5 Best Online Screen Recorder No Download

David Wilson
2024-04-19 10:34:47 • Filed to: Free & Online Recording Tools

You probably already know that you need a specialized tool to help you record the screen on your computer. But did you know that there are some screen recorders that you can use without having to download any software on your computer? These are screen recording tools whose function is completely online, and so they only require an internet connection to work.

You may need to use an online screen recorder when your computer doesn't have adequate space to record the screen. They may also come in handy when you want to record a quick video without the need for too much input or features. Whatever the reason, the following are some top online screen recorders to choose from.

Top Online Screen Recorders without Download

The following are the top online tools that you can use to record the screen without needing to install any programs;

Wondershare DemoAir

Wondershare DemoAir is the online version of the very popular Wondershare DemoCreator, one of the leading screen recorders in the business. As such, you can expect the same level of professionalism that you will get with DemoCreator, with the only difference being that DemoAir is an online solution. Once DemoAir is installed on your browser, the record button will be easily accessible, allowing you to record and share videos online easily and quickly.


Key Features;

  • You can record the screen and webcam very easily directly from the browser
  • Audio can also be integrated into the recording
  • It is very easy to use; all you have to do is install DemoAir on to your Chrome browser and the record button will be easily accessible
  • Once the videos are recorded, you can quickly share the videos via email or directly upload them to YouTube
  • It is an ideal way to record product demos, education, and instructional videos

You can click here to get a detailed review of the DemoAir online screen recorder.

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft is a free online screen recorder that you can use to record both video and audio at the same time. During the recording, this tool also allows you to annotate the video in numerous ways, making it the ideal solution for recording instructional or educational videos. It also provides multiple formats that you can use to record the videos without losing quality. But the video editor is not accessible on the free version.

apowersoft online screen recorder


  • You can record the screen and the webcam at the same time
  • It allows users to annotate the videos during the recording
  • It is free to use, and you don't have to install any programs onto your computer to use it


  • It lacks the advanced features that you will find with most tools
  • The editing features are not available on the free version

Acethinker Online Recorder

Acethinker is another free online screen recorder that can be accessed on both Mac and Windows systems. It is easy to use, and you can record the videos in different formats. This online tool has one of the easiest user interfaces of any tool, allowing you to create screen videos in high quality very easily.

acethinker online recorder


  • It is a very fast platform
  • It is a relatively cheaper solution as compared to other tools
  • It works with all file types
  • The tool offers numerous tutorials to help users easily record the video


  • The free version is very limited in terms of functionality
  • It has limited video editing features
  • You cannot directly upload videos to YouTube or other sites


Clipchamp is an audio solution that you can use to create and edit simple videos online without having to download software on your computer. It is one of the most useful solutions when creating simple tutorials for both corporate and creative projects. It also comes with a simple editor that can trim or crop videos and add effects, including a Green Screen.

clipchamp online screen recorder


  • It is easy to use with a simple user interface
  • Editing features are available even with the free version
  • There are numerous editing features
  • It doesn't limit the size of the duration of videos that you can record


  • You may encounter problems rendering the final files if you imported your own images.
  • The quality of the output video is restricted


Screenapp.io is one of the fastest online screen capture tools that you can on Windows and Linux operating systems. You don't need to download any tools to use it, as it is exclusively available online. Once you visit the tool's website, the process is so easy to use, it is almost self-explanatory. You can choose to record the full screen, an application window, or a single browser tab. It also gives you the option to add audio to the recording, allowing you to record audio from the Microphone or sound from the Browser.

screen app io


  • It is very easy to use, with an easily navigable interface
  • You don't need to download any software or extensions
  • It offers numerous settings to choose from


  • It is only available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • It is not accessible on macOS
  • It is not possible to save the recorded video to your computer; you can only share it on some video sharing platforms

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Extra Info: Best Offline Video Recorder

An online screen recorder is good as it doesn't require any program download, but for most online recorders, you need to download the recorded videos if you want to save them on your computer. In that case, an offline video recorder might be more suitable for you. I recommend Wondershare DemoCreator - an easy desktop screen recorder for you. This software is able to help you capture onscreen activities, microphone and system audio, and webcam.

democreator start recording

Moreover, it also comes with built-in drawing tools in the recording feature, which will help you highlight any key points in your video. For facecam recording, it is embedded with face recognition technology, which will provide you with the best webcam recording experience. Other key features of this software include:

  • Customize the recording area before starting, full screen or part of the screen.
  • Advanced game recording mode to detect the running games on the computer automatically.
  • 50+ built-in transition effects and rich media resources to improve video effects.
  • Face recognition editing with mirror and overlay options.
  • Easily add green screen effects and motion effects.

The above tools represent some of the most useful solutions that you can use when you want to record the screen on your computer without installing any programs. They can all be useful in their own way, although it is worth noting that online tools can be severely limited in terms of features and may therefore not be ideal when you need to record high-quality promotional or marketing videos. The only tool on this list that may be ideal for high-quality recording is DemoAir.