Where to Download Royalty-Free Creepy Halloween Sound Effects

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:23 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Halloween holiday celebration is just around the corner, and most of the people are making every kind of preparations to ensure the day is as memorable as possible. Many organizations and companies are not left out of these preparations as they are also struggling to make special Halloween promos and posters to lure new customers. But where to download royalty-free creepy Halloween sound effects remains a big challenge.

To avoid spending up to your last coin on sound effects, visit the following free horror Halloween sound effects download sites. The sites offer you free sound clips for download in either WAV or MP3 format. Not to mention free and royalty-free sound effects as well as clips for video editors, game designers, movie scores, and weekend sound warriors, which are perfect for Halloween production.

Free Halloween sound effects download sites

If you plan to make your own Halloween soundtrack that would complement the day, we recommend that you use these top 10 Halloween sound effects sources. You won't pay those expensive royalties.


This is a one-stop-shop for royalty-free video effects, audio, images, and stock media. Previously it was tailored for the Filmora9 video editor. Still, today you can download some after effects templates for AE or download royalty-free image, music, and video to make your stuff on other video editing software.

So, if you want to make a video that trends, get access to the Film Stock effect store. A store that offers seven Halloween packs that comes with scary Halloween sound effects, creepy title templates, Halloween voice, effects, transition, and elements.



Premium Beat boast of an ever-growing sound effects library with a horror sound effects package that can provide your project some seriously Scooby doo vibes.

Premium Beat is perfectly suited for zombie invasion games, Halloween animation, or even your own Indie horror movie. Its sound effects library offers some of the spectacular spooky sounds such as horror drones, horror stingers, horror music, scary voices, and whispers as well as various horrors Foley.

To make your project more intense, visit the Premium Beat website for a more chilling collection of royalty-free horror music. Premium Beat is the best as it ensures your projects hits all the right emotional beats all the time.



This is one of the legendary Halloween sound effects source on the web with loads of categories and audio clips to choose from. Sound Bible is suited to offer free and royalty-free sound effects and clips for video editors, game designers, movie scores, and weekend sound warriors.

As the most popular Halloween sound effects source on the net, Sound Bible offers you an opportunity to make a cutting-edge Halloween for your business or friends. Besides, you can download your Halloween sound effects in WAV or MP3 format.



Audio Jungle is one of the Envato Market products perfect for the upcoming Halloween projects and videos, creative advertising, promos, and many more. They've got a series of audio files for your comfort and desires. They're the best source designers, advertisers, and organizations can depend on for their upcoming projects. Audio Jungle has a sister that provides images, codes, themes, and other stuff you would want for your website. Their vast audio library is always royalty-free, accompanied by endless categories to suit your sound effect desires.

To have the Audio Jungle site at your disposal is a plus. The outlined websites above provide a selected series of sound effects free of royalty, so if you are not ready to spend more, then go for them. What next? Visit the sites browse through their galleries, and get a suitable Halloween sound effect MP3 for your production. Halloween holiday is fast approaching. It would help if you prepared a good scare for your clients, family, or friends.



Music Vine is the way to go if you want something that can elevate your life and make your life easier. Their vast library, coupled with an effortlessly licensing process, has made it the best on the market. That said, famous filmmakers, designers, and advertisers worldwide have attested that Music Vine is the best source, providing royalty free Halloween sound effects.

What are you waiting for? Start getting ready for the Halloween holiday. Go to the Music Vine site and browse their vast library to get creepy sound effects for Halloween production.



Sound Stripe is another excellent source for Halloween sound effects music. Their vast library hosts the highest quality royalty-free sound effects for content creators, wedding filmmakers, advertisers, YouTubers, podcasters, non-profits, and many more.

Sound Stripe offers you unlimited access to thousands of quality tracks and the best right royalty-free music for your upcoming projects. Get started to browse their library of sound effects and enhance your sound design. On top of that, you can enjoy SFX you may need from Foley to ambient to nature.



Film Stro dynamic royalty-free music library offers you a series of Halloween sound effects and music to choose from while preparing for your Halloween holiday. They have 100s of new customized mixes perfect for setting the scene and creating a scary narrative mood.

Join thousands of filmmakers, advertisers, designers, and non-profits who are already preparing for this spooky time of the year. Download royalty-free sound effects from the vast Film Stro library and make a creation that will be heard forever.



Ben Sound not only allows you to get unlimited access to thousands of quality songs but make your music discovery so easy. Good thing, their audio library is designed to make finding music enjoyable. In other words, you can discover your perfect sound effects in less than a minute instead of hours.

This is the best ideal for designers, advertisers, and filmmakers yet to drop their exceptional projects. Browse their music library for the best.



More than 100,000 online creators, YouTubers as well as influencers have already made their way into Epidemic Sound, enjoying a variety of music and royalty-free sound effects.

Epidemic Sound offers ultimate solutions to Podcast creators, freelancers, publishers, and broadcasters who want to create exceptional content for their customers, friends, or family. This Halloween sound effects source has become popular of late due to its large collection of royalty-free music for download on any device.



The first time Sound Dog went online was in 1997, and since then, it has grown, becoming one of the leading sources of sound effects on the market today. Besides, it has a vast library of more than 700,000 files of Halloween sound effects MP3 and still growing steadily. On top of that, you can download sound effects for Halloween for free from wherever you are and ship them through Compact Disc or Digital Versatile Disc.

Browse Sound Dog Library to access a unique, authentic Halloween sound effects and music to suit your production needs. It is as simple as counting one, two, and three, make your production unique and exceptional.


Bottom line


If you want to make a good Halloween video, click here to get the Top Halloween Video Maker.

October 31st is fast nearing, and all you need to do is start preparing for the big upcoming historical event. Get access to any of the listed Halloween sound effects and music sources above and develop an exceptional and authentic creation for Halloween holiday celebrations!