The latest social media craze is now coming straight from the ’90s. If you have spent much time using Instagram or TikTok, you might observe a Yearbook trend. Influencers are using this AI yearbook filter to evoke feelings of nostalgia. Many social media users find this filter aesthetic and creative to revive their past.

Marketers also apply such filters to gain the attention of the targeted audience. Overuse of filters can ruin the true appearance of people and impact beauty standards. Thus, you should be mindful while making a yearbook. You should use AI-powered tools to re-create your image and follow the trends. This article will help you by highlighting AI yearbook apps and online tools.

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Part 1. What is a Yearbook?

The literal meaning of a yearbook is a book of facts that is published annually. Yearbooks are more than annuals and serve as reminders to cherish noteworthy past moments. Social media gives birth to AI yearbook trends to fascinate the imagination of users. Even celebrities apply special effects to transform their selfies into a 1990s-style yearbook.

In other words, the yearbook social media trend is a trend that people use to re-create their selfies. To do so, they use an AI filter and see the magic of algorithms after uploading 8-10 photos. After processing, the images show peculiar 90’s flavor, hairdo, clothing, and poses of that era. It turns your ordinary photos into classic yearbook-style photos with retro effects.

yearbooks over the time

Part 2. Top AI Yearbook Generators

If you are wondering how to be a part of the Yearbook trend, this section is for you. Like other AI trends, you must use separate platforms to get desired Yearbook photos. Using them, you can re-create images into popular kids, sporty kids, and smart kids' styles of the 90s. Thus, without any delay, let’s explore some mobile apps and online tools for the AI yearbook.  

📱Best AI Yearbook Generating Mobile Apps

As a social media user, you might have seen the yearbook trend on some influencers’ profiles. The internet is storming with yearbook generators these days. Choosing a reliable app is essential because you will share your selfies. To address this concern, we have enlisted some top-notch choices to create AI yearbooks:

1. Instagram

In this era, nobody is unfamiliar with this social media platform. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform powered by Meta. It allows you to upload and edit media using filters. Then, users can organize posts with hashtags and post publicly with a wider audience. It was launched in 2010 as a mobile app, and now users admit that it has changed their lives. 

Generate AI Yearbook Image to Trend on Instagram

This popular social media platform offers a variety of filters and editing tools. Such filters can generate a yearbook easily by following the given steps.

Step 1: Access the Instagram app on your mobile phone and click to open it. Log in to your account and reach out to the Instagram feed section. There, tap on the “Your Story” circle and choose the “Camera” option. Now, swipe the downside circles of effects and tap on the last option of “Browse Effect.”

look for effects from story

Step 2: From the effect section, press the “Search” icon and type "Yearbook" in the bar. There will be many filters to scroll and choose from. Pick one and click on the "Save" symbol at the left side of the filter name. You can capture a new image using that Yearbook filter.

search for yearbook effect and save

Step 3: To apply the Yearbook filter to the existing image, head back to the Camera. Swipe up and browse your image from the gallery. After getting the image on Instagram, hit the “Effect” icon at the top. Now, choose your saved yearbook filter and click on “Done.” You will get a Yearbook image ready to download or upload on Instagram.

apply yearbook effect on image

2. AI Photo Generator -AI Yearbook

Do you want to generate your own unique high school style of 90’s yearbook? This app might prove a good choice to alter your photos and quickly generate artistic images. You just have to import your image from the device and wait for a while for the yearbook image. Apart from a yearbook, users can find AI photos of Halloween, Witch, and Christmas themes.

ai photo generator ai yearbook

3. AI Art Generator - AI Yearbook

Let your creativity flow, and use this app to generate AI yearbook photos. With AI technology, you can find artwork of various styles by uploading a single image. This app can turn your words into images after a detailed text prompt. It works the same as the earlier discussed app. Users can choose a canvas to get a picture of 1:1, 2:3, 3:4, and other aspect ratios.

ai art generator ai yearbook

☁️Online Tools to Generate AI Yearbook

If you are professionally editing an AI yearbook image, then online tools are preferable. Firstly, you don't have to download any app in your system. Secondly, online tools do not require free working memory space on your mobile. Depending on users’ needs, there are many online tools available to recreate the yearbook trend. Below are some online AI yearbook generators to make your choice easier:

1. Fotor

Upload your selfie on Fotor and get your yearbook photo magically generated quickly. This platform will instantly create images with AI support that bring you back to the 90's era. It offers many retro templates for style, pose, and get-up ideas. After generating an image, you can directly post it on social media like Instagram, TikTok, etc.

fotor ai yearbook generator

2. AI Portrait

This exciting AI online tool will assist you in letting back your high school experience. It features different poses, styles, and outfits regarding AI yearbook image creation. Pick one aesthetic image and then upload your images according to the given requirements. You can select a gender and race to specify the search for the desired yearbook image.

ai portrait ai yearbook generator

Part 3. Make Your Unique Yearbook for a Memorable Time

Everyone is using almost the same filters to create an AI Yearbook image. It has reduced the audience's attention because that content is no longer creative to them. As a solution, you should create a unique yearbook by using Wondershare DemoCreator. Within simple steps, you can make a matchless AI yearbook to upload on any digital platform.

DemoCreator can craft professional videos to meet marketing and training needs. It is an all-in-one platform to record videos, edit videos, and make video presentations. This AI tool offers a text-to-speech option that enables you to get desired images by inserting text. Now, let’s stick to the main point and create a unique AI yearbook using DemoCreator:

Step 1: Get the Latest Version of Wondershare DemoCreator

Download Wondershare DemoCreator from its official website. Then, launch it in your system and access its main interface. Explore the “Video Editor” option and click to enter in the editing screen.

access video editor feature

Free Download
Free Download

Step 2: Import Your Media Files to Start Editing

From the Media panel, press the “+” icon and hit the “Import Media File” option from the list. Now, pick your intended images and tap on “Open” to import in DemoCreator. Drag and drop them into the timeline section.

add media files to democreator

Step 3: Make Your Personalized AI Yearbook

Next, head to the toolbar of the media panel and click on the "Filters” icon. Go to the left side and select “Retro” from the list. You will find a variety of retro filters to make a choice. Tap on one filter and drag it to bring in the timeline. Drop the filter on your desired image to apply to one image. You can apply different effects on different images. Lastly, adjust “Alpha” by using a slider.

apply filter and adjust

Step 4: Export the Yearbook at Your Preferred Platform 

In addition, you can add audio, captions, and transitions to your yearbook. After customizing, approach the “Export” button at the top-right side. There, set the file export parameters to export the yearbook to your device or on social media directly.  

export final ai yearbook media

Free Download
Free Download


In short, following yearbook trends is much easier with AI yearbook tools. Simply upload your image and apply the yearbook filter of your choice to evoke nostalgia. You can try the online tools and apps discussed in this article. To make the trend creative, you should use Wondershare DemoCreator. This tool can make your Yearbook unique with multiple editing and customization options.

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