Being creative shouldn’t end with ideas. You should move a step further to better yourself like using ideas to make some real cash. It is the norm everywhere and a 2021 research from Zapier survey confirmed this by reporting that one in three individuals has a side hustle other than their primary job. This helps in either settling bills or some emergencies that are likely to crop in. You can join this growing team with these creative side hustle ideas we have in store for you.

Top creative side hustle
Check out how to make money with these hot 8 creative side hustles
  1. Test websites
  2. Sell pieces of artwork
  3. Participate in writing contests
  4. Be a fitness instructor
  5. Do transcription
  6. Sell photos online
  7. Create promotional videos

Host tours

Most African countries are tourist attractions by nature. You can make use of such opportunities in your tourist city to host tours for the coming visitors. Spice your side hustle by creating a script and available facts about such tourists attraction areas. A little history goes a long way, you know!

A host tour means you offer help to visitors who are not familiar with a particular region. Additionally, you can help them to arrange their travels. Big names have cropped up in successful tours like Premium tours, Amigo tours, and Evan Evans, among others. For example Premium tours advocates their success to innovation. The secret is to find something unique that will grow your clientele.

Test websites

In this technological era, companies put more efforts in website creation. A website is a group of related web pages that are created under one domain name. This is generally produced under an organization or a single person. Once created, companies look for people to test their websites and give reviews. You can become that person and earn some cash along the way.

A company like TryMyUI pays $10 for testing a website. Various companies are on the look for feedback on their sites. So, spare some time and put in a little effort for sharing your thoughts on such sites.

Sell pieces of artwork

Artwork is any job that you create naturally. You could design clutches, make baby outfits, printing T-shirts, mugs, or do hair accessories. Take Etsy, an online artwork platform where you can get started by setting up for free and connecting with other people worldwide. You can also sell from Etsy store but will require you to have a minimum of 12 items to sell.

You can earn a whopping $20,000 per month for selling your artwork. If you are gifted in art and craft, you could be walking towards fame with pieces of art. 

Participate in writing contests

Anyone can write a good piece. So, this is your chance if you have the passion and looking for some extra cash. Just be on the lookout for available contests and show what you got on paper. You can also become a ghost writer. This is someone who writes literally on any topic. You could start your blogging site or write content for other organizations for some reward. Some famous plays born of ghostwriting include;

  • The Sweet Valley High books
  • Nancy Drew
  • 12 of the Bond novels and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell by Raymond Benson

According to, a ghost writer can earn an average pay of $55,570 yearly, which translates to about $27 an hour. The highest paying cities for ghostwriters include Atkinson, NE, Frankston, TX, and San Jose, CA, with an average weekly pay of $1,300.

Be a fitness instructor

People need to keep fit and instructors can make it great with this. Fitness instruction can be done daily among the many side hustles for creativity. You can form a group that you meet every morning for exercises and charge a minimal amount per week for the agreed hours. It can probably take two or three hours as a side job before you carry on with your main work.

Beto Perez is among the big names who have made it in fitness entrepreneurship. He started fitness training as a side hustle when he was only 14 years. This was after his mother being hit by a stray bullet but didn’t have proper support. He had to take up 3 jobs to support his ailing mother. One of these was fitness instructor, which has so far earned him millions of dollars.

Do transcription

Transcription is how audio is converted into some written document. Many companies are always reaching out to transcribers. If you are a good listener keen to detail, become creative and pocket some good proceeds.

As a transcriber, you can garner around $15an hour. However, some work fulltime as transcribers, managing about $30 hourly. Therefore, you can easily scoop about $1,500 monthly if you commit to about 3 hours of work per day.

Sell photos online

As long as you love taking photos, then nothing can hinder you from making some good cash by the side. Check out the type of photos and videos that are on demand on royalty-free sites and make your pocket fat. The average pay is from $0.10 to $99.00 per photo. This may, however, go higher under an extended license.

