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Best Survival Games

Oliva Eve
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Bleak and hostile environments, looming threats that harm your HP, little resources – these are what typically make up a survival game. Survival games are getting more and more popular in nowadays, but with so many survival games available on the market, which game will provide the best playing experience? If you want to know if you can stand a chance in case of a zombie breakout or a post-apocalyptic world, then you want to check out these survival games that we have rounded up. We have picked some of the best survival games that you can play in this article, whether it is about stars, zombies or monsters.


Fortnite was released as a free-to-play game in 2014 but will be available in an early access version in July 2017. It has building elements to it similar to Minecraft (well, if you enjoy playing Minecraft and need some beautiful graphics to refresh your eyes). It has a lot of elements similar to Minecraft, where you'll explore the map, scavenge for resources, build weapons, construct buildings, and kill monsters. The main plot is being able to survive and defend your stronghold for 14 days.

There are excellent character classes you can choose when starting the game. These characters are the ninja, outlander, soldier, and constructor. Each has their unique ability that has an advantage in construction or combat.

Players must make use of the resources available in the environment. Items such as yellow orbs can give them a boost in attack power, and raw materials for weapons and buildings are needed before starting to craft one.


World’s Adrift

World’s Adrift is a beautifully conceptualized MMO survival game where you will explore endless floating islands and have to maneuver the physics of the resources available. Your primary aim is to build a ship you’ll use to cross the endless expanse of a sea of clouds and hopping from one floating island to the next. You will need to gather resources for your ship, and the physics and placement of the objects you put in your ship will be crucial to your survival.

You will need to acquire knowledge (shown in a tree map) to slowly upgrade when building your ship. Once you have constructed a formidable one, you can start cruising the skies and attacking other ships controlled by other players. If you manage to wreck their ship, you can acquire their spoils and enhance your ship further.


Praey for the Gods

In Praey for the Gods, you control a female protagonist who starts with nothing in her possession and must navigate the frozen plains to gather resources and survive.

The game features an exhaustion system where your character's stats will lower when the fatigue level decreases. Your character may start to move slower, which can be detrimental as you become more vulnerable to monsters.

As you progress through the game, you will be faced with increasingly challenging and gigantic monsters. As you start out, you will only be able to find and use a bow and arrow. As you progress along you can use projectile weapons when you get the access to it.


Conan Exiles

This survival game is set against a prehistoric Conan the Barbarian backdrop. You start out tied to a cross due to being convicted of crimes and punished to death. Conan rescues you and now free to explore the desolate landscape known as The Exiled Lands.

You must monitor your health gauges, such as hunger and thirst. You can regenerate them by resting and gathering resources and food. You will also need to build a shelter to protect you from natural elements, wild animals, and other fictional beasts.

You will also get to choose a god to pledge your allegiance to and worship them on altars. By selecting to worship a god you can gain some unique abilities. The gods you can worship are Crom, who needs no worship and will not answer your prayer (if you do not wish to pledge to a god), Set the god of sacrifices who gives his favor when you perform human sacrifice on his altars, Yog is the god of cannibals who wants his followers to consume human flesh, and Mitra the god of justice and right, will allow you to create clothing, sacred statues, healing items, and weapons.


Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a realistic first-person shooter survival game. It is set in the fictional city of Tarkov where the city has been ravaged by war. After a political conflict that has escalated to a civil war, Tarkov’s borders were closed, trapping those who did not manage to escape.

Players can choose one of the three factions: USEC, BEAR or Sav and would need to navigate his way out of the war-torn city.

You will need to manage your health as this can be affected by factors like hydration, blood pressure, energy, and exhaustion. There is also no heads up display for this game, and you would need to assess your resources visually.


State of Decay

A survival game list will not be complete without a zombie entry. As the title would give you a hint, State of Decay 2 has all your favorite ingredients in a zombie survival game – gore, hordes of the undead and blasting whatever life is left from them.

State of Decay 2 has new details from its prequel. Players can now collaborate in co-op missions of four. Characters will also be imbued with traits, and some will have unique capabilities that only they can perform. Each character’s movements will create a noise which can attract and trigger a zombie siege. The game will also have a bigger map and performance is greatly enhanced.


Days Gone

The zombies get quicker and nastier in Days Gone. A virus that spread globally infected the human race and turned them into mindless zombies called in the game as "Freakers." You control Deacon St. John and fight off the hordes of agile Freakers while scavenging for resources to survive.

The game features a day and night cycle which significantly affects how the Freakers behave. By day time they are slower but come night time, they become more aggressive.


H1Z1: Just Survive

If you’re not yet full from your zombie apocalypse survival game appetite, H1Z1: Just Survive is another title to check out. This is an MMO game that focuses on teamwork as a vital component to survive.

Just Survive is one of the two halves of H1Z1, where your goal is to gather resources, build shelter, and craft your weapons. You start out with only a limited set of supplies, among them a flashlight, gauze, knife, compass and a belt pouch. Once you have managed to gather some resources, you can mix them up, make new recipes and discover new items to construct materials to help you survive.

As with other survival games, you need to monitor your health stats and keep them regenerated by consuming food and water and resting to avoid fatigue. Weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, and the wind will also affect your health and movement.

The zombies will be sensitive to sounds and light, which will attract and trigger a swarm that will be bent on eating you alive.


The Forest

The Forest is a horror survival game where your enemies are cannibal mutants. The game starts with a scene of a plane crashing towards a heavily forested island where your character and your character's son are the lone survivors. As you get your bearings on the situation, you see your son being kidnapped by a human figure covered in red paint. It is your goal now to rescue your son while surviving this forsaken island. As you go through the plot, you may be freaked out by what's going on, how these cannibal mutants came to be, and why your son was kidnapped.

You can ditch the whole story completion mission and explore the forest island in an open-world manner and build an abode and gather enough resources to ensure your survival.


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