Minecraft, one of the world's most popular games, is said to have over 100 million active users and continues to be enjoyed even after more than a decade since its official release.

Many fans of Minecraft may already be aware that there are individuals known as 'Minecraft Let's Play' who play the game on the internet, showcasing their gaming skills and communication abilities. Minecraft Let's Play exists all over the world and each of them offers unique content in their streams or videos.

In this article, we will introduce popular Minecraft Let's Players who bring a unique twist to the game in a ranking format. Furthermore, in the latter part of the article, we will also explain how to become one of Minecraft Let's Play, so please read on to the end.

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Part 1. What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a hugely popular sandbox-style game enjoyed by a wide range of ages, from children to adults. Since its official release in 2011, it has been steadily increasing its active user count year by year.

Minecraft can be described as a 'block-playing' game at its core. Players are given the freedom to create buildings, raise creatures, go on adventures, and more within the Minecraft world. The game's appeal lies in the fact that players have control over all aspects of the gameplay.

Depending on the game mode selected, some versions of Minecraft also include survival elements, allowing players to choose their preferred style of play.

Furthermore, Minecraft is considered an imaginative game as it lacks a definitive goal or the concept of 'completing' the game. This open-ended gameplay encourages creativity and imaginative thinking, and it has even found applications in educational settings for children. Minecraft is a game that offers freedom in how it is enjoyed, making it a beloved and popular game for people of all ages.

Part 2. Top Minecraft Let's Play Ranking

The creative gameplay of Minecraft has gained immense popularity, and it is now featured as game commentary content on YouTube.

Minecraft users watch these commentaries for study purposes to improve their building skills, enjoy the commentary of Let's Players during live broadcasts, and have established various ways to enjoy the game without playing it themselves.

In this chapter, we will rank the popular 'Minecraft Let's Play' as of April 2024 based on their YouTube subscriber counts.

The Minecraft Let's Play we feature in this article primarily operate YouTube channels that focus on Minecraft content. We will introduce them in separate sections around the world, so please take a look!


In contrast to Japan, many overseas Minecraft Let's Play tend to be individual content creators. Additionally, some YouTubers utilize the Minecraft universe to create anime content, which they upload to YouTube.

Here are the top 5 Minecraft Let's Players from around the world:

  1. Dream
  2. Aphmau
  3. Noob Builder - Minecraft
  4. Omz
  5. Ryan TheScion

Let's delve into a brief overview of each of these Minecraft Let's Play!

Top 1. Dream | 31.8M subscribers

dream minecraft lets play

YouTube Channel: Dream

Dream, boasting an overwhelming number of YouTube channel subscribers, is an immensely popular Minecraft Let's Player worldwide.

One of the key reasons for his popularity is his exceptional skill in playing Minecraft. He is considered a 'genius' within the gaming community due to his remarkable abilities. Additionally, he actively engages with fans on social media, deepening his connection with them, and he is cherished by a multitude of people.

Furthermore, he has launched several YouTube channels, each of which features popular content.

His latest popular video is titled 'Minecraft Hostage Simulator', which has garnered 7.7 million views.

Top 2. Aphmau | 20.1M subscribers

aphmau minecraft lets play

YouTube Channel: Aphmau

Aphmau, a female Minecraft Let's Player, is a popular YouTuber known for uploading Minecraft gaming videos.

She possesses excellent building skills in Minecraft, and her content often includes stories, providing viewers with an experience akin to watching an anime.

What makes her stand out is that she is a rare female Minecraft Let's Play in a predominantly male-dominated field. Her unique style of commentary is quite appealing.

Her latest popular video is titled 'New DO NOT LAUGH in Minecraft!', which has garnered 4.4 million views.

Top 3. Noob Builder - Minecraft|2.1M subscribers

noob builder minecraft lets play

YouTube Channel: Noob Builder - Minecraft

Noob Builder - Minecraft is well-known for their exceptional building skills in Minecraft. They predominantly create content known as 'creative building' where they construct various structures within the Minecraft world.

The quality of their creations is widely acclaimed, often leaving Minecraft fans in awe. They also show the process of building in their videos, making them educational for those looking to improve their Minecraft skills.

Their latest popular video is titled 'INSIDE BED BASE HOUSE BUILD CHALLENGE - Minecraft Battle: NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER vs GOD / Animation', which has gained around 374K views. Despite the relatively lower view count, their channel maintains a high frequency of content uploads, catering to a dedicated fan base.

Top 4. Omz|3.28M subscribers

omz minecraft lets play

YouTube Channel: Omz

Omz is a relatively new Minecraft YouTuber who started their channel in January 2023. In just a few months, they have gained an impressive more than 2 million subscribers, showing rapid growth in their channel's popularity.

Currently, Omz uploads Minecraft gameplay videos every day, and their content often features a storyline, making it engaging and enjoyable to watch.

While they have produced a relatively small number of videos, with a total of 149 as of now, it is expected that their popularity will continue to grow as they upload more content in the future.

Their latest popular video, titled "LOCKED on ONE LUCKY BLOCK But We're MOBS With CRAZY FAN GIRL!" has garnered over 3 million views.

