Pixel 4 Screen Recorder

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Pixel 4 screen recorder app is a simple app for screen recording which can be used by those who want to create content for social media or the video-sharing platform. The Pixel 4 screen recorder is an upgrade on the Google Pixel 3 screen recorder. When the app is opened there are audio levels displayed on the screen alongside the button of pause. The recordings can be paused or saved by tapping the checkmark button. The recordings can also be renamed but the default name is the time at with it was taken.

The settings give an option of using the dark, default, or light themes and apart from this, there is no other complex understanding. It is extremely simple and that is something that will improve the experience of the users of the app. The app provides the basic tools which make it very easy to use for those who want to record tutorials or gaming videos.

Enable Android's Built-In Screen Recorder On Google Pixel

For a long time, the Android built-in recorder was something that was requested by many users and to their great relief it did end up in the Android 10 beta release however it did not become a part of the final release to the dismay of the users. Although, there is a way of bringing it back and the process of enabling the built-in screen recorder on the devices of Google Pixel is given below:

pixel screen recorder

Step 1: For enabling the built-in recorder on the Google Pixel smartphones, the user would have to make sure that he or she has the latest update. Google had brought this feature back in this update in a silent manner and it came to someone's notice on a social platform. The experts feel that this should work on the other Pixel phones as well such as Pixel 2, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3. There are some users though who have reported a few problems with this functioning most common of which were that the recordings were capturing only half of the screen. It might be possible because these things do happen when the feature has not released officially.

Step 2: This step will require the user to keep a computer near him and that computer will provide support for the ADB commands.

Step 3: Some basic instructions for these are as follows:

  • The user must download the OTA file
  • Then the user needs to boot into the recovery mode.
  • After which you need to navigate to ADB sideload
  • Then make sure that the handset is connected with the computer that has ADB tools installed
  • After this, the user has to enter the sideload command
  • The phone needs to be rebooted.

Step 4: After this, the user will need to enter one command for getting the screen recorder working. After the command has been entered, this feature is going to be live on the device. 

Step 5: The next question arises that how one accesses the recorder on the Google Pixel. This is an option that is hidden in the power menu. Long pressing on the power button is going to bring up the options for restart, power, emergency information, and screenshot as well. For starting the new screen recording, a simple press of the button of the screenshot, there will be a new window that is going to pop-up. The screen recorder which is built-in is extremely simple however it has a couple of options available for the recording of voiceover and also showing taps on the screen.

Step 6: After tapping on the start recording button, there will be one more window that will appear for warning that anything on this screen is going to be captured and it could even involve information that is sensitive. Once the screen recording has finished, the notification tray needs to be dragged down, and stop needs to be tap. After this, the system is going to process the recording and leave in the tray of the notifications with the buttons of the share as well as delete. This recording is going to be saved on the device directly to Movies.

This is the process for enabling the screen recorder however this is another issue which is faced by the users who feel that this is still a hassle that the users should not have to go through. They are hoping that the recorder will be there in the next version of Android that is the Android 11 version.

Use Pixel Screen Recorder App

The Pixel Screen Recorder is a screen recorder that is simple, easy to use, and free. This is a stable and extremely unlimited very high-quality screen recording app. This app also provides a smooth recording and a clear phone screen video. This is particularly useful for those who want to record Vlogs and make YouTube videos. The screencasting games and tutorials can be made properly through this app. The videos can be shared afterward with the contacts too. It helps in creating promotional videos as well and what makes it complete is the fact that it can record audio too. The audio recording feature allows it to be used for tutorials such as the make-up tutorials.

The features of the Pixel Screen recorder are as follows.:

  • The Pixel Screen recorder app is extremely easy to use and therefore the go-to app for many YouTubers.
  • This app offers unlimited time for recording the screen
  • The app offers a recording of audio while the screen recording is going on.
  • Games can be recorded with a high frame rate of 60fps
  • The screen recordings get scored on the SD card of the device.
  • The recording of the screen takes place at the full-screen resolution.
  • The Pixel 4 screen recorder offers editing tools such as trimming and cutting of videos post the screen recording
  • The pixel 4 selects the frames for using it as a screenshot when the video is being edited.
  • The videos which are recorded can be shared with different social media outlets as well.

Users also download SmartPixel screen recorder for PC and this offers free recording services. The SmartPixel screen recorder for PC free download enables the users to record their content share with the world and their contacts. The SmartPixel screen recorder crack needs to be downloaded with the SmartPixel screen recorder download. This also offers tutorials in the software which is an all-in-one video editing software. The SmartPixel has three different modes. These are the editor, recorder, and webcam.

Editor mode is quite a simple interface which allows the importing of video calls and also allows the adding of music or the other audio clips. They even add video effects in it. Clicking on import, the program asks a question on whether they want to import and edit the video or Upload the video. The importing of videos on this tray does not always string all videos in one in the timeline.

The users will still have to manually join this together. The recorder mode then opens a smaller window which may run simultaneously with the window of the editor. This has some of the basic features of being able to decide on the size of the recordings and the button of record in addition to others. The Webcam mode is also the same although it is going to replace the window of Recorder.

Another app is the PixelProspector screen recorder which offers free screen recorders for creating video recordings. Among the most impressive things about the PixelProspector free online screen recorder is that all the major social media platforms are embedded within this site always.


The Pixel 4 screen recorder comes across as an easy to use recorder however it’s unavailability on the Android version has led to users take up different versions of apps to record the videos. Pixel rec screen recorder provides various services recording tutorial videos and gameing videos. The app is common among those who create vlogs as it is easy to use and also provides multiple options. The users though are disappointed that the users of Google Pixel 4 are not able to use the built-in recorder of Android. This is a simple app however it works just fine for its user precisely because the performance is great. The video editor still has question marks attached to the video editing part of the software. Let us know if you have any other screen recorder for Pixel in mind in the below comments.