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Top 15 Online Side Hustles [Complete Guide]

Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Apr 18, 24

An online side hustle is the second term for a job with a flexible schedule. You can manage with your regular job, and these jobs are paid per assignment or freelance work. These online hustles outwit face-to-face interaction. You can submit your task through file-sharing services, email, or content management systems.

In 2023, the statistic of side hustle shows that this is increasing and growing in popularity. The statistic shows that 2023 is good for a side hustle—a remarkable increase in a side hustle in the U.S. In the past, there has been an increment in sideline jobs online. And 2023 looks promising for more growth. In America, almost 40% have online hustle jobs. More than 36% of Americans have decided to start their best online hustle job in 2023. Compared to 2021, only 24% of folks were doing online jobs.

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Part 1. Video Creation Industry Trends

More than 85% of internet users in 2023 will consume videography content as a side hustle. Video is now the most loved and trending part of visual entertainment. Videography is now dominating the top mediums of top media.

The videography can convey the message to the viewers while keeping them engaged. It also made this more popular in virtual reality—social media, emails, and websites. It drives the marketing, entertainment, and education aspect of most industries. It helps them and makes them more popular by the day as videography is trending. Video marketing influences customers and compels them to buy the product.

Part 2. An All-in-one Software Solution for video creation

YouTube announced many opportunities for content creators. Also, it helped them to earn some extra penny on its video services; on social media, video is the most liked content. Content creation is like a side job from home online. A Demo creator is a one-stop solution and helpful tool for making explainers and demo videos. A built-in tool involves many features, game recorder, webcam recorder, audio recorder, etc. DemoCreator is useful for users who need programs for recording videos or taking screenshots.

Video content creators can grow their audience by sharing their content. Creators can share their content on different platforms and channels and monetize their work through Ads, sponsored content, Affiliate marketing, and many others. There are many platforms for creators to showcase their videos. The platforms involved YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The creators post their content, attract a huge audience with time, and get paid.

Types Of Videos:

    • Creative videos

Creative videos are like switching it up with many shots. And the DSLR makes it possible to take close-up shots, low angles, and far-away stills. And also, an increment in your shot library.

There are many websites where you find creative videos. Also, you can create videos on Vimeo, Oixabay, and DemoCreator as well. When you want to create an amazing and successful video, all you need is to bring your story to life. That would be helpful to grab the interest of the people who scroll through their feeds. Creative videos are the best source best side job from home online.

    • Knowledge videos

Knowledge videos are usually short, only a 3-to-5-minute video clip specific to a single topic. One video contains one topic. All the topics are concisely explained, like principles, concepts are called knowledge videos.

An excellent knowledge clip provides practical and brief knowledge. The topic of the knowledge clip is specified, and students immediately know the topic. It is easy to capture a knowledge video and grab the student's attention.

    • Vlogs

A vlog is a video log or a video blog. This is a type of blog where most or all the content is in a video format. There is a difference between vlogs and other common videos. Many people upload millions of videos on different websites daily. The difference between them is twofold. Vlogs revolve around the person's life.

How to choose a video category based on your interest?

While making any decision, you first need to analyze yourself. You all need to perform a self-assessment. Self-assessment will help you figure out the areas of your interest and what you will be doing. This is a time taking process; it's better to wait instead of wasting your potential on the wrong thing.

The process involves the analysis of your key values. What soft skills are you an expert in? And the analysis of your technical skills and your strengths and abilities.

The most important thing is what suits your personality. This deep dive helps you find your interest. Whether interested in knowledge, videos or vlogs suit you and many other skills.

Wondershare DemoCreator:

There are a lot of video tools; for every single purpose, there is a separate video tool. A Demo creator is a one-stop solution and helpful tool for making explainers and demo videos. A built-in tool involves many features, game recorder, webcam recorder, audio recorder, etc. 

This is helpful to take the ideas-sharing to the next level. This is designed for users at any skill level. DemoCreator is published with an excellent video presentation mood, an outstanding virtual presenter, and changeable virtual background. This is helpful for marketers and students to convert PowerPoint or images into videos in a few clicks.

Camera effects such as whitening and smoothing are useful for a vlogger and those who need to be on camera for demonstration. DemoCreator is also helpful in conference platforms like live streaming and zoom like twitch; DemoCreator involves you while presenting with demo videos. 

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.

How is the DemoCreator tool used in making Money?

To develop an interactive tutorial video, you must follow the simple steps with a passion for making the best. If you have never used this software, follow the simplest steps for the perfect end.

Step 1Install DemoCreator:

The first step is to download the latest version of DemoCreator, the setup.exe file, to complete the installation according to the instructions.

Install DemoCreator

For launching purposes, double-click on the icon to launch it. 

Step 2Define the Area to Record:

Defining the area is important; you can record a screen section or the whole screen. Also, you can use the webcam for live video.

Define the Area to Record
Step 3Start Recording:

For the Recording purpose, press the record button and the DemoCreator window. At the same time, recording uses the keys F9 and F10 to pause and resume recording.

Start Recording
Step 4Edit your Video:

Editing a video is the most important point of a tutorial video. You can edit the different clips and merge or split the clips according to your need.

Edit your Video
Step 5Save and Share:

Once you end the editing, you can save the video files in different formats. DemoCreator allows you to save the files in AVI, MP4, WMV, GIF, etc. And then share it directly on YouTube and other platforms to start earning money.

