Fraps vs. Bandicam vs. OBS

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

In modern days many game lover wants to share their real-time adventures with the game lovers. For this purpose, any new and advanced software is invented to capturing their adventures. In all such software, many people get confused that which one is best for their use to capture their gaming moments. Some popular software like Fraps, Bandicam, and OBS is famous among game lovers in all such software.

However, they are also in confusion about choosing one of the best software to record their gaming adventure. To solve this problem of game lovers here, we describe all three software: Fraps, Bandicam, and OBS. This article gives full information about this software with Fraps vs. Bandicam vs. OBS to make your work easy. So go through this and select one of the best software to share your gaming adventure with game lovers.

1. Fraps

Fraps is one of the best software for game lovers who want to share their gaming adventures with their friends and fans in many games capturing software. It gives many new and advanced technologies to use for recording games, and it is very easy to use the software. It gives high-quality videos to its user, for which many users will enjoy their gaming videos most.

The Fraps software has very few updates, but it is very popular among people. Frap software helps its users to make high-quality gaming videos, and you can save and share these videos with your friends. It has many key features. These features will help game lovers make good and quality videos.


Some Key Features of Fraps

 It gives quality performance

This software provides quality performance to its users as it allows increasing frames per second for its users. It records 120 frames per second. The users of Fraps software will not face any problem when starting and stopping a video. You can save all the information by using this software.

It provides high-quality videos

This software provides high-quality videos to its users. This software can record 120 frames per second and 7680x4800 resolution per second. It optimizes your videos from bit rate, and you can also capture frames per second and record resolution. This feature will help the users to make a good and quality video.

This is a benchmarking software

This software has many good qualities. This is called benchmarking software as it gives many frames per second in the corner of your screen. It measures performance custom benchmark and the frame rate between any two points. You can save this information for your reviews.

You can capture screenshots

You can capture screenshots at any time of your recording by pressing a key. When you have captured some screenshots, it is not needed to paste them into a paint program. As it saves your screenshot and it is automatically renamed and time-stamped. You can also use these screenshots for your later use.

You can record your real-time videos

You can record your real-time videos by using this software. You can record any moment of the gaming as it has no issue with starting and stopping your videos' record. You can record videos with 7680x4800 custom frame rates with 1 to 120 frames per second. For this quality, this is very useful.

It is very easy to use

Fraps software is very easy to use. As it gives many benchmarking features to its users but you can use it in a very easy way. You have to follow some simple steps after it's free downloading. And then you can use it as required. Fraps is a good and easy-to-use software for every game lover.

2. Bandicam

Bandicam is one of the best software for video and game recording purposes. This is the best software and gives many advanced tools to its users. Many professionals also use this webcam recorder software to use it for their business purpose.

This software provides different recording modes for recording games and videos. You can record games, screen recording by using this software. Bandicam is a good recording software as it is used by its users most. When you are thinking about Fraps vs.

Bandicam performance, you get a better result from Bandicam. You can record full-screen videos by using this software. Performance-wise it is very good, so when it talks about Fraps vs. Bandicam performance, many professionals choose Bandicam.

You can use recorded videos for later. Many YouTubers, video editors use this software as it gives many advanced technologies to its users. So it is very popular among people. Here some features of Bandicam describe below.


Some Key Features of Bandicam

You can record games and other screen videos

By using Bandicam software, you can record the real-time videos of your gaming session. Professionals also use this software. This software provides screen recording facilities for which anyone can record screen videos during a video call and anything else.

It provides a high compression ratio

This software provides a high compression ratio so that anyone can easily compress their large file videos into a small file. For this feature, many professionals used this software as their first choice. Any big-size file can be compressed and turn into a small-size file by using its advanced feature.

It gives the real-time drawing option

This software gives the option of real-time drawing. Whenever you make a video by using this advanced webcam recorder, you can make a real-time drawing at that time. This is one of the best features of Bandicam as it allows you to make a real-time drawing for your use.

You can mix your voice by using it.

This software gives all the advanced features, so it is very popular among people. You can mix your voice on the video that you are capture during your game session. This software will give this feature to its user. For this feature, you can mix your voice and make your video a good one.

You can use it as screen capturing

Bandicam software is used for capturing screen videos. For this purpose, you can make a good video during your live game session and screen videos. Any recording made by Bandicam is good in quality, and you can make a good live session video.

You can record on selected areas

By using Bandicam software, you can record the videos on screen on selected areas so that you can get a perfect and professional video for your use. You can make a gaming video and save it.

3. OBS

OBS is one of the best software for making real-time videos like games, presentations, etc. This open broadcast software will give you many new features to use it.

By using this software, you can find many streaming videos and use them for various purposes.  This screen recorder is giving many features free of cost. If you are thinking about Bandicam vs. Fraps vs. OBS, you can go for any of these three.


Some Key Features of the OBS

Easy screen capturing

OBS is one of the best software for capturing screen recording in a high-quality video. You can use this feature and capture your real-time videos and share it with your friends and others. Many game lovers will also use this feature to capturing their adventures.

You can be broadcasting your videos

By using OBS screen recording software, you can broadcast your videos on various channels. This OBS software is free, and you can make online communications distinctive. This software will support multiple platforms like Facebook Live, Hitbox, Twitch, YouTube, and many others. This live streaming software gives you this feature for which you can broadcast your real-time videos.

It gives a clean Interface

It gives you good quality videos to its users. It gives a clean interface for its users. This software is very much popular for this feature. As many screen recorder software gives many advanced features, but this software will give you a good quality video for your live streaming video session. 

It provides the freedom to the set hotkeys 

By using this software, you will enable hotkeys to navigate easily across features. Also, you can use hotkeys for many kinds of actions, and you can use them for starting and stopping recording. You can use these hotkeys for muting audios, push-to-talk, Live streaming, and many other purposes. 

You can mix intuitive audios 

Through OBS software, you can use multiple languages and multiple audios on your videos. In this software, you can mix up your voice on live streaming videos and make a good video for your later use. This software gives you many filters, including noise suppression, noise gate, and gain. 

It gives you the scope of collaboration

This is a good and useful software for professionals. This software supports collaboration with other applications and plugins creatively, and this software will allow you to enhance functionalities and performance. By using OBS software, many people get many new features to make good videos.  For this feature, it is good in the market. 


Much live streaming software is available for your use, but Fraps vs. Bandicam vs. OBS is very high in the competition. If you are confused about choosing one of the best screen recording software, go for Bandicam or Fraps. These two software are very good to use, and it gives many new and different features to its user. If you want to make a good quality video, you can go through all these three software, giving you many ways to use it and make good and useful videos.