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Large video cutters can have great video quality without any need for expert IT abilities. And furthermore, without really any need for any information, pretty much a wide range of video designs is so natural to utilize. With next to no adware or spyware, the straightforward platform is 100% spotless and secure and totally free for you. In the long run, on the off chance that you like shooting and altering recordings, you might have some enormous video documents to cut. The reason behind making and sharing recordings is to get individuals to watch. If the significant and fascinating pieces of the recording are encircled by immaterial substance, individuals will become exhausted. Many will forsake the video before they get to perceive what's truly going on with it.

If your PC space is practically running out of, why not simply utilize an internet-based online large video cutter to straightforwardly cut recordings online without the trouble of some other application. Aside from managing neighborhood recordings with an internet-based instrument, you can likewise cut YouTube recordings online straightforwardly. Picking the best platform for your requirements is one of the main choices for the individuals who are attempting to set their way in. It is on the grounds that you want to put your time in figuring out how to utilize different elements of the application, and picking an off-base one could mean an exercise in futility for you. You can choose a couple for the time being and pick the one online large video cutter that eases your editing process. The below rundown has cleared your disarrays about the options that you have on the lookout.

Part 1. Best Video Cutter for Large Files

This video shaper can be utilized on the two Windows and Mac, and you can utilize it to cut enormous recordings in more ways than one. With Automatic Scene Detection, quick speed cutting with Instant Cutter Tool, wide help for video designs. Also, what's more significant, ample underlying presets, formats, changes, and impacts. Assuming you need to unite and join the cut recordings into another one or cut huge video into more modest pieces, you ought to go to work area video cutters since most internet-based video cutters have a size limit. DemoCreator is use-to-simple for novices with its perfect interface. You can transfer your video cuts, photographs, pictures, soundtracks, music, and GIFs to this media library and afterward add them to the course of events to make a video.

Additionally, DemoCreator offers one-of-a-kind GPU speed increase innovation that guarantees the lightning rate to handle your recordings. Regardless of you are utilizing an old PC or bringing in a 4k video, it will deal with your recordings easily. DemoCreator is well known for a very long time/trade choices, low equipment prerequisites, great engineer support, energetic discussion local area, and clearly various video altering highlights for speedy altering. Also, it offers a lot of astonishing channels and advances to assist you with cleaning your recordings.

Steps On How to Cut Large Video with DemoCreator

Step 1. Import Large Recordings

To start cutting large clips with DemoCreator, you firstly need to install this software into the PC and then launch the editor by hitting the Video Editor button right after it gets installed inside the system. If you're into the software editor, now load the large files inside the editor by hitting the Import button to the initial interface of the DemoCreator. It will get imported within seconds into this super-fast software.

import media files 03

Step 2. Cut the Files Handily

In the next step, you can drag and drop the large files into the timeline and preview the file to cut and trim the parts accordingly. For that, simply refer to the starting time of the video where you want to split the files into parts, and you can use the del button to delete the unwanted part right away. Also, drag and join the cut clips to fill the gap.

navigating video editor

Step 3. Export the Output

Now, as soon as you're done cutting clips from your large videos, now is the time to save or share the edited file directly by following the export steps. With DemoCreator, you can also opt for sharing your output file with your specified video format directly to your YouTube channel.

export media files

Part 2. Recommended Large Video Cutters

1. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

Microsoft is a free video shaper for shortening your recordings. You can alter long or brief recordings and save the altered video in your favored arrangement, like AVI, MPEG, MPG, DVD, or MP4. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter is intended for cutting enormous and long video records, like AVI, MPEG, VOB, WMV, MKV, FLC, and MP4, and so on. The program offers lossless altering so you can change your records starting with one organization over then onto the next without expecting to re-render the video.

Lamentably, in contrast to different devices, Gihosoft just does a certain something, video cutting. On the off chance that you want an application that can add advances and other embellishments to your recordings, the Gihosoft free video shaper isn't really for you. It's a little and free utility with valuable highlights like a hand-drawn craftsmanship style interface, exact twist button, and so on. You can save new recordings in other elective organizations without quality misfortune. Assuming you need to join recordings, you'll require its free kin, Gihosoft Free Video Joiner. You can download this video shaper platform for Windows or Mac.

Key Notes:

  • You can cut video effectively without quality misfortune
  • Essentially you definitely need three stages to cut video
  • Backing HD video cutting
  • It changes sound or quiets the sound of any video document.
  • It has a keen and basic UI.
  • No watermarks on traded recordings
  • Basic interface and Free to utilize

2. TunesKit Free Video Cutter

TunesKit is a freemium administration: it offers a complimentary plan; however, the best stuff is saved for paying clients. On the off chance that you don't buy in, the free video trimmer is not difficult to utilize and incorporates some helpful altering highlights, yet your video yield is restricted to a standard definition at 480p goal. In case you're on a Mac, you'll have to utilize the Chrome or Edge program: Safari isn't upheld.

TunesKit is a basic video shaper. It shows a preview of your video at the left of the screen, and you would then be able to utilize the sliders or timestamps to choose the beginning and end times for your cut. It then, at that point, reviews the outcomes before you save your video cut. TunesKit is freemium: free clients are restricted to records of 250MB, and commodities are restricted to 7 minutes in length.

