Camtasia Alternatives

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Camtasia is one of the most sought-after software for screen recording. Known as the program that allows you the most control over your recordings, it helps you create interactive videos by clipping whatever there is on your screen.

But not everyone can afford a 250-dollar software to screen record videos now, can they? This calls for the need for software like Camtasia

Here is a list of tried and tested Camtasia alternatives which are FREE to use for all, and equally good as Camtasia.

Free Cam

If you're looking for an interactive software with the easiest user interface— you have got to try the Free Cam free screen recorder. Not only is it built with an audio/video editor, but it also offers amazing quality unlike other free tools out there.

Even though the software does not use ads and allows you the quality and class of an ad-free experience, it still allows you to save your video without any watermark. The best part is that you can delete the parts in videos that you don't want to be added without messing up the quality of the video.

free cam


  1. Allows you to save videos without watermark
  2. 100% free with no additional paid add-ons
  3. Offers great sound and video quality
  4. The professional interface allows you to create screencasts hassle-free
  5. Comes with 20 built-in sound effects for added drama in the screencasts
  6. Does not require a specialized mic as you can remove background noise and improve the quality of vocals with it automatically


  1. Video can not be saved in Mp4 format
  2. Can not record reaction videos as it does not support webcam


The world of gaming has made people impatient and this is where Ezvid establishes its dominance. The loading speed is incredibly fast; the interface is super-easy to use. Even a noob can understand how to use this Camtasia similar software within 60 seconds.

And that's not all. For people who don't have the confidence to record their own voice, or are maybe looking for a more professional voiceover in their videos, this software allows you to have a computer-generated voiceover so you can just sit back and relax and not get worried about your dense accent or voice cracking.



  1. Gives a professional outlook to videos
  2. Has around 100 different tracks for background music
  3. Can edit the speed of videos
  4. Offers to upload videos to YouTube directly
  5. The software itself is very light for your computer and doesn't take much space in the hard drive
  6. Easy to use interface
  7. Allows you to use a webcam as well


  1. Can not remove background noise if you don't use a mic and an equalizer
  2. Users have reported that the software crashes sometimes


This software offers a variety of features as a package, so it comes as no surprise that many people have it installed on their systems. Many software impose time limits on recording (Hint: Loom) but flashback allows you to create and edit videos for free, without a watermark, and without a time limit. Seems like a dream, doesn't it?



  1. Offers a variety of options for screen recording such as a full clip of screen or a specific region of the screen
  2. Comes with a timer so you can set it and focus on your game while it automatically loads and records the game
  3. Has an automatic stop timer as well
  4. Lets you hide icons from desktop
  5. Has the feature to crop videos or reduce the file size


  1. You need to be an expert to figure out the timer
  2. The free version doesn't come with editing features


In this age and time, people value their time more than their money as they know they can make more money by selling their hours. The Fraps screen recorder is just an example of the same concept. It doesn't come free, but it saves you a lot of time by providing an all-in-one solution for video capture.

This means that you don't have to edit the same video in different software. You can really have it all with Fraps screen recorder and video capture tool so it's still a win-win situation.



  1. Extremely easy to use interface
  2. Contains all-in-one solution to all your video editing problems
  3. Offers framerate capture to evaluate the game performance
  4. Offers a free version with comparatively less access
  5. Allows you to minimize the screen or close the window
  6. Can run in the background without showing on the screen
  7. Let's you set the frame size for the record
  8. Video speed can be set at 30 fps or 60 fps


  1. Offers the best features only in the paid version
  2. Takes up a lot of space in hard drive


CamStudio is one of the most famous screen recorders out there. With its hassle-free interface, it is one of the best things out there if you have started screen-recording as a beginner.

It allows you to perform all the basic functions and create quick YouTube tutorials and spread your knowledge with the world— absolutely free of cost!



  1. Provides the videos in AVI format
  2. No need to download it from outside sources as it is available for Windows
  3. Does not keep a time limit on the recordings
  4. Allows you to add code and manipulate the software according to your requirements
  5. Fairly easy to use for beginners


  1. It is an open-sourced software which means anyone can infect it with viruses
  2. Videos are larger in size
  3. Reduces the quality of videos when downloaded from the software

Expression Encoder

If you love clean coded software as much as we do, come join the bandwagon because Expression Encoder is just the software for you.

With its outstanding recording aptitude of recording in 1600 HD, you can expect nothing but the best!

expression encoder


  1. Allows you to import and edit videos with built-in audio
  2. Lets you stream live for YouTube or Facebook Live
  3. Allows Webcam recording
  4. Does not keep a watermark on videos
  5. Comes with a sleek and smooth looking interface
  6. Lets the videos come out looking as professional as they can be


  1. Since it is a Microsoft based software, it is only available for Windows
  2. Regardless of what it claims, it cannot edit and remove the background noise completely


Webinaria is free to use, open-source screencasting software. It allows you to create AVI and Flash videos from screen recordings. Furthermore, Webinaria gives you the option to record voice as well as your webcam video, along with the screen recording, so again, it's a great option for YouTubers who want to share their reactions with the screen as well.

This makes it a handy tool for gameplay and reaction videos, as well as for recording educational videos.



  1. Offers completely free access and is open-source, which allows users to study the code.
  2. Allows the selection and recording of specific areas of the screen
  3. Screen annotations can be added.
  4. Custom backgrounds and presets can be used.
  5. Keystrokes can be recorded.
  6. Videos can be recorded in fullscreen.
  7. Mouse tracking and highlighting can be enabled.
  8. Videos can be viewed frame by frame.


  1. The software is limited to windows; it cannot run on Mac OS or Linux.
  2. The software does not run on a virtual machine.

Wondershare DemoCreator

An excellent option for screen recording is Wondershare DemoCreator. It provides unmatched screen recording and editing features and it even allows the user to select the specific area on the screen which they want to record or edit.

Using this amazing tool, anyone can easily record their screen and edit the resulting video to make amazing tutorial videos or presentations. DemoCreator is one of the best screen recording and editing softwares out there in my opinion. I feel like the process of creating video should be very easy, and this software helps you achieve that.

quick capture


  1. Cursor effects can be added.
  2. Annotations can be added.
  3. Highly trained technical support is available in case of any issues.
  4. Audio/Video/Image files can be imported easily.
  5. The user can define hotkeys for an optimized screen recording experience.
  6. The trial version allows access to all of the features.
  7. Webcam recording is available.
  8. Recording up to 120 fps can be done.


  1. The free trial version applies a watermark on exported videos.
  2. The software only supports Windows. Support for Mac OS and Linux are coming soon and currently it’s not supported.


It all comes down to this: If you're a gamer, go for Ezvid or Flashback as they have the speediest interfaces possible. However, if you’re a gamer who likes to go live every now and often to have a more interactive experience with the audience— Experience Encoder has to be the best choice for you. In any case, there are numerous free software like Camtasia to help you save your hard-earned money without compromising on the experience.