Top 5. Ryan TheScion | 548K subscribers

ryan the scion minecraft lets play

YouTube Channel: Ryan TheScion

Ryan TheScion is known for delivering Minecraft gameplay commentary and building tutorial videos that are easy to understand, making them suitable for those who are just starting to play Minecraft.

In addition to informative content, this YouTuber also creates short videos featuring high-quality architectural creations within the Minecraft world.

While their channel may have a smaller number of subscribers compared to some of the previously mentioned content creators, they have their dedicated following within the Minecraft community.

Their latest popular video, titled "Can I Beat Minecraft's Newest Gamemode?" has received over 575K views.

Part 3. Starting Your Minecraft Commentary Journey!

There are numerous creators both in Japan and abroad who broadcast the popular game Minecraft in the form of commentary.

For Minecraft beginners and existing users, the idea of trying commentary broadcasts for their own 'Minecraft life' is not uncommon. Through commentary broadcasts, you can increase your circle of Minecraft friends, discover new ways to enjoy the game, and further immerse yourself in the charm of Minecraft.

In this chapter, we will provide explanations and recommendations for PC software and commentary methods for those who are considering trying Minecraft commentary.

3-1. Recommended PC Software for Minecraft Let's Play

The most highly recommended PC software for Minecraft Let's Play is Wondershare DemoCreator.

DemoCreator is an all-in-one recording software developed by Wondershare, a company with a presence in over 150 countries worldwide. It is so well-suited for Minecraft Let's Play that it could easily be said to have been developed specifically for this purpose.

How to Record Gaming Videos for YouTube?

Free Download
Free Download

The reasons for this recommendation include the following four points:

  1. Advanced and lag-free recording capabilities with support for up to 120fps.
  2. Intuitive operation and professional-level video editing features for creating and editing videos.
  3. Ideal presentation features for real-time commentary and presentations, perfect for Minecraft Let's Play.
  4. Seamless integration of the above three functions, allowing Minecraft Let's Play and live streaming to be completed using DemoCreator alone.

These three main features are directly related to Minecraft Let's Play and live streaming, and because they are all integrated within a single software, having DemoCreator alone can create a high-quality Minecraft Let's Play environment.

3-2. How to Record Minecraft?

Here is the method to record Minecraft gameplay:

It's worth noting that this article uses Minecraft Java Edition installed on a PC as an example. However, even if you are using the integrated version on platforms like Nintendo Switch or PS5, you can still record and do live commentary by using a capture card or remote play application in a similar way.

step1Launch Minecraft

First, let's start Minecraft. Minecraft will be waiting on this screen.

launch minecraft
step2Recording Function

Launch DemoCreator and select either [New Recording] or [Game Recorder].

launch democreator

Free Download
Free Download

step3Recording Settings

Once the dedicated recording menu appears, configure the settings for your preferred Minecraft commentary recording. Set the "Recording Area" to encompass the Minecraft screen you opened earlier. For "System Audio," select "Default System Audio."

If you want to record your voice as well, toggle on the "Microphone" option. Additionally, by enabling the Web Camera option, you can simultaneously record the streamer's reactions in a picture-in-picture (PiP) mode.

change recording settings

Click on [REC] to begin recording.

start recording minecraft

Now, let's actually play Minecraft. Once you've finished recording, click on [Stop] to end the recording.

stop recording minecraft

The recorded footage can be either quickly exported immediately or sent to the video editing feature for further editing.

edit minecraft recording videos

Free Download
Free Download

3-3. How to Real-time Comment on Minecraft (YouTube Live)?

Next, let's look at how to comment in real-time while playing Minecraft, using YouTube Live as an example.

This time, we'll use "Video Presentation"! feature.

step1Start Minecraft

First, start Minecraft. Minecraft will be on this screen.

step2Open Video Presentation

Select "Video Presentation" and make various settings on the DemoCreator side.

present minecraft videos

Free Download
Free Download

Select "Share Desktop" from the [+] button at the bottom left of the screen and specify Minecraft.

present minecraft game

Once you've prepared DemoCreator, click on [Live Streaming].

streaming minecraft game
step3YouTube Live Settings

Next, go to YouTube and select [Start Live Stream] from the [Create] button in the upper right corner of the screen.

youtube streaming settings

Specify the streaming duration and choose "Built-in webcam" as the streaming method.

youtube streaming settings

Once you've set the overview and title of your live content, in the "Stream preview," select "DemoCreator Virtual Camera" from the camera list.

choose streaming camera

By doing this, you'll be sharing DemoCreator's screen and input. Click on "[Start Live Stream]" to begin your YouTube Live stream!

Summary: Enjoy Minecraft Commentary with DemoCreator!

In this article, we introduced popular Minecraft commentators around the world. We also explained how to actually do Minecraft commentary and recommended PC software.

Minecraft commentators are popular not only among adult users but also among children. Minecraft itself is an attractive game, allowing for creative thinking to come to life, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

For those considering trying Minecraft commentary in the future, use the popular commentators we introduced here as a reference and use DemoCreator, a high-performance software that is well-suited for Minecraft commentary videos. Enjoy Minecraft commentary with DemoCreator!

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