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SkillShare Review

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:35:29 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

About SkillShare

SkillShare is an online teaching learning program that is created by professionals for those who are desperate to learn. Most of the courses on this platform focus over interactive sessions instead of simple lectures. Hence, these professionals try to meet the major goal of learning for every project. Mission of the online training platform is to bridge the gap between professional skills and learners. It offers high quality learning facility to people who are sitting at any far end of world.


Key Points

  • Currently, you will be able to find more than 14000 skill development courses on this platform.
  • Some of the most popular and highly useful topics are technology, arts, business sector, cinematography, motion graphics, photography, graphic design and many other creative topics.
  • More than 2 million students from different corner of world are currently connected to this platform.
  • It provides all interactive lectures in English language that is much easier to understand for all.
  • Instructors at SkillShare are able to earn a big share of overall profit.
  • The premium members of this platform are able to access unlimited details from skill full library of SillShare.

Pros and Cons of SkillShare:


  • You will be able to find so many excellent instructors on this platform; they focus on interactive teaching- learning.
  • Anyone can upload a standardized course on this platform.
  • There are so many courses that can be accessed for free and the quality of videos is much better as compared to YouTube videos.
  • When your course at SkillShare is complete then you can share the projects with other members of skillshare community.
  • The website design is very interactive, straightforward and well developed so that users can easily switch between classes.
  • The price range is much lower than that of Lynda and other popular online learning platforms.
  • With the help of few other websites like shutterstock and squarespace users can avail attractive discounts on courses.


  • The non creative courses use to have lower content quality as compared to creative ones. Most of these lectures use to be of very short duration.
  • It offers limited facilities for selection of non creative category of courses.
  • This platform does not follow any strict standard for video lecture length, the overall length of video lecture may vary anywhere between 10 minutes to few hours.
  • The learning process over this website is not as simple as that of other competing websites, you need to follow so many steps to select and watch your content online.

How to be an Instructor at SkillShare:

If you are ready to share your skills with other learners and want to earn from your efforts then SkillShare is best platform for you. You have to follow this three step process to become an instructor with skillshare:

  1. First of all you need to develop content for your very first class. The site itself provides simple to use facilities for creation of a new class.
  2. Once your content is ready then you need to engage students with your skills. You can also build an interactive channel on skillshare to attract more number of students to your content.
  3. SkillShare offers great revenues to all trainers. Depending upon a number of students that you have in your class you will get monthly payment. Most of professionals are able to earn approximately $3000 every year.

Pricing Plan of SkillShare:

If you need to start with monthly subscriptions then you have to pay $12 per month and it is also possible to start first month for free as a trial period. Those who want to become a long time learner of skillshare platform are suggested to join yearly subscriptions where you have to pay $8 per month. If you are able to pay the amount at a time for whole year then you will be able to save 33% with payment of $96 only.

How to select a course on SkillSHare?

If you are new to this online learning platform and are not able to select right course for your skill development then it is good to follow these simple steps. It will help you to find best content for your knowledge update:

  1. You can search by course name or even by name of any specific part of this course.
  2. Enter a specific topic or keyword to find right course.
  3. Courses can be also searched by the name of your favourite instructor.
  4. There are two types of courses: Free/Premium- you can select courses accordingly.
  5. Courses can be also discriminated on the basis of enrolled students count.
  6. Number of reviewers is also an important criterion.
  7. Suitable class timing can be preferred.