How to Fix OBS Display Capture not Working

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:36:57 • Filed to: Video Editor Software Reviews

OBS means open broadcaster software, which is used mainly by various gamers to make recordings and for live streaming purpose as well. This software can capture the video and record audio at the same time. It works in Windows, macOS, and Linux. Gamers usually prefer this software because it helps in recording their game and it controls different components. Sometimes the OBS display capture function doesn't work or you may say the OBS display capture not working issue takes place and the whole screen goes black.

It may happen because the graphics adapters in the laptops are more than one. One of the graphics adapters is used for saving power and the other one is used for gaming. This is one of the reasons that can cause this "OBS display capture black screen" issue. There have been many reports as to when the users weren't able to capture the screen because the software wasn't working properly. Well, the causes that are responsible for the capture problem are stated below.

Part 1. What Causes OBS Display Capture Problem?

Enlisted are certain causes for the occurrence of "OBS display capture lag":

1. Graphics Processing Unit

A laptop has two graphic adapters. One is used for saving power, and the other one is used for gaming, to minimize battery usage. It may be drawing one image to the power-saving adapter and another one for performance. It can cause capture issues. To avoid this, OBS must be properly configured to the GPU.

2. Outdated Drivers

Like we update our windows, we also need to upgrade the graphics. When one is playing, or anything that consists of capturing requires the latest version of graphics. If the capturing stops in between, then it means that the graphics one is using are outdated or causing any other problem; then, you need to upgrade your graphics to the latest version.

3. Windows Version Issues

While using OBS, there can be some capture issues due to the latest version of Windows 10. The screen can go blank or might come to a halt. Although the problem was solved for many users, still there were reports that it didn't. Reverting to the previous version fixes the issue, and if not, there might be some other problem.

All of the above problems can be solved. Before trying all the hacks, save all the files, or else there is a risk of losing it since the software is going to reset. The first step to do so is to log in as an administrator or to run the software as an administrator. Even after doing so, if the software is not running, then look for the below-provided solutions.

Part 2. Ways to Fox OBS Display Capture Not Working

1. Allowing Administrative Access

First of all, what OBS does is, helps in recording the Windows display or gameplay screen and then broadcasting it. But it has certain flaws. There are times when the system blocks the software from its recurring use as a precaution. To prevent this, users can follow the below-given procedures.

Step 1 At first, opt for right-clicking on the search bar

Step 2 Type "File Explorer"

Step 3 Opt for right-clicking on the file explorer icon

Step 4 Find the location of OBS Studio's file

Step 5 After locating the file, opt for Right-clicking on it

Step 6 Now, click on "Properties" Option

Step 7 On clicking properties, a screen will pop up with the options Security, details, previous versions, compatibility, etc

Step 8 At this point, right-click on the Compatibility option

Step 9 Under the Compatibility section, you will find "Run this program as an administrator". Click on the box provided there

Step 10 Finally, click on the "apply" option and restart the application

If the software comes up with problems even after switching to administrator, then look for the further solution provided.

2. Switching to compatibility mode

This hack is useful only for windows recording and not at all compatible with the game screen recording. When the compatible mode is turned on, the entire process takes a long route first through the Ram towards the GPU memory resulting in the decrease of a performance rate. So try not to use it quite often.

To switch to compatible mode, follow these steps.

windows capture compatibility mode

Step 1 At first, opt for clicking on the OBS application icon

Step 2 A screen will pop up where various options will be displayed. Among them, "Compatible Mode" will be present.

Step 3 Now, opt for clicking on the box present there

Step 4 Click on "OK" and the compatible mode will be turned on

Make sure to keep checking the compatible mode every time before capturing the windows screen.

3. By making changes in Graphics

As we had seen earlier, there is a probability that such errors can occur due to the choice of graphics. Nowadays, we have two types of graphics chips in our laptops. One is Intel, and the other one is most probably an Nvidia graphics card. As we know, all the games run on the Nvidia chip itself, and you are running OBS on the Intel chip. Then the question arises what will it record when there is nothing running on an Intel chip. So make sure that your OBS is set to the graphics card on which things are executed.

make change in graphics

To change the graphics card, read the following steps.

