8 Best Video Capture Card for Live Streaming for PC and More

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The video capture card is one of the most used tools by gamers. With this, you can capture or record the high-definition data from Xbox. With the help of these, you can record your screen and record various gameplay videos. If you are preparing for the live streaming, then the video capturing card software also helps you.

With this gaming capture card's help, you can transform your old content from DVDs into HD format. There are various capture cards available on the internet, but if you want the best results from this, then you should choose the best card. To choose the best one here, we provide you some points. 

Things to Consider before Purchasing A Capture Card

What to Look in a Capture Card? 

With the help of a video capture card for pc, you can convert the gameplay signals into digital data. With the help of this, a person can record his/her favorite games. If you are a pro player, you can use this and the HDMI cable and stream and capture the entire game. But to get amazing results, you should download r purchase the best capture card. In the below section, we are going to learn about few considerations that one should consider before downloading and using the capture card. 

In the upcoming days or years, if you are going to purchase a capture card, then follow the below requirements:


The most important thing that you should consider before purchasing any video capture card for pc is your budget. Yes, cost matters, and that's why it is necessary to talk about this. Different people have different requirements. So, if you are purchasing a capturing card for occasional use, then don't buy any costly hardware.

But at the same time, if you are looking forward to using it regularly, you should go with the previous one. If you want to record rich quality high-definition content, then purchasing a branded capture card would be the wise decision for you. 

Video Quality

When you will purchase the capture card, you should check the video quality. The quality of the video completely depends upon the card. When you make high-quality video content, then you receive more traffic and income. Choose a capture card that provides high image resolutions with great recording quality.

Check the frame rate of the card also. If you record the high-resolution games, you should purchase a card that supports 4k resolution. In this way, you can get the perfect results while live streaming. 


While purchasing a game capture card, you should check whether its specification meets your device or not. The card should support the recording device. If you are using devices like play station3, 4, Xbox One, and 360, then it supports HDMI transfers.

But at the same time, if you are using the Nintendo 64 system, then it only supports the component cable. In this case, you also need a video input feature. 

Hardware Specifications

Make sure that you have the right hardware system with you. The capture card you will buy should match and compatible with the different hardware. It should match with the specifications of your device like storage space, speed, and all. You should purchase a card from the trusted manufactures that offer lifetime support and tutorials for their users' convenience. 

User Friendly

The gaming capture card comes with a lot of features and facilities. Sometimes users confuse about exploring things. So, make sure that your capture card should have a customer-friendly user interface. 

Things That You Need to Have for Using A Capture Card

Buying the best video capture card for pc is not enough. You should have the proper equipment to use this tool effectively. If you want to use the capture card, you should have these basic requirements with you.

USB Cable

To connect the game capture card with your PC and Mac, you should have a USB cable with you. When you have a USB cable, you can easily capture the gameplay footage and record the videos from live streaming sites like YouTube and twitch. You can also buy an alternative like an internal capture card to record and live stream. 

HDMI Cables

HDMI cable is another basic piece of equipment that you should have to connect the console with an external capture card. Here you also need an HDMI cable to connect the capture card to your TV. In this way, you can watch what is playing.


Your capture card's compatibility depends upon the console you used for playing the games. If you want to take a break while streaming, then you should have the right console. Few capture cards work with a certain console. 

PC & Laptops

You should use a PC or laptop that has an i7 processor for better results. Also, you should check its storage space, memory, and speed of the device. You should go with a pc that can support and handle a healthy amount of work. 


If you want to get better results, you should have a good bandwidth. By this, you can achieve great results while playing and streaming. You should have a data speed of 10mbps for 1080 resolution, and for 720p resolution, you should have 5mbps. 

Top 8 Best Video Capture Card for PC

1. Elgato game capture HD60S+

When it comes to capture and record the gaming contents, then Elgato game capture HD60S+ is the popular name of best video capture card for pc. There are various competitors in the market, but no one can beat this one.

This brand has proven itself in the market by providing amazing features and functionalities. This is more than the basic HD. To use this card, you have to connect this with an HDMI cable. This is the latest gaming capture card by Elgato, which is becoming quite popular among people.

It offers benefits to multi-system live streamers. The card receives an HGG gold stamp approved and recognizes globally. Here you can perform so many things without affecting the performance and quality. It has the master copy techniques that allow you to record and stream with 60fps & 1080P.

The tool also contains a flashback recording feature that helps you to record all critical moments. Along with this, it contains advanced low latency technology. With the help of this, you can record and stream through Twitch and YouTube. The flexibility of this tool makes this unique and justifies the price. 

