AlterCam Review

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

AlterCam is a great initiative that bridges the gap between the online interface and the offline world. One can add video effects to their chat over a webcam to make it all the more impressive. Using AlterCam, you can make your video content all the more relatable and reachable to one and all via the webcam broadcasting services.

Use AlterCam if you are looking to turn your videos into animated and edited content. Choose from a wide range of borders, effects, and overlays to make your video content more enjoyable. In this article, we will talk about how AlterCam helps one to develop fun videos and images.

Key Features of AlterCam

AlterCam is excellent software that turns your boring video footage into something extraordinary with the help of animations, video effects, and other overlays. Let us take a look at the features of AlterCam to know how to use the software well and to its full extent.

Animated overlays

Often times one may come across a video wherein the video interface has a large number of moving images or GIFs included. Of course, shooting a regular video looks much more professional than anything else but when it is not used for office requirements or any such professional background, and then it does not hurt to make it look cute and appealing.

Animated overlays add penguins, fairies, frogs, emoticons, and celebration-related emoticons along with specialized motion so that there is more activity on the screen.

One can make their feed a lot more fun than it already is when it is there ordinarily.

Driverless software

Most software comes with drivers of their own which can often replace the ones required by the webcam itself. AlterCam, on the other hand, does not contain any extra drivers. Thus, there is no chance of any conflict related to the drivers that belong to the webcam that the system is using for its operations. There will be no rebooting, or restarting of your system when you are using the AlterCam software.

Experiment around with the wide range of features

The broad tool palette allows one to play around with the features that AlterCam offers. The beta model of this software allows a more extensive scope of elements in the Tricks Tab. This includes Transparency by Background, Transparency by Colour, and ChromaKey.

Previews on the software

One of the significant features of any video editing software is the window where one can compare the video footage they had started off with to the one they are handling at the moment. This makes sure that the user is working towards what they had wanted out of the video and not just any direction for the sake of video editing. Furthermore, the before and after views of the footage help one to understand the change a video might need in terms of the color, effects, and overlays to make it look like what we had expected it to be at some point.

Ability to change the settings for overlays

While one is working on the webcam, it can often get difficult to manage the settings for the overlay during the recording or call. Most software does not allow a switch between the functioning of the webcam. However, AlterCam makes sure that one can change the settings for the overlays to make it more user-friendly for people who depend heavily on altered video communication.

A wide library of features

A comprehensive library of features on AlterCam enables users to use a wide range of effects to get various results on the video footage. The effect library may have a wide variety of GIFs, animated clips, video effects, and animations. Users of AlterCam can easily use these additions in their video footage that has been pre-recorded or one that is being taken in real-time. This means that one can surely make use of the effects in the library to talk to their friends when they are video conferencing over Skype or live chat.

Impress your colleagues with cool edits and effects.

Voice changer as an edit.

This is something that no one thought would be possible at one point of video editing software revisions and releases. Changing voice is a novel idea to make alterations to a video. You can make such edits for professional use or to increase the fun quotient in a live video chat. Change your voice partially or entirely in a matter of a click and watch your video chat partner burst into laughter every time you speak.

Broadcast recorded videos or share the screen

The AlterCam software functions not only as a video editing software but also acts as an excellent interface between your webcam and your system. This means that you can perform every activity with your AlterCam software as you can with any other video editing and conferencing software. Users can share their screen over the webcam to show something on their desktop. Alternatively, they can also play pre-recorded videos over a video call to display a video message online.

Multipurpose and can be used across multiple platforms

AlterCam is excellent software to be used across a large variety of platforms. This means not only can you make use of your webcam and AlterCam on a random platform but you can also team it up with websites such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Meet. AlterCam is quite versatile that way and makes sure that one can make use of the webcam in a large number of ways.

AlterCam has a large number of functions when it comes to video editing and video conferencing. It not only helps one to make the videos more professional but also adds fun elements to the videos so that people can enjoy watching them. The user interface is so intuitively built that users of all age groups can make use of the software for their own purpose. Access the options, functions, and features with utmost ease and without any guidance. 

