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Screen recording assists you with recording your online discussions, courses, and office gatherings, which can be subsequently utilized as crucial showings, notices, and instructional exercises to build the profitability of your understudies or office staff. eLecta Live Screen Recorder is a little however valuable program that, as its name infers, permits you to record your screen movement simply. This is helpful, for instance, for making educational materials, recording webcam discussions, etc. If you're into this toolkit for live screen recording functionality, then this article is for you!

eLecta Live free Screen Recorder can record PC screens with sound chronicle and sound document playing in the PC. It can record full screen just as chosen territory from the screen, with the alternative to add a picture watermark at any piece of the screen. It saves the recorded video in AVI design. Aside from screen recording, it can likewise record from a webcam. It gives numerous other helpful highlights to pay special mind to. Here we've enlisted the top-rated features as well the detailed overview of the eLecta live screen recorder download for Windows 10 along with its alternative which is super best to opt for.

1. How to Download eLecta Live Screen Recorder

Download eLecta Live Screen Recorder v1.2 with 15.01 MB of free space needed on your PC. Electa Communications Ltd has built up this program and disseminates it for nothing. Open the Photo and Design class, the Screen Capture subcategory, to see the product. The most utilized adaptations of this instrument that run under Windows 7/XP/8.1/10/8 are 1.1 and 1.1 beta. The insights show that eLecta live screen recorder for Windows 7 download is among the most well-known installers for eLecta Live Screen Recorder. Various antivirus administrations checked, the document is very well protected to utilize.

Link: eLecta Live Screen Recorder Download

eLecta Live Screen Recorder is a little however helpful program that, as its name infers, permits you to record your screen activity only. It has an exceptionally basic and direct interface with just four obvious catches, so it is not difficult to utilize. Likewise, it is allowed to download and utilize. This product lets you make a great quality account of your work area. This screen recorder application is free and can be downloaded to Windows PC. The program is allowed to download and utilize. At the point when you close it, an exchange box shows up, requesting that you offer criticism to the designer.

2. How to Use Electa Live Screen Recorder

Electa Live 8 is a virtual homeroom and an online cooperation climate for live internet educating and web gatherings with live sound, screen sharing, guided introductions, and web visits. Here's the step-by-step guide of how can you start utilizing this software for your screen recordings.

Steps to use eLecta Live Screen Recorder:

Step 1: Launch the Software: New, which allows you to set up another account; Start, that starts recording what occurs on your screen; Pause, which stops the chronicle; and stop, to stop the account.

launch electa live screen recorder

Step 2: Select the Recording Source: When clicking on the New button, a dialog box appears. It lets you set the source of the recording.

electa webcam source settings

Step 3: Customize the Recording UI: You can decide to incorporate or not the taskbar and the cursor development. If you need to record just the webcam movement, you can likewise set the chronicle properties by tapping on the comparing button.

customize recording settings

Step 4: Start the Recording: In the wake of setting the properties of the account, you can tap on the Start button. A commencement screen will show up, allowing you to set yourself up before the genuine account begins.

stop the recorder electa

Pros and Cons of Electa Live Screen Recorder

Here in this section, we've enlisted some notable pros and cons of eLecta Live Screen Recorder


      • Attend full-included Electa Live meetings from an email greeting or form a connection directly from your versatile internet browser
      • Listen and partake in the discussions utilizing the inherent VOIP ability also, you can attend breakout rooms for individual collaboration.
      • The participant's board empowers clients to see who else is going to the gathering and what they are doing.
      • View the gathering content including slides, pages, pictures whiteboard markup, and pointers. Also, it allows you to play back recorded live sessions.
      • View live screen shares from the moderator's PC, be it Windows, Apple or Linux. Zoom shared substance.
      • You can interact within the session through the use of the gesture’s toolbar and text chat with presenters and participants


      • The program does not have any advanced properties
      • The interface is kind of dull

4. Electa Alternative to Record Class and Lectures

Although, as explained above, eLecta live screen recorder fulfills the needs of the screen recording done right but their lack some serious features and to overcome those, one of the best ways is Wondershare DemoCreator that makes the capacity of screen recording extraordinarily instinctive is by utilizing the ongoing screen drawing and mouse spotlight include. These highlights, consolidated, make the way toward catching framework sound, receiver, and webcam content generally straightforward and more customized. DemoCreator might just be a critical video manager as opposed to exclusively being known for its screen recording capacity.

All things considered, Wondershare DemoCreator does the entirety of all the left behind features of eLecta live free screen recorder, and more with the assistance of its dynamic and progressed recording/altering highlights. DemoCreator is an unfathomably amazing application that works conspicuously as a high-level screen recording apparatus. Thusly, it permits you to effortlessly record all that is occurring on your screen progressively. Wondershare DemoCreator is very wealthy in the highlights it offers to the entirety of its clients. From apparently useless to inconceivably basic.

Steps to Utilize DemoCreator Screen Recorder:

As with this software, you can easily record while making your drawings while explaining the presentations to your audience in an intuitive way. Here's how you can do that efficiently:

Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare DemoCreator
In the very first step, all you need to do is grab this software to your PC, so you can use it to record your screens as eLecta live screen recorder alternative, and to do that, here are the links to download Wondershare DemoCreator for both Windows and Mac users directly:
After you're done with the downloading of this software, now open the downloaded file to install the software in surprisingly less time than ever due to its lightweight memory burden. You can also make it to default installation so that it'll install directly without any hassle.

Step 2: Launch DemoCreator
In the next step, launch this intuitive platform, which will help you draw on your slides while recording at the same time. Hence to do that, open the software from the desktop of your PC where you've installed recently following the step above.

democreator start recording

Step 3: Setup DemoCreator Recording
Now from the initially launched screen of DemoCreator, hit the New Recording button which will take you to the recording window interface of this software as follows:

democreator enable webcam

Step 4: Start DemoCreator Recording
Now in parallel with the slideshow of PowerPoint, from the DemoCreator recording window, turn on the Screen Drawing Tool slider and hit the recording button as follows:

democreator recording lecture

Step 5: Export and Share the Recorder Video
In the last step of this screen recording tutorial with DemoCreator, you need to export the screen recording to your desired location and in addition to that, you can also hit the direct share to your audience of YouTube right from this platform. Here's how.

      • To advance towards the exporting options, hit the Export button from the top-right corner of the screen as follows:
      • Now in the next step, specify the desired location on your PC and specify the format of your output file of screen recording, and hit the Export button:
      • To advance with the sharing option to YouTube, simply proceed to the YouTube menu and sign in to your YouTube account, and hit the direct share button from this software.


There are many screen recorders out there that offer what DemoCreator conveys. In any case, it pushes out its opposition by likewise bundling its screen recording application with an exceptionally natural video and sound supervisor that can change even the blandest recordings into a wonderful thing. That, yet you may likewise need to upgrade the nature of your caught video, add captions, change the sound, or muffle any undesirable foundation commotion and trim it to be briefer.

Electa Live Screen Recorder is a free screen recording apparatus to make basic screen projects and as the best alternative to this masterpiece Wondershare DemoCreator has been playing an important role with the help of this intuitive platform, you can easily polish your direct recordings with the drawing toolkit of this software. In addition to the drawing tools, you can embed the built-in functionalities like shapes and elements while recording the presentation at the same time.