Pros of Elgato game capture HD60S+:

  1. Compatible: T
    his is compatible with both PC and Mac.
  2. Affordable: In comparison to its features, this is affordable for everyone.
  3. Ease to use: It is easy to use. Anyone can use this device without learning any course.
  4. Lightweight: This is lightweight and relatively small in size.
  5. Easy setup: It is easy to set up with your device.

Cons of Elgato game capture HD60S+:

  1. Display clarity: Sometimes, it shows bad display clarity.
  2. Bad network: When it loses signal, then it creates some issues while running.

2. game capture HD Pro

This card helps users to capture the high-speed gaming needs. By using this tool, you can manage its design, use, and quality. The hardware setup of this tool is easier than any other. This software helps users to manage the editing tasks. Along with this, you can also upload the content on the internet.

You can use this gaming capture tool to record high-quality audio as well as video. This tool is compatible with the system like Xbox one and Xbox 360, PS4, etc. With this, you can record video and live streaming with a 1080P resolution.

It also helps users to play full HD content. The good thing about this tool is that it is easy to use and can capture the different range of videos that include 720, 1080P, etc. You can run this on your device with both HDMI card and component cables. It allows people for streaming and lives to record. Here you can also edit the contents by adding special effects and soundtracks. It also allows users to one-click the share button. 

Pros of game capture HD Pro:

  1. Lightweight: This is small and lightweight, and you can easily carry this.
  2. Easy setup: With this, you can easily set up your device and make high-quality content.
  3. Editing facility: Here, you can also edit the contents according to your preference.
  4. Sharing facility: After editing, you can easily share them with your friends and colleagues.
  5. Live streaming: It also offers a live streaming facility.

Cons of game capture HD Pro:

  1. Design: It doesn't have a good design
  2. HDMI: No HDMI & component cables are supplied. 

3. AverMedia Live Gamer Mini

The AverMedia Live Gamer Mini is another gaming capture card that is affordable and portable. This is an amazing tool for beginners. It allows you for recording or live streaming.

To access this, you only need two basic types of equipment one is HDMI ports, and another is a micro-USB connection. By using this capturing card, you can record video up to 1080p signal with 60fps.

This card comes with an in-built hardware encoder. It doesn't impact your gaming performance. This capture card also contains the Recentral software. It has an easy-to-use external button.

With the help of this button, you can maintain access with one single tap. It also allows users to capture footage from game consoles. The best thing about this software is it needs less CPU power. Here you can easily manage streaming and recording at the same time. This card can support HDMI output as well as the AUX and DVI cables. 

Pros of AverMedia Live Gamer Mini:

  1. Lightweight: It is lightweight and simple to use.
  2. Good capturing performance: It offers good capturing quality with 1080p quality.
  3. Latency: No latency
  4. Compatible: It is compatible with every device.
  5. Value for money: It is affordable and values money products.

Cons of AverMedia Live Gamer Mini:

  1. It doesn't support a USB type-c port

4. Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic gaming video capture card for live streaming is popular among people for providing high-definition video. It provides video input and editing features. This is the perfect tool for video graphics and gamers, live streamers. It has some advanced video recording and editing facilities. It offers videos that have an uncompressed format to get better quality content. 

But at the same time, it develops some big sizes of files with HD resolution. His card is developed by including so many features. Also, it is compatible with Linux, PC, and Mac devices. It also supports other basic editing software like Adobe after effects and all. This is one of the best gaming capture cards for recording game consoles. It can access with the help of HDMI ports. 

Pros of BlackMagic design:

  1. Supporting connections: It supports digital and analog connections.
  2. USB facility: It offers you scalability and flexibility by adding multiple devices.
  3. Lightweight: It is simple to use and also lightweight. 
  4. Easy setup: The setup process is also easy, and it looks great. 

Cons of BlackMagic design:

  1. It only supports the HDMI port.
  2. It doesn't allow copy-protected content. 

5. AVerMedia Live Gamer DUO

This is a non-portable capture card that is installed on your device. It also comes with an external button so that the recording and live streaming can be done with just a few easy clicks. It also allows users to edit the contents and make them interactive.

Here you can share your files on social media. It has a recentral button that captures the footage from game consoles. If you are looking to set up your live streaming with good hardware, this could be the best possible solution/option. 

The card is equipped with two varied HDMI inputs. With the help of input, you can handle the gameplay from a PC, and from another one, you can take the video feed. It has a high-quality sensor and it further offers clarity with 1080p resolution. It also supports video of HDR quality. Moreover, it allows users to handle the given input sources. Here you can bring in tools as per your preferences. This is flexible and also affordable. With this tool, you have ensured a good level gaming experience. 