Save and Share

Part 3. Top 15 Side Hustles

Best online Side Hustle you can Choose for Better Income. The online hustle is only for you if you are looking and trying to earn some extra penny. There's a wide variety of jobs with flexible timings.

1. Buy and Sell

The best online side hustle is buying and selling items. By so, you can earn some profit. Craigslist and eBay are the best platforms to buy and sell. You can search for products with high resale value in the digital market. The garage sales and thrift shops are also helpful.

This side hustle needs deep research, marketing skill, and invested time to flourish in this job. How much money can you earn by selling a product? This depends on your niche, how you execute the marketing and other factors. 

2. Gazelle

Gazelle is an online company where you can sell used electronics and phones. In contrast, this is challenging to find a steady supply of old phones to sell. Repair shops and waste disposal services may also be authentic places to work.

Gazelle is an e-Commerce company; the working criteria is to buy used tablets, smartphones, and more. Then checked, certified, and sold to the consumers looking to buy electronic items. These electronic gadgets cost less. 

3. Social Media Manager

Many companies focus on maintaining social media presence and invest in it. Social media managers can work remotely is the best online side hustle. The social media manager's responsibilities include promoting the products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Your primary job is to check and moderate what people are mentioning and writing online about the brand or company. Always handle negative feedback with a positive attitude. An aggressive attitude will lead the situation worse.

4. Online tutoring

You can also share your expertise with others through videos and easy online side hustle. Math and science, SAT, and ACT are now demanding skills online. There is a huge demand for online tutors in science and language. 

Create an online presence, and there is no way to take your own tutoring business online. There is no need to change, and you can do this from anywhere; you only need a stable internet connection. Online tutoring is much more flexible as compared to traditional tutoring. 

5. Create a blog

Making a blog is an online side hustle job. In blogs, building an audience is tough. Many blogs generate passive income through advertisement and affiliate marketing. Blogging is the best side hustle job from home or anywhere around the globe.

This allows you to build your brand and write about your passion. You can earn money from blogging by adding stores or online product links. Initially, a blogger earns nothing but those who stick to the past few years. In starting years, they earn enough money to start blogging a full-time job by quitting their job.

6. Make video tutorials

You are making the video tutorial and helping the audience to solve their problems. There are many possible or almost unlimited tasks. You can cover anything from a simple to a complex topic. And the income depends on the subscribers and the viewership.

You can earn money by making small tutorials as a small business owner. Also, these tutorials can be an effective source of extra income. Always try to maintain the quality of the tutorial; the better the quality of the tutorial, the more chances to earn a huge audience. 

7. Create online courses

Teachable and Udemy are subscription services. That pays the creator to build and market the online course. The course involves many topics, including history and foreign languages. Udemy is the best app for selling courses. Udemy makes money from selling courses.

Online courses offer one of the best business models to entrepreneurs. The demand is now increasing, and people are willing to pay more for the services. Online courses are one of the top-paying side hustles.

8. Create an e-Book

This is a good online side hustle job to write and publish your book. The Lalu and Kindle Direct publishing allows authors to publish their books online. Also, sell them. Yet, the writing and the marketing depend on you.

Publishing your e-books on Amazon is another way to earn money online. Amazon helps you to earn $1000 per month. Producing an e-book is cheap or mostly free, and you can earn up to thousands of dollars by publishing them on Amazon.

9. Article writer

Some online websites like freelance and constant content hire writers. The writers produce quality content for research articles. The writing standard and the pay vary according to the task's difficulty. In 2023, this is the best side online job.

The sheer amount of opportunity and flexibility that comes with freelance writing makes writing a fantastic side hustle for those who enjoy writing. Writing is the ultimate side hustle.

10. Train the clients from a distance

The personal trainer now moved into digital platforms. Trainers interact with their clients via emails, videos, and the phone. Some do video sessions to share exercise tips. Now, online yoga classes are the most popular. People consult their trainers online and follow the tips and tricks.

Use your expertise to become a consultant.

11. Marketing emails

Companies hire email writers and task the writer with sending emails to customers. Email marketing also allows you to sell your e-books or products.

The statistic shows that this field continues to grow; despite all the hype about social media, companies are now looking for more and more social media marketers to join their team. 

12. Dropshipping

Drop shipping is fulfilling the demands of the order placed through another marketplace. The process of drop shipping is to make and deliver the buy.

Like a digital store sells the products and pays the drop shipper to fulfill the order to make and deliver the buy.

13. Affiliate Marketing

Suppose you run a successful blog or have a social media channel or presence. Then I must say affiliate marketing is for you. The affiliate marketers' task is to review and recommend the products. And you received a small share of generated sales.

14. Online surveys

Survey Junkies and Swagbucks compensate you for taking surveys. The compensation is sometimes cash and usually includes gift cards or coupons. Use your extra time to fill out a survey. 

The survey usually pays between $5 to $35, which is an easy side hustle for online jobs. You can earn a hundred dollars a week by filling out the survey. 


We hope this article has pushed you forward in developing a mindset. And also, the clarity of the vision for your future. Nowadays, side hustles are very important to stabilize yourself. These jobs are not to put extra pressure on you. You can pick one according to your potential. These jobs are a great fit for your extra time. Also, supporting you in building the life you dream of. Challenging yourself means you will get to know your life vision. A side hustle provides us with a bridge that is mandatory to make our journey fulfilling and successful.

Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Apr 18, 24
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