• 1. Record your computer screen, microphone, and webcam simultaneously.
  • 2. Allow you to customize screen capture and frame rate.
  • 3. Edit videos with thousands of resources and templates.

The Best Online Screen Recorder with Pen Tool

Oliva Eve
2024-04-19 10:34:49 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

An ever-increasing number of individuals need to record their PC evaluations for a wide range of reasons. In light of these requirements, there arise a ton of work area screen recorders and how to draw on your PC screen with online tools is also ever-increased. So, you can openly download any screen recorder for use as you like. In any case, many individuals need to record PC screens online with no download and establishment. Hence, online screen recorders appear. Recording your screen is a need for content makers, specialists, and educators, to give some examples. A depiction or Screenshot is important to demonstrate that you are seeing something bizarre on the screen. Mockup screen plans are likewise imparted to the customers as screen capture.

A couple of years prior, screen captures were not unreasonably much well known. It was simply used to share the blunder message on the screen. A print screen button is accessible in every one of the frameworks to catch the picture or screen yet it has specific constraints in it. It is a monotonous task to add text, bolts, and highlighters to the caught picture utilizing the print-screen choice. In any case, these days screen captures are regularly and broadly utilized in our everyday life. Take a depiction of an interesting message or post via web-based media to draw on your PC screen with the online tool. The best way to take care of an issue or carry their consideration regarding explicit pieces of a show is by pen projecting. The following are different ways you can prepare the customary whiteboard experience online.

The Best Online Screen Recorder with Screen Drawing Tool – DemoAir

Visual guides can have a significant effect when you're attempting to make a connection with an educational video. That being said, here and there you simply need to record your video precipitously, instead of returning in and adding visual components when you're set. Fortunately, DemoAir 's Screen Recorder has devices that permit you to draw, add text, or zoom as you record your screen.

DemoAir is an online apparatus that is basic yet exhaustive and simple to explore because of its natural guidelines and guide. One of DemoAir's stand-apart elements is catching a whole screen with limitless terms or an endless number of accounts.

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What You Can do with DemoAir Pen Tool

Add drawings as you record your video as opposed to holding back to alter your video. With DemoAir’s Draw and Zoom services, you can draw on accounts for input, instructional exercises, ongoing interaction, support recordings, and that's just the beginning. gives you the adaptability to utilize the record and interruption button. You can draw and record a piece of your video. You can likewise stop whenever. This gives you the time you wanted to draw on your screen and prepare it before hitting the record once more.

To add more to this online screen recorder with the pen tool, It can catch screen exercises on your PC to top-notch recordings and 60fps so you can record your interactivity video without outline drop. It can record web-based gathering without consent as well as make video instructional exercises with some altering apparatuses. It can likewise record sound just on the PC and your voice at the same time. Here are some notable ones:

Notable Features:

  • You can annotate your screen while recording
  • It gives you high fps screen recording for gameplay capture
  • It includes computer audio recording as well as the webcam video recording
  • You can record the entire screen as well as just choose to record a specific area
  • You can save the file in AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MP4
  • Also, with DemoAir, you can upload it to YouTube, Video, Google Drive, or Dropbox

How to use DemoAir Screen Drawing Tool

Here is a detailed guide about how to use the screen drawing tool in DemoAir


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Step 1: Launch and Customize Recording Interface

Launch the Wondershare DemoAir, you shall be open to dealing with the basic recording tools such as screen size, frame rate, screen resolution and other efficient recording features as this software allows you to perform all these basics right at the start of the recording as follow:

Step 2: Set up Recording Setting

With the DemoAir screen recorder, you can perform the audio screen recording as well. To do that, hit the sound source buttons from the main part of the recording interface as follows:

Step 3: Start Recording

The most important part of the screen recording is the screen of your screen and with the DemoAir screen recorder, you can do that efficiently with the straightforward button of the window selection. After that, hit the Start button to live record the screen and the same for the ending of the recordings.

Step 4: Download in MP4 format

Lastly, the DemoAir supports YouTube sharing, Google drive sharing, Embed code for Google Drive. You can also rename or delete the file after the recording has been done.

The Best Offline Alternative to DemoAir: DemoCreator

Now that you’ve witnessed the DemoAir specialties among the other drawing tools, one thing that differentiates it from the top-notch tools is it is online available and browser a embedded feature. On the other hand, there’s the DemoCreator, which is an across-the-board yet simple to-utilize screen recording toolkit to catch any screen exercises occurring on your screen. With the choices of recording screen, sound, webcam, screen with sound, screen with webcam, this screen recorder is a great decision to record zoom gatherings, introductions, video instructional exercises, online courses, games, and so forth.


What you can do with DemoCreator Pen Tool

DemoCreator is a basic however useful program. It will work impeccably on the off chance that you wanted to record a screencast with the sound, webcam, and featuring of your mouse and console snaps, or make a screen capture. The program is reasonable for Windows and Mac clients, and it doesn't need a web association. Here’s its detailed features kit.

Notable Features:

  • You can capture the full screen or customized region in FHD.
  • It also lets you record computer internal audio as well as sound from microphone
  • Also, you can record screen and audio simultaneously as well.
  • DemoCreator also lets you record webcam only or with the recording screen
  • With Pen and Drawing feature, you can put arrows, circles, rectangles, and other shapes in real-time.
  • The editor allows you to manage and draw on the recording with ease and to edit it after recording
  • You can save your final output file in various formats including MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV, AVI, MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, WMA, etc.

How to use DemoCreator Screen Drawing Tool

Here are the detailed steps to Record Gameplay Screen with the DemoCreator screen recorder, follow to learn easily.

Step 1. Launch the Recorder

To initiate screen drawing with DemoCreator, kickstart by installing and then launching the Wondershare DemoCreator Screen recorder. The start of the recording UI of DemoCreator is as follow:

Step 2: Setup Your Webcam

With the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder, you can perform the webcam screen recording as well. To do that, hit the integrated webcam feature you can seat the main part of the game recording interface as follows:

Step 3: Enable Screen Drawing Toolkit

Sometimes, while recording the tutorial screen, you need to perform real-time actions so you can clearly explain to your audience your live actions. To do that with DemoCreator screen recorder, simply opt for the Screen Drawing Tool slider available at the bottom of the screen recording window as follows:

Step 4: Export and share to YouTube

To save and export your video with this software, here’s how you can do that by simply hitting the Export button at the top right corner of the screen as follow:

DemoCreator VS DemoAir in Screen Drawing Tool

In the least difficult terms, a screen recording toolkit takes a video of what occurs on your screen. You can record the whole presentation of your screen, a particular space of the screen, or a specific window. Screen recording for the most part incorporates your amplifier and PC sound, as well. What isolates screen recorders from one another are the watermarks, components, and quality.  Here we’ll include that in a tabular form to put a light on DemoAir and DemoCreator solution.








Chrome Extension only

Windows, Mac platforms

Screen Drawing

Limited and Real-Time only

Both Real-time and Post-production screen drawing is available


Online and Easy to use

A bit professional with top-notch features

Special Effects

It doesn’t include any

It has a variety of special effects





Notwithstanding the product you pick, you can be sure that you'll have the option to snatch pictures and make recordings however you see fit. The screen-catch field involves independent applications, just as devices are incorporated into more strong bundles. Both Wondershare top products we’ve enlisted here have their specialties among the users. If you’re going for an online approach, then DemoAir needs to be your choice and in the case of the offline, DemoCreator is there for you to fulfill your needs.