In the next part of the AlterCam review, we will understand how to use the software for maximum benefits.

How to Use AlterCam

There are two distinct steps in which users will need some guidance and basic preliminary knowledge before they dive into the AlterCam world. The first thing they need to know about the software is the operation of the interface. Secondly, they need to understand the use of the features in the panels within the software.

The interface of the AlterCam is extremely user-friendly. This means that anyone of any age group can comfortably make use of the webcam using AlterCam without any large help or set of instructions. This makes the software accessible to one and all. The steps to make use of the interface are as given below:

  • Open the software to check whether the virtual camera is broadcasting the video footage.
  • If you wish to record a video at this point, hit the Capture button at the top of the menu bar.
  • Save the video on your system if you wish to make use of it for uploading on any other platform. Once the video has been saved to your computer, the video can then be used to be uploaded to other platforms such as YouTube.
  • The button next to the Capture button allows users to take snapshots of a video. This means that you can take a screenshot of a frame that you like so that you can keep it with you.
  • The drop-down list box with the Source Camera option lets users select the video source. The number of options under this list is web cameras, videos, screen for screen sharing, and IP cameras.
  • The other options under the Camera Options let you select some of the basic settings such as video settings, language, save path, and many more.
  • If one has difficulty navigating through the software then they can write to the company directly using their email id on the contact page of their website.

The procedure to add effects to one's video is far more interesting than merely shooting for a video. There are a large number of options under the video effects which include background, audio options, effects, overlays, scenes, and tricks. Let us take a look at the procedure, which teaches us how to navigate through the additional settings.

  • All the various video effects are stored under the Effects tab of the software. Using these effects, the user can change the look and feel of their video.
  • If you wish to apply the effects to a particular area on the video, you can choose to do so by selecting the portion of the site or the entire area in total.
  • The background options let users select a different background to the video of their choice.
  • The overlays are frames in the AlterCam software that are added while the video is playing.
  • The users can make edits to the voice with the use of the Audio tab. The Audio tab has options such as denoising, sound normalizing, and microphone adjustments. If you wish to change your voice, you can do so entirely.
  • The Scenes tablets users select different scenes for use. You can also delete or rename scenes as and when required.
  • Use the Tricks tab to add video effects that blur a specific part of the video or curve it according to your graph.

These are only a few options for ways to navigate through the software. The AlterCam software is one that can be downloaded from their official website. The AlterCam download apk runs on all software and platforms quickly. However, there is a tremendous AlterCam alternative in case you were looking for one.

AlterCam Alternative

A great alternative to AlterCam software is the Wondershare DemoCreator software. This is one of the software that encompasses the functions of a video recorder, editor, and interface between the webcam and the system. The Wondershare Democreator is software that customizes screen capture and frame rate for a more professional approach to editing videos.

One can perform basic video editing with innumerable templates on the software. It is available for free on any platform on the Internet. The setting space in Wondershare Democreator is adjustable. Besides, the software comes equipped with the ability to record audio pieces through an external recorder.

record game with webcam

Wondershare Democreator may look quite confusing with all the details in the tabs and panels. However, it is simple to use as it is as simple as:

  • Begin a new recording.
  • Make changes to the recording area.
  • Make adjustments to the video settings.
  • Change the screen capture settings by selecting Game or Screen Capture.
  • Define Audio Settings well.
  • Turn on the camera to capture the video. The option is ‘Turn Camera Capture On.
  • Edit Advanced Settings and Recording Device Settings.
  • Start the recording and use screen drawing tools if required.
  • Make use of the Spotlight mode for a more superior touch to recordings.


AlterCam not only lets people record their videos but also allows them to make exciting changes to them. One can also play pre-recorded videos to the person they are video chatting with or they can share their computer screen too. AlterCam is software that runs flexibly on all platforms – you will find it available for Android or Windows platforms, while there is a separate AlterCam MAC for one and all. Make use of the software to ensure that you have an interactive video for one and all.