Pros of AVerMedia Live Gamer DUO:

  1. Onboard video processing: It supports an onboard video processing facility with easy setup.
  2. Gaming experience: It offers you a high-speed gaming experience and doesn't distract you while gaming.
  3. Elevate production value: It supports multiple camera angles to produce high-class content.
  4. Lightweight: It is lightweight and also comes with an easy user interface.
  5. Compatible: This is compatible and flexible with every device.

Cons of AVerMedia Live Gamer DUO:

  1. Create issues: It creates issues while capturing the video up to the resolution of 1440p.
  2. Price: According to its quality, it costs a little more. 
  3. Second HDMI port: The second HDMI port is limited. 

6. Razor Ripsaw

This is another best video capture card for laptop used by YouTubers, gamers, and live streamers. People use the device for various reasons across the world. It offers amazing facilities like live streaming and game capturing footage.

You can access this with both Mac and Windows. It doesn't ask for sufficient hardware power. With this, you can record your game footage and upload them later on social sites. This is flexible and compatible with every device. It works perfectly with Mac as well as Windows. 

It is also compatible with the weaker systems. Well, it is quite bigger than the other devices. It has an amazing look, and people give it five by five on its design and look. Also, it has black rounded corners on corners that make this look impressive. Moreover, it comes with the classic rubber coating that protects this and also gives this a unique look.

It also includes 2 LEDs on the front side and also contains four ports on its backside. It contains different ports for HDMI In, Out, and USB 3.0. Anyone can purchase this from online stores at an affordable price. It comes along with a user manual where you can read the setup process and set them accordingly. 

Pros of Razor Ripsaw:

  1. High-definition video quality: It supports high-speed video quality with a 1080p game capturing mode.
  2. Ultra-low latency: It supports ultra-low latency with USB3.0
  3. Consoles: It also supports and compatible with different gaming consoles.
  4. Easy setup: You can easily set up and access your device by checking the user manual.
  5. Sleek design: It has a sleek and comfortable design.

Cons of Razor Ripsaw:

  1. Frame rate: It doesn't capture the high fame rate.
  2. User friendly: It is not a user-friendly tool for beginners.

7. Elgato 4k 60 Pro

If you want to record and capture high-speed gameplay, then this could be the best video capture card for live streaming for you. You can easily purchase it on the online platform. It supports high frame rates. Also, it has only an internal capture card. It is compatible with another device. This is a top-rated product of Elgato. It only provides an external capture card, but it is the latest design card that supports an internal capture card. Moreover, it is helpful for multi-system live streamers.

It receives an HGG gold stamp that is approved by global recognization. Also, it assists the user to perform and access various features and functionalities. Moreover, it doesn't lose the performance of the gamers while recording. It also includes a master copy technology that supports users during the live streaming and recording of the gaming. You can record and stream the video of high resolution up to 1080 p. It also includes a flashback recording feature where you can capture the critical moments of your gameplay. Furthermore, it supports low latency technology with a completely easy setup.

Pros of Elgato 4k 60 Pro:

  1. Record: Record unlimited footage directly from the hardware
  2. Gaming experience: Here, you can play your game with a high-speed console without lag.
  3. High quality: It offers a high-quality gaming experience.
  4. Easy setup: It is easy to set up and also helpful for beginners.
  5. Ultra-low latency: It supports ultra-low latency instant game view technology.

Cons of Elgato 4k 60 Pro:

  1. Expensive: It is a little bit expensive than others.
  2. HDMI cables: It may need longer HDMI cables.

8. AverMedia Live gamer portable 2plus

This is the last but not the least gaming capture card that offers amazing content. This is a great choice for traveling gamers. It is lightweight, and anyone can easily carry this. With this, you can capture gaming videos of 1080p at 60 fps.

It saves your content into the micro-SD card. If you want to Livestream gameplay, then you need to connect the capture card with your pc. It is easy to use and also compatible with every device. It has 2 HDMI ports and provides a one-tap facility to the users. Here you can control the volume and edit the whole video with just a few easy clicks. 

Pros of AverMedia Live gamer portable 2plus:

  1. Smooth capture: It offers a smooth and crisp capture facility with a 1080p resolution.
  2. Lightweight: It is lightweight and easily carried by anyone.
  3. Travelers: This is the best option for traveling gamers.
  4. Compatible: It is compatible with multiple devices.
  5. HDMI ports: It supports 2 HDMI ports with an easy setup facility.

Cons of AverMedia Live gamer portable 2plus:

  1. No analog video option is there
  2. Frame rate action: It can show an issue with the variable frame rate. 


video capture card for laptop allows you to customize and balance the quality of your video and gameplay. It can record longer gameplay videos with an easy setup facility. With the help of this, you can record live streaming videos and high-resolution videos. In the above guide, you can clearly understand the features and needs of different gaming capture cards. Now the choice is yours that which type of card you want to choose to record your gameplay. 

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