Some great places to sell photos online

  • 500px
  • Alamy
  • Shutterstock
  • Etsy
  • Stocksy


With this, you need to invest in a good camera. Alamy, for example, hosts over 215 million stock images and videos. It has a clientele of over 100,000 buyers. Sell them your iPhone photos for good pay.

Create promotional videos

Video creation is a highly viewed creative side hustle for a variety of sectors. You can use it for educational purposes, gaming, illustration, and simple Do It Yourself content. The beauty is that videos are widely shared on other platforms and can spread like bushfire to spread your message. More so, the current trends are wanting. Advertisers need to keep pace with the moving technology. Likewise, a sector like education needs illustrative learning for those who undertake online lessons. Other demanding kinds of videos include explainer videos, tutorials, Demos, and Vlogs, among others.

What to Look at When Creating Your Videos

  • Ensure your video has a purpose and an intention to reach the audience in good time.
  • Let it be easily understood by your viewers as you give room for interaction. This could be the chance to add comments or other contributions.
  • It should also allow you room for expansion when the need arises. Ensure you can adjust your video with the technological trends.

How to Create Quality Videos to Make Money with DemoCreator

Among the available video creators, DemoCreator works in a high gale to accommodate both professionals and beginners. Besides, you only need one tool to record and edit your clips. DemoCreator gives room for quality editing with its unique features.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

Key features

Transition and Effects: It has over 100 transitions to use between scenes and slides.

Cursor effects: Use the cursor to create a professional look on your video.

Recording: Perform professional screen recording. It also supports webcam and external camera recording and editing.

Presentation mode: This feature lets you use a demonstration of real people, virtual, or with multiple avatars.

Multi-track editing: Automatically separate audio from video tracks. Likewise, easily add, trim or remove any section of your video or audio.

Media Import: It supports importing clips from your mobile device, computer, or the cloud.

Templates and Themes: Make use of over 10,000 new resources for annotations, stickers, text, and many more.

AI Intelligence: It supports the Green Screen feature, smart beauty, and face recognition to enhance your look.

How to Create a Promotional Video with DemoCreator

DemoCreator 6.0 comes revamped with additional features like virtual effects and a stable recording ability to aid you in recording your videos in easy steps.

Step 1Start a New Demo Project

Once you install DemoCreator on your device, click on the “Start a New Demo Project” tab from the main interface. You will then be taken to the Demo Mode.

Start a new demo
Step 2Choose Camera or Avatar

You need to perform the settings of your camera before you start recording.  You can use the “Snap” camera effects and ensure they are applied correctly. To choose “Avatar”, go to the “Camera” mode and adjust the lens’s facial beauty as well as the presentation background. Here, use the “Dressing” mode to activate facial beauty. Likewise, you can edit the background by highlighting the “AI Recognition” function.

Choose avatar

And if you decide to use the “Avatar” mode, first select the virtual presenter that you wish to use and take the necessary specifications to auto-match the avatar. DemoCreator gives you twelve virtual presenters to choose from.

Step 3. Import your clips and change background

Go on to add your clips from PowerPoint, videos, images, or other files you wish to use. Just go to the “Clipboard” and add the clips with the drag-and-drop mouse.

change background
Step 4Start recording

Once you have added your clips, continue to adjust the size by dragging the four corners.  Then click on the “Demo & Record” button to start the video recording process. Note that you can use the available drawing tools as your record, to explain the major points. You can also schedule the start and end time of your recording as illustrated below. Then click on the “Save Settings” to keep your settings.

Start recording
Step 5Save and Export video

You can finally save your project in any format and export it to streaming sites like Vimeo and YouTube. It will be a matter of time before viewers start to source for your content and probably make payments for your services or products illustrated in the video.


Why wait any further when you can turn your ideas into creative side hustles? More so, the best video recorder and editor – DemoCreator – completes the equation. Use it to come up with stunning videos to illustrate the sales of your products and services.

Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Apr 18, 24
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