions bring about a widened variety of features to operate on. However, when it comes to recording a 60fps 1080p resolution video, Camtasia can be among the first-rate choices for coping with the needs of the video makers. The latest iterations of this platform included contemporary callout options added sharing tools for better connectivity across the globe, and enhanced the interface, making it look better and pleasant for rookies to use. While catering for the best video recorder, Camtasia record 60fps videos with 1080p results.

camtasia game recorder


  • It allows you to record and edit videos of any length, ranging from minutes to hours of video creation.
  • Provides a complete package in recording video through any mode, i.e., Computer screens, webcam videos, special audio voiceovers, and PIP video creation.
  • Caters to all kinds of video editing for enhancing its quality.


  • It works only across Windows and Mac systems that cover its system requirements.
  • It does not support live recording from a digital camera.
  • It requires the user to pay for the brand-new updates across it.

System Availability:

  • Windows & Mac

Part 3

If you are searching for a recording-specific platform, OBS Studio shall cover all the basic requirements for creating a perfect video for you to place on the internet. While it presents itself as an open-source, free video recording platform, OBS Studio offers a straightforward and efficient structure to record a video. Rather than hovering across various configuration settings, the OBS record 60fps video within a few simple steps. It considers your PC's GPU for high-quality streaming and provides various screen recording features, including PIP mode, custom watermarks, and push-to-talk mode. This makes OBS Studio one of the first-rate choices when looking for a 60fps recorder for your video.

obs game recorder


  • Completely free and open-source with cross-platform support.
  • Offers you to add various plugins for improving the experience.
  • Supported by major live-streaming platforms.
  • Comes with tremendous community support.


  • Gets quite challenging to understand for beginners while using.
  • It only provides a 60fps video recording.
  • It does not have the most user-friendly interface to work on.

System Availability:

  • Windows, Mac & Linux


As you hover through these three impressive 60fps video recorder and their various features, you may find a wide variety in selecting the best platform for your video. Modern society demands a high-quality output in the video, making it necessary for users to cater through impressive computational enhancements, such as the 60fps video recording in 1080p resolution. This article provides a detailed comparison of these three platforms and helps you select the best platform that suits your needs.

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