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Lightworks is a video editing software that has created a reputation in the industry, since it is the most-liked video editor in the making of some of the best movies in Hollywood such as Hugo, Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street, and LA Confidential. Integrated with robust tools and amazing features, the can also be used for creating videos for YouTube, social media, 4K film projects, and Vimeo. This is the reason as to why Lightworks download is needed.

With Lightworks free download, you will be able to edit shots or clips easily by using the drag and drop methods offered within. Moreover, the app allows you improve the pictures in the videos with the color blending and grading. To make smooth transitions among video clips, Lightworks lets consumers to do keyframing as they add effects to their clips.

After Lightworks video editor download, users will be able to use the software with Blackmagic Fusion, an image-compositing post-production tool employed for making visual effects for commercials, movies, and TV shows. In the same manner, with the help of plug-ins, you can take advantage of the transitions, filters, graphics, and graffiti from different vector-based titling solutions and visual effects programs.

Before Download

The Lightworks 11 download supports devices running on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web-based. The software is deployed via cloud and does not come with an on-premise solution. In addition to this, the software supports three major languages namely English, Polish, and Turkish. Users get different pricing model when it comes to pay for the software. You can pay for the software with subscription plans such as monthly payment, one-time payment, and annual subscription. Also, you can use the free version if you are low on budget.

In addition to this, users will need to adhere the following system requirements:

  • At least 4GB RAM or higher
  • Intel i7 processor or higher
  • PCI Express 1GB or higher graphic cards
  • 2 x high-resolution type monitors 1920x1080 resolution
  • Sound card
  • DierctX 9
  • 200MB free memory

How to Download Lightworks

Here is a detailed guide that will help with Lightworks free download full version:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the software to download it.

lightworks website

Step 2: Select the platform for which you need to download the software. You get the options such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Step 3: Tap on the desired platform. If you need to download the tool for Window tap on Windows

choose download platform

Step 4: Select from the 32 or 64 bit option as per your device.

choose lightworks download bit

Step 5: Once selected, the download will began automatically.

start downloading lightworks

Step 6: After the download finished, install the app and launch it.

Can I Download Lightworks Full Version Free

Of course, you can download the full version of Lightworks for free. The only drawback is that you will not get the advanced features or the output format as compared to that offered with the paid version. Lightworks has tons of features. Editing footages and clips in Lightworks is conducted with the help of its drag and drop methods. To be capable of understanding how such methods operate, users must get a peek of the UI design of the tool. The app’s UI consists of panels: edit viewer, bins, and timeline. Bins section is the area where media files are imported to, while the edit viewer shows the video presently being operated on. The timeline is the section where consumers will be capable of playing their videos in sequence. The app allows users drag and drop a shot or video to the edit viewer panel from the bin. This special drag and drop method is employed so that users can perform some actions such as choosing the portion of the video they need to edit by marking its start point and endpoint.

From the edit viewer section, users can add a new video or replace a current video in the timeline. New videos can also be inserted and added in the timeline by dragging and dropping them to the timeline from the bin. If you need to edit a specific area in the timeline, you will be capable to doing that with the drag and drop technique on the area to the bin from the timeline. The video editing app also has a systematic method of adding effects to clips which is known to as video routing. Video routing in the tool employs a node-supported system for arranging effects and video clips. This system is required for videos that have multiple effects and tracks. For example, if you need to add a split screen effect to you clip, you need to add two videos. On the other hand, different color gradients need to be used for every clip; and you also have a 3rd video as the background of the clips that also has its own bunch of effects. To be capable of applying all these effects in a systemic way, Lightworks allows consumers to link the clips to the particular effects that will be added to them.

Using Lightworks, audio and video effects can be added with the help of keyframing. This feature allows consumers set keyframes for their clips, wherein every keyframe will have a particularly value that defines how the effects will be added. As an instance, if users need to emphasize characters or elements in their clips, they can employ this feature to add a wiggling effect that differs at every point in time. As they set the values for such effect all over their video, a smooth transition will be set up between their keyframes. Exporting clips to YouTube is made simple using the app’s right-click menu. Therefore, consumers can right click a video from the edit viewer, bin, or timeline; and then they can export it directly to YouTube. As users export their clips, they will be capable of accessing some options such as selecting the frame rate, size, as well as applying meta tags to their clips so they can be searched online easily.

  • Drag And Drop
  • Content management
  • Viewers
  • Video routing
  • Work with effect keyframes
  • Color correction and blend modes
  • Rendering effects
  • Applying chromakeys
  • Apply color LUTs
  • Fusion compositor
  • Boris FX and grafitti pro bundle
  • Boris FX plug-ins
  • Edit multicam sources
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Configurable multiple monitors
  • Export

Pros and Cons

This video editing tool is very famous among Instagram vloggers, YouTube bloggers, and social network fans that require editing their videos fast and publishing them for getting many followers and likes. The free version of the app meets all these needs very well. On the other hand, new video editors require some practice to get accustomed to this app. Here is a list of pros and cons of the app:


  • Ideal choice for vlogs
  • Export clips in 4K, 2K, Full HD, and HD
  • Branded keyboards and consoles support
  • Support for Adobe After Effects plugin


  • Needs registration
  • Does not supports some languages

Is There a Better Alternative

Wondershare DemoCreator is an ideal alternative to Lightworks that allows you to easily edit video as well as record all your desktop activities. Wondershare DemoCreator is one of the best alternatives that users will find today in the market. The tool offers easy editing features, thereby making it a child’s play to edit online videos. In addition to this, the tool offers advanced as well as basic editing features, which are needed to edit videos. Hence, the tools can be used by experts as well as newbies to edit their YouTube videos. Here is a detailed guide on how to use the tool.

Step 1: Add the video you want to edit to the timeline or to the Preview Window. You can also record a screen video if wanted.

democreator main interface

Step 2: Select your video and drag it into the timeline. Then you can add effects and edit the videos according to your needs.

In short, you just had a detailed look at Lightworks. The tool is a video editing software that can also be used for creating videos for YouTube, social media, 4K film projects, and Vimeo. In addition to this, you had a look at how to download this tool, its features, and its pros and cons. Lastly, you saw the best alternative to Lightworks—Wondershare DemoCreator. Wondershare DemoCreator is the perfect alternative to this software that offers advanced as well as basic editing features, which are needed to edit videos.

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