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David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

CamStudio is one of the most popular software with numerous key editing features. It has been ranked among the best screen capture programs available for free in the market. When looking for a software to begin your video recording experience, look no further than CamStudio software. The CamStudio free download exports video files and convert them into AVI format. The software is famous for its features of high-quality video recordings, webcam screen capture and video compression ability to assist with editing. The tool has the ability to record audio from the microphone and webcam and combine it with the system audio. You can personalize your video by adding annotations and captions. The easy-to-use interface allows you to explore all the features with ease.

The quality screen video recordings are ideal for short videos to use in a variety of ways; demonstrating the features of new software, creating short movies for training, tracking progress of programs taking long time to execute, recording short movies streams and recording steps that causes bugs in any faulty software. CamStudio also comes in handy when converting AVI files to SWF flash files. This article aims at taking you through its key features and how to download, install and use.

Download CamStudio

Before you begin the download process, it is important to make sure that your system meets all the requirements to be compatible with CamStudio.

  • The operating system is all windows
  • The RAM- at least 256 MB
  • Hard Disk: at least 5 MB empty
  • Processor: 400MHz or later

CamStudio is a free program and can be downloaded from CamStudio.

  • Click on CamStudio.exe
  • Save or run ‘exe’ file
  • Installation will begin and take less than 1 minute

camstudio setup wizard

Install CamStudio

After the downloading your CamStudio for mac or Windows, you can then launch the program. On the main menu you will have the file, region, options, tools, effect, view and help tabs.

camstudio tools options

The region part shows you the part of the screen that you would want to record. The region option allows setting the size of the region you want recorded, the fixed region will allow preset size of region to record while full screen allow for entire screen recording.

On the options tab, you can enable auto span and auto span speed. This useful when you have selected a region where the whole screen is not captured and by clicking auto span it automatically captures it. You also have the option of selecting the file where you can save your recorded videos. This is important to enable you locate the file easily.

For the recording option you can choose record without audio, which is useful for silent animations. You have the option of recording audio from microphone. This is useful for narration of animation. The audio can also be recorded from the speaker, which is useful when you are recording videos you are streaming online.

camstudio click to record

The audio options will also allow you to select the microphone from which to record, the recording format and the volume settings among others. The default setting is also available except when you are using your microphone. The audio options allow for downloads and using the lossless codec to reduce the size of the video record that can easily be downloaded on YouTube.

There are the cursor options available in CamStudio that improves the visibility of the cursor during video recording. You can change the color, the size, shape or opt to hide it completely. The cursor is usually visible during your recording playback and hidden during recording.

Key Features of CamStudio

Screen capture options

CamStudio allows you to record the whole screen, a selected section of the screen, or the combination of the screen record and the webcam. Recording part of the screen or the whole screen is vital when explain a process or making tutorials while carrying out the step-by-step process on your screen. The selective screen recording is made possible by the use of the auto pan option of the CamStudio recording. This allows your mouse to follow the region of the screen you want to record. Combination of the screen and webcam recording is necessary when you are making personalized videos where the system audio, microphone and microphone audio are capture and combined as one in video. Basically, the type of the recording highly depends on the type of the task you are recording.

Screen and video annotations


The video and screen annotations feature of CamStudio can either be text annotations or video voice-over. You can record your audio on either the speaker or the microphone with narrations on the background of the video. Annotations are important when you want to personalize the video and suit your targeted audience. The text annotation done on the screen communicates important information like the name of the organization, domain of the site or even further instructions related to the video recording.

HD quality video

CamStudio allows recording of up to 1280 x 720 HD quality videos. The quality of the video output mainly depends on the computer resolutions you are using. Video outputs files can either be Audio Video Interface (AVI) or Shack Wave Flash (SWF) formats. Many people prefer their output in the AVI format which they later convert to the WMV format using the windows movie maker for easier download to their YouTube.

Customized frame rate

The frame rate of your video on CamStudio can be customized under the video options. It is important to ensure that the capture Frame Rate Time the Playback Rate is equals to 1,000 milliseconds. This is imperative for maintaining the audio and video synch. Frame rate helps in creating a high-quality video output for your video recording.

Several codecs

The CamStudio download come with the Compressor and the DECompressor Codecs which help to reduce the output size. The Codecs allow you to reduce the motion pictures to small-sized files that can be used in any computer system without occupying a large space. The high motion videos are best when in the Xvid form since they will occupy less space in your system and have all the required information captured.

Cursor options

The other key feature of CamStudio is the variety of cursor options. They have varying sizes, cursor highlights and shapes. Cursor options are useful when selecting the region within the screen that you want to capture. You have the option of choosing the shape of the screen recording on your screen depending on your choice and preference. The cursor options help in customizing your video records depending on your targeted audience.

Easy to use

It cannot go without saying that CamStudio is an easy-to-use screen recording and editing tool. It has an intuitive interface that makes easy to explore through all the available features. The program comes with an easy-to-understand tutorial which takes you through all the features of the program and explains each of its functions.  

How to Use CamStudio

In order to start using CamStudio for free, ensure that you have installed the program and the lossless codes. The codec is important in the program since it helps in compressing huge files into small files that are not buggy in the computer system. Set both programs and ensure they are properly installed in your system to start your first AVI recording.

recording screen with camstudio

  • After launching the CamStudio program you will get the red button to start recording, black button to pause and blue button to stop recording.
  • Begin by picking the region of the screen you want to record. It can be full screen or part of the screen.
  • Select the resolution you want to use for the video content.
  • Click the red image on the screen to start recording.
  • On the option tab, you can pick whether you want the video is recorded without sound, sound from the speaker or from the microphone.
  • Click the stop button or the blue button to stop recording.
  • Save the file on your specified location for easier access. The files are automatically saved in the AVI/Flash format.
  • If you do not want to edit the recorded file click on minimize the file on recording.
  • When you do not want to open the CamStudio program on file tray, press F9 to stop recording.

When you are looking for a free screen recording and editing tool, the best option you can go for is download CamStudio for Windows 10. The free tool comes with numerous features ranging from easy to understand, selective screen recording, video and audio annotations and adjustable frame rates among others. CamStudio is an important learning program for beginners who can start learning short videos before advancing to the more detailed and professional videos. The fact that the program is free with all the numerous features makes it ideal for you when making short videos on a tight budget. Engage your screencasting and editing creativity, the free CamStudio program!

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