Top 8 Video Editor with Captions or Subtitles Function

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Video Editing Tools List

Video editing has taken a new toll on the photography industry. Adding captions and subtitles makes your video even highly acceptable by both the locals and foreigners. Subtitles let viewers understand everything in the movie even when it's in a foreign language. But again, these have to be appropriately synchronized with the audio for an excellent performance. And when it comes to viewers with hearing problems, captions will show exactly what is being said in the program.

All these falls back to the video editor behind the screen - Opt for a video maker with captions and subtitles ready to offer pure gold. Remember, you need to edit your subtitles and captions along the way. Get a tool that will minimize the tedium of your work, promoting efficiency.

Video Captions Editor for Beginners

Check out these top-notch YouTube video captions software for a compelling piece of video, despite being the beginner that you are.

Wondershare DemoCreator

The Wondershare DemoCreator video captions maker falls first on our list due to its robust editing prowess. Use it to painlessly edit your recorded videos, adding interactive effects for effective messaging. You can also change the speed and add annotations for high-end ideas. Likewise, adding subtitles and captions doesn't require rocket science - supper easy. It's available for Windows and the Mac OS will be supported soon. What's more, it supports numerous formats like MOV, GIF, MP4, etc.

Among the benefits is an intuitive user interface for easy recording for beginners, wide format support, and super-fast processing ability. However, the free trial puts a watermark on your end video.


Use this tool with an open mind that you can make a great-looking video. Yes! That is what Camtasia is all about. You can do anything when it comes to creating, editing, and publishing your videos. It encompasses a tone of video templates that walks you along the path of video creation, letting you dramatically minimize the editing time as you maintain consistency. Likewise, you can add effects to bring on the feel of professionalism.

Among the supported file formats are JPG, M4A, AVI, CAMREC, and much more. It also works well on your Windows and Mac OS devices.

Likewise, use it to engage your viewers with added quizzes, using transitions between scenes, and grab your viewers' attention with added titles, annotations, captions, subtitles, and other effects. The only problem is that it was sometimes sluggish when working on large projects.

Kapwing Auto-Subtitle Maker

Kapwing video caption editor is the web's best tool for editing your video with captions and subtitles. You can quickly burn subtitles and add captions directly to your video. This is perfect, as your subtitles cannot get lost along the way.

It works on an AI-powered auto-generate feature that creates subtitles, automatically edits them, and perfectly matches them to your audio in the video. Apart from allowing easy synchronization of subtitles, it is easy to use and supports several output formats. You, however, have to upgrade for high-end features.

YouTube Automatic Caption

This video captions app is suitable for those content producers who want to generate subtitles automatically. The better if you already own a YouTube channel. It has a speech recognition technology that quickly generates your captions and subtitles immediately after you upload a new video.

This app beats the odds with its simple mode of generating automatic captions for YouTube videos. You can also easily edit punctuations, text, grammar, and spelling at will.

Its major drawback is non-availability in several countries. It's only available in 10 major languages; hence you must use conventional methods in making subtitles for your videos if the available languages don't favor you.

Facebook's Automatic Caption Feature

Facebook now has automatic subtitling for auto-play videos that makes it simpler to repurpose traditional clips. And since this video editor with captions breaks down the subtitles segment by segment, you get to review the suggestions head-on as you playback that particular snippet for surety.

Suiting various operating system devices like Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS, it is breathtaking to use this tool freely. Besides, it is pretty easy to edit your subtitles as a voice recognition system powers it. But that also gives in to its disadvantage as the tool is entirely operated by computers, allowing errors to creep in from time to time. It is also only available to US English Facebook Pages limiting usage by those outside the US.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is another easy-to-use tool that lets you easily add text to video painlessly. Get it for free for your Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac version. And when it comes to enhancing your videos, the over 800 stunning effects got you covered. You can also edit your videos with minimal effort by rotating, cropping, clipping, trimming, and using other features.

Likewise, you can explore advanced features like adjusting your audio with the audio mixer, altering the background with the green screen, using the zoom feature, and color tuning, among other options.

Even though you can share your video in any format, it will appear with a watermark if you haven't upgraded to the Premium version - that's the only drawback!

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker will adequately take care of your Windows OS devices. It's compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8, and XP. What makes this tool an excellent option for beginners is that it works in simple steps, letting you organize and add any photo or video to include in your next movie.

Adding text, transitions, and effects is a one-touch thing. It also doesn't matter the number of times you want to change your additions - even the app can do it for you. Many users opt for this app as you can easily post and share your movie to other sites like YouTube, Windows Live SkyDrive, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. What drives other users away is that it's only available for Windows OS devices.

Video Captions Editor for Pros

If you're a Pro in video editing, then, you just can not miss Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

We can't complete our list without the pro league, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC deserves its place in the high-ranking video captions software for PC. What sets this tool apart is the robust set of capabilities, adding support for 360 VR content, HDR video, 4K, among others.

This tool lets you move clips and timeline elements with a touch when it comes to navigating the easy-to-use interface. Its rich ecosystem of video production apps is slowly driving off the traditional nonlinear digital editing concept.

What put this tool ahead of others is the numerous organizational tools, responsive speed, powerful stabilization ability, and unlimited multi-cam angles. However, you have to know which button to press at what time as it appears quite ambiguous with no keyword tagging for media.

How to Choose?

Choosing a video captions software program depends on what you want to accomplish. Facebook's Automatic Caption Feature and YouTube Automatic Caption are only available in a handful of countries. But there are a ton of other readily available tools for beginners. And when it comes to the accessible mode of adding subtitles and captions, Wondershare DemoCreator and Camtasia video editors present exemplary functionalities. Add interactive effects with Wondershare DemoCreator, while getting a plethora of video templates with Camtasia for easy creation and export.