Step 1 Firstly, opt for Right-clicking on your windows screen. There you will find the "Nvidia Control Panel". Right-click on it

Step 2 On clicking a page will be displayed, i.e., "Nvidia Control Panel"

Step 3 Now look for the "Manage 3d settings" Option and right-click on it

Step 4 Then click on the "Program Settings" Options

Step 5 Under that option, you will find a drop-down list. Click on the icon to select "OBS"

Step 6 After that, look for a similar drop-down list just below this option. From that list, select the graphics card, i.e. "Nvidia"

Step 7 At last, click on "OK" and the changes will be saved

Now, try to run the application on the game screen. If the issue still prevails, then look for more options.

4. Reinstallation of OBS Studio

There are times when the software would be acting unusual. In such a case, there is a high probability that it has been attacked by a virus since it is free software. To make sure your system works properly and the software has no unusual effects, then reinstall the software.

Before doing so, make sure you have created a backup of your files. Now follow the procedure.

Step 1 Type "run" on the search bar or press CTRL + r to execute the run command

Step 2 Then opt for typing "appwiz.cpl" in the box which appears on executing the run command i.e. dialogue box, and opt for pressing the Enter key.

Step 3 On pressing "enter", a page will pop up i.e. "Programs and Features" option of the control panel

Step 4 At this point, look for the OBS studio application

Step 5 On finding the same, opt for right-clicking on the software and then opt for clicking on uninstall.

Step 6 Then, open the web browser and search "Download OBS Studio". Open the official webpage of the software and opt for clicking on download as per your operating system.

Step 7 After the required download gets completed, open the file and right-click on the installer, and once again right-click on the option "Run as administrator."

Once, you feel the downloading of the same is complete. Try using the software.

5. Graphics driver Updates

To make things easy to understand, let's understand what a driver is. You must have noticed each hardware has its own driver. So in simple words, a driver is a network between the operating system and the hardware. Because of the driver, an operating system is able to use the hardware.

Similarly, Graphics cards have their drivers. Sometimes the drivers are seen functioning in a very strange manner. In such conditions, try uninstalling the drivers and once again downloading them from the official sites.

graphics driver update

Step 1 Download DDU, i.e., Display Driver uninstaller. Always use official sites for such software.

Step 2 Now install the DDU

Step 3 When the installation is complete, put the pc in safe mode

Step 4 Now run the uninstaller package, i.e., DDU

Step 5 A page will pop up on the screen. On that page, select the option "Clean and Restart". Doing so, you have uninstalled the drivers from your pc

Step 6 After the Uninstallation, turn off the safe mode and restart the pc

Step 7 On turning it on, execute the run command and type "devmgmt.msc" in the dialogue box

Step 8 "Device Manager" will pop up on the screen. Now right-click somewhere on the page

Step 9 Now look for the option "Scan for hardware change" and click on it

Step 10 All the drivers will be installed once again. If any issue occurs, look for the drivers on the official site of the PC's production company.

Extra Tips: Best OBS Alternative to Record Computer Screen

Although OBS is great software, issues that come up sometimes can create a lot of problems for users. These issues involve the OBS display capture yellow border and OBS display capture low fps. To neglect such issues, one can also opt for other options. There is such one application that is quite capable of recommendation i.e. Wondershare DemoCreator. There are many perks of using this application. Unlike OBS, we can capture videos using this application. Not only that, it can record the webcam screens on windows PC and Mac gadgets.

democreator recording

Unlike OBS studio, it has its own built-in Editorial package, which helps to bring changes in the captured video. It has distinct options such as new recording, game screen recording, or screen recording. Easy access is provided to the "Recent Projects" through a tab. The user interface of this software is easy to use and looks really cool. The user can choose the full screen or part of the screen to record. Other settings such as audio settings, camera settings are provided for a full range of modifications as per preference and need.

This was all about the OBS studio and the solutions which can help it to proper paths. There is a very small chance for the problem to still exist since we have provided all the hacks needed to solve this error. If the issues still exist, then other applications can be used, such as "Wondershare DemoCreator ‘'. But if you still want to stick to the OBS Studio, then try reinstalling it once again and setting up the graphics card to the gaming card.