How to Crop and Download YouTube Videos in 5 Steps

David Wilson
2024-04-19 10:40:43 • Filed to: YouTube Creative Ideas

How to crop and download part of the YouTube video?

From YouTube beginners to vlogger professionals, there comes a situation when everybody needs to crop a video clip. Sometimes a video contains an unwanted scene and you need to crop it out. Or the whole video seems too big, you want to crop the video size. Whether whatever the reasons, cropping YouTube videos is a fundamental skill you need to know.

A suitably formatted video can help your organization convey its goals with more effect on your audiences on YouTube. You can crop videos straight from YouTube with the best cropping tools. This article will list out the best tools and the detailed steps about how to crop YouTube videos.

1. How to Crop YouTube Videos

YT Cutter is an excellent YouTube video downloader, which is completely fit to crop and download YouTube video effortlessly. It upholds trimming and downloading YouTube videos online, export video, audio, or GIF, saving editing parts to your PC, etc. The video clip's duration for a free account is 1 min, while it's 20 minutes for a paid one. So crop video length is very important.

Below are the detailed steps about crop and download YouTube videos:

Step 1. Copy the YouTube video link

Open the YouTube application to copy the video links, go to the desired video you want to download. Now copy the URL of the video, and then open the online video cropping tool, YT Cutter.

ytcutter cut and download youtube videos

Step2. Cut and Download YouTube videos

When you can see the YouTube video online, just set the begi/strong>

When you can see the YouTube video online, just set the beginning and end times of the YouTube video you need to crop and download, and when done re-check it in the preview section. Now click on the download button to begin download part of a YouTube video on the web.

crop youtube video step 2

Step 3. Import YouTube videos to crop

Launch Wondershare DemoCreator and import the YouTube video. Launch the application, and then select “Video Editor”. From the main interface, click Import to import the YouTube videos that you need to crop. Then add the videos to the timeline.

import video

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Step 4. Crop YouTube video

Find the crop icon about the timeline, as you can see in the picture shown below. Then the crop video window will pop up. You can adjust where you want to crop. After you’ve finished cropping YouTube videos, click OK.

crop video in democreator

Step 5. Download and share the cropped video without quality loss

Once the process is complete, you can click on the “Export” button available on the right-hand corner. From here, you can download cropped YouTube video and share to different social media platforms, etc. You can choose the frame rate as 120 FPS, then the video can export with high quality.

export videos

2. Why Need to Crop YouTube Video

Now that we know that the answer to “can you crop a YouTube video?”. And we all know cropping video is an essential feature in video editing, but the reasons for cropping videos are different. Try to understand why you need to crop video and crop YouTube videos. You may be more explicit about the situations when you need to crop video.

  • 1. Videos Create Impact: While pictures portraits a thousand words, a video tells beyond that. Videos can get somebody feeling enthusiastic and also getting them to feel irritated. With the right strategies and cropping privileged insights, you can adequately tell somebody or numerous individuals a message you need to get across. When you are a vlogger, regardless of whether it is a message to save humankind or a message from informing somebody concerning your new music collection, no advertising tool beats an amazing video with coordinating with music.

crop youtube videos cases 01

  • 2. Messaging: In this innovative age, you see people watching videos on TV or the PC and on their laptops, tablets, and advanced mobile phones. So when you need something across, pushing out your message or advertisement through a video to these individuals is entirely justified. No matter what, if you are a trainer or an instructor in any field, you can upload your cropped video for your users in no time.

crop youtube videos cases 02

  • 3. Removal of Unnecessary Portions: Nowadays, YouTube has been a premium site for watching videos. However, it is not restricted to watching. Whenever users need to go through any user guide or live manual of any process, may it be a cooking recipe or installing software, you may lose your followers if your videos are not precise. So, always crop your videos to an extent it is relatable to the content and connect to your viewers.

crop vidoes cases 03

  • 4. Adding Special effects: Especially the students or young enthusiasts are more into cropping YouTube videos, which might be impactful for their easy learning.

crop youtube videos cases 04

  • 5. Business: For businessmen, video editing, cut crop trim should be the in-out of their marketing strategies. No matter whether their presence is on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, cropping a short video about any promotions, contents, rewards would directly reach the customers via a short and precise video.

crop youtube vidoes cases 05

So as you can see, cropping video can be used in several cases and in different kind of people. At this time to choose the right tool to crop video is essential, we highly recommend Wondershare DemoCreator.

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  • How to download a Pin the prvideo?

    How to download a Part of a video?

    The YouTube route is confounded and messy – you may get a shareable link every moment. However, you can't download a specific piece of the YouTube video when you want to. But it's practically possible to download a part of a video when you have a particular tool.

    Follow the below detailed steps:

    • Open YouTube and go to the video from where you want to download apart. Copy the URL of the required YouTube video
    • Now open an online video cutter clideo and click in the center. It will open a dropdown and then paste the link over there. You can also upload any file from your local drive or Google Drive etc.

    clideo download a part of video

    • Use the slider to select a part of the video and cut the clip's piece by setting an exact start and end time. This selected part will only go forwards for further download.
    • Select an output format type. Now click on the “Cut” button on the below right-hand corner.
    • Once this is done, just preview once your selected video section, and click on the “Download” button.


    It isn't sensible to say that cropping a video is only required for the video makers and artists. Presently, the option to crop, cut or trim any video has become the necessity of any users. May it be a teacher, gamer, or social media marketer, he would be searching for the best tool in the market to make full use of the tool.