Key Notes:

  • TunesKit permits cutting video and sound without diminishing the quality.
  • It also permits blending a limitless number of recordings into an entire one without compromising the first quality.
  • TunesKit records screen and sound from real-time video locales.
  • It offers freeware to change over HEIC, Live Photos, and play documents.
  • TunesKit is an amazing supervisor to fix, watermark, caption, and then some.

3. BeeCut

This application empowers you to lessen the length of your recordings by managing the start or end or by cutting your video into parts and eliminating the superfluous segments. With BeeCut, you can accelerate your recordings, so it goes through a more limited time. The timetable layer highlight permits you to relocate video, text, pictures, sound, and different media into the specific point in the course of events that you need them to show up. Altered recordings can be shared straightforwardly on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and other social channels. After the page loads up, you need to transfer the video from your PC or your gadget, and assuming you need; you can just put a URL from an internet-based outer source where your video area is available.

You can redo everything from captions to message, shading, introductions, textual styles, impacts, and sound to suit your particular vision. The application upholds different perspective proportions, so you can choose the one that suits the medium you mean to distribute the managed video on. Different elements you can get on BeeCut incorporate video situating, advances, music, voiceover, featuring, obscuring, and video adjustment. Admittance to BeeCut's essential altering highlights like managing and cutting is free. The site interface is exceptionally simple to utilize. It permits you to transfer recordings or glue URLs from your PC. In addition, it gives a model so you can figure out how to cut a video prior to transferring your own video.


  • Simple to utilize and appropriate for all altering purposes
  • It makes inventive veils for obscuring, featuring, or concealing specific components in your video.
  • BeeCut also gives a video adjustment instrument.
  • Huge loads of guides and instructional exercises to assist you with capitalizing on your visual tasks
  • BeeCut upholds altering recordings with 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16, and 3:4 angle proportions.
  • It permits sharing your edits to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other web-based media.

4. Boilsoft Video Cutter

Boilsoft is a simple to utilize free application that has a basic UI, and the instruments given in the product are additionally extremely easy to work with. It is 100% allowed to utilize an MP4 video shaper. The most wonderful thing about this product is that it doesn't save the record by outlining to outline premise. By moving the time slider, one can choose the time you need to choose the beginning and end season of the managed video.

This is a free web-based instrument that manages your necessary video cut from the first video. You don't have to download an outsider platform to edit your necessary video cut; you can have your motivation tackled into your program by itself, on the web. You can sign on to Boilsoft Video Cutter, and when you transfer your image, you can choose the course of events and afterward snap to download the necessary video cut.


  • It sets the beginning time and finishes time by moving a slider.
  • Boilsoft upholds all well-known video designs.
  • It also permits adding custom video introductions, text overlay styles, and captions.
  • It takes on discourse acknowledgment innovation that can change video discourse over to text or the other way around in a single tick.
  • Boilsoft parts a video into different equivalent documents.
  • Boilsoft can also change over video documents to MP4 design.

5. Clideo

Clideo offers a choice of online instruments to circle, flip, converse and channel video cuts, add captions, resize clasps or make images. Each instrument is an individual application that runs in your internet browser. Likewise, with most web-based administrations, there are cutoff points to the record sizes you can utilize when you utilize the free form: documents should be 500MB or under. When it transfers, you can choose the time period of the video you need and afterward click on save or download the video.

You don't have to download or introduce anything on your gadget, which is quicker and safer. It upholds all well-known configurations like AVI, MP4, VOB, MPG, MOV, and so forth. The program permits you to move two markers to choose the start and end of the clasp. It just requires a couple of moments. With this apparatus, you can cut video online as well as change its configuration and add blur in and grow dim impacts. Regardless of whether you have never altered a video yourself, you can utilize this internet-based video shaper. To edit or manage a video, you need to sign in to Clideo and afterward transfer your video from your gadget, or you can essentially put a Google Drive or a Dropbox Link to it.


  • It upholds different video and sound arrangements.
  • Clideo saves your work as another video in a similar arrangement with unique quality.
  • It gives natural controls and a large group of channels, advances, titles, and enhancements to effortlessly make recordings.
  • It permits removing superfluous segments, overlaying music, adding channels, using layouts, and then some.
  • Clideo permits are displaying your creation on Facebook, YouTube, and other web-based media sites.

Comparison Table for Top-Notch Large Video Cutters

Video Cutters

Supported System

Video Formats

File Size


Overall Rating


Windows, Mac

MP4, Along with numerous others

Supportable for Large files

Perfectly Stable and Efficient Choice




Supports MP4

Support large files to some extent

Stable as soon as file size in MBs




Supports MP4 Format

Large files supportable

Stay okay for large files




Supports numerous formats

Large Files Availability but for Premium users only

Perfectly Stable




Supports MP4

Large Files availability

Stable to some extent




Supports numerous formats

Perfectly Able to handle large files but for premium members only

Stable to the fullest



Above are the best video shaper application that you picked for your Windows and Mac. Some of them support a lot of video design; save the new video in the first quality. The top best video cutters and their separate highlights are presented previously. Some of them support countless video arrangements and save new recordings as the first quality, while others have a basic interface that makes it simple for even beginner video editors to cut recordings While simultaneously, some of them include a perfect and straightforward interface that permits you to begin slicing even new to the video altering world.