You might've noticed AI taking over every industry recently. Truthfully, AI bestows several benefits that have revolutionized many sectors, from education to entertainment. The music industry is the latest to witness these rising waves of AI. AI-generated music has become the new norm for many users due to its various benefits.

In this contemporary music landscape, staying on top of trends and finding a suitable AI music generator for free is important. If you are looking for guidance in this regard, the following guide is at your disposal. Discover the top AI music generators available to redefine your music. As a bonus tip, explore a quick and easy way to create the perfect music video.

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Part 1: Top 10 AI Music Generators to Explore in 2024

The trend of AI music generator tools has risen significantly. These tools undoubtedly provide many benefits to users. However, finding the perfect tool for your every need can be daunting. For your assistance, we have compiled a list of the top 10 AI tools for music generation. You can look at the following and choose the one best suited to your needs:

1. has been taking the lead in AI tools for some time now. Its latest tool, Stable Audio, is the ultimate AI-powered music generator. You can use a text prompt to synthesize music and sound effects. It will automatically deliver high-quality audio based on your specified duration. Stable Audio is a top choice when it comes to AI song creators.

stability ai music generator

Key Features

  • Stable Audio creates high-quality audio files that you can use commercially. You don’t have to worry about copyright claims and infringements.
  • Get multiple results from a single prompt at Stable Audio. This helps you pick a file you like most from the results.
  • You can create custom-length music with Stable Audio. Specify the duration you want, and the tool will automatically generate it.

Tips to Create Music Using Stable Audio

  • You can specify the BPM (Beats per Minute) rate to ensure the output is the tempo you want. This will help Stable Audio stick to the genre you are trying to create.
  • If you want to generate individual stems, specify this in your prompt. You can incorporate keywords such as “solo” and “instrumental” on Stable Audio.


Named after a twist at Beethoven, this AI tool is no less when it comes to generating unique and timeless classics. can create royalty-free music files with a powerful AI algorithm. It provides users complete control over the generated audio. From changing the mood to making cuts as necessary, lets you do it all.

beatoven ai music generator

Key Features

  • You can customize the length and genre of each track based on your preferences. provides complete control over the generated track.
  • The tool offers unique music and tracks in different options. You can choose from 5 options to select the track you like the most.
  • ai also offers 16 different moods for your cuts. You can choose the right one and tailor your content to your liking.

Tips to Create Music using

  • To ease the process of editing the music video, you can directly insert the music video into the platform.
  • To tailor the music file to your needs, you can set up your own emotions. For that, use the “Create Emotion” button and select any particular section of the generated music to edit accordingly.

3. Riffusion

If you want to turn your lyrics into a song without high-end production gear, you should try Riffusion. This AI-based tool can sing anything you type in different moods. Once an audio is generated using this AI song maker, edit it as you like. Riffusion is the perfect tool to convert lyrics into music videos in a single click.

riffusion ai music generator

Key Features

  • You can explore other riffs of users to take inspiration from. The same templates can be used to generate music fitted to your needs.
  • You can specify each word’s duration in the song. This allows you to customize the stress on each word and how it will sound.
  • Riffusion also allows users to save the generated content as video files. You can then share it directly to various social media platforms.

Tips to Create Music Using Riffusion

  • If you don’t have your own lyrics, Riffusion can automatically write some lyrics for you. You can use these AI-generated lyrics to get started.
  • You can directly export the generated music files to TikTok and other platforms for easy sharing. Riffusion also creates a share link that can be easily disseminated online.

4. Loudly

Loudly is another AI music generator you can use to create and customize music tracks. It can deliver premium-quality songs and stems with its powerful AI. The process of generating music on Loudly is very simple. You can build your formula for every song, and Loudly will automatically generate three unique tracks based on your input.

loudly ai music generator

Key Features

  • Loudly offers a vast library of royalty-free music you can use in your videos. You can search from popular genres and moods to find the right choice.
  • You can save and share your unique music formulas on Loudly. This can also help you use them in the future for other songs.
  • Loudly also offers an AI recommender for users. You can describe your video scene, and it will automatically deliver music recommendations for the video.

Tips to Create Music using Loudly

  • To make your music truly unique, select all the various filters available on Loudly. This will help the tool generate the exact content you need based on your requirements.
  • The “Genre Blend” feature on Loudly can help mix different genres. You can try this to make truly unique music tailored to your needs.


For a diverse library of sounds and unlimited possibilities, you can try This tool uses its strong AI to deliver customized beats to users. provides hundreds of options for users to choose from. It is also suitable for generating video music, as it offers a free preview. It is perfectly catered to users from every field for their varying needs.

soundraw ai music generator

Key Features

  • io offers multiple pricing plans based on your needs. You can get royalty-free licensing if you are a creator and monetize your songs if you are an artist.
  • You can easily customize the songs on The tool can automatically adjust to the changes based on your few clicks.
  • There’s no need to enter keywords and prompts on Tap the options to filter out the music and generate custom tracks.

Tips to Create Music using

  • The energy bar shown on each song lets you change the position of the chorus. You can also use it to make an intro shorter or longer.
  • You can try the "Pro Mode” of for more control over your audio. Here, you can adjust various elements, such as fading and transitions.

6. Soundful

Soundful is the perfect AI music generator when you want the perfect royalty-free music for your needs. From monetization to commercial use, Soundful has got you covered. It can generate music for social media, websites, video games, events, and any other utility. Various themes and templates are available to claim the music as your own.

soundful ai music generator

Key Features

  • Soundful lets users customize the track's speed, BPM, key, and other aspects. This results in unique music that you can call your own.
  • The tool provides certain styles and mixes based on your general style. This can help provide content more tailored to your preferences.
  • Soundful features collections of popular songs and mixes. You can browse through them and create something similar.

Tips to Create Music Using Soundful

  • You can save all the created tracks in your library. To find the desired track quickly, you can filter and sort the files by track style, tempo, and other options.
  • If you truly wish to take your music journey to the next level, you can collaborate with popular artists on Soundful. This can help you learn and grow in the industry.

7. Boomy

Boomy AI is the ultimate tool to help unleash your creativity. You can use it to make original songs never heard before. Boomy also lets users submit their songs to streaming platforms, where they are paid after each stream. The tool is full of useful features and tools to streamline your workflow. You can also view featured tracks and take inspiration.

boomy ai music generator

Key Features

  • Rearrange segments of your songs to your liking. Boomy allows users to drag, duplicate, and delete sections from the track as needed.
  • You don't have to start over if you want to change the song recipe after generating it. Instead, you can access the “Rewrite” feature and make the necessary changes.
  • Boomy can also add vocals to the song. You can choose to record your voice or upload a file from the local storage containing vocals to embed in the track.

Tips to Create Music using Boomy

  • Choose from the vast library of styles available on Boomy for quick and easy compositions.
  • If you want clean, professional-sounding audio, choose the Sound Effects as "None." This will remove any background noise that may feature in your track.

8. Suno AI

Suno AI is a simple and easy-to-use AI song maker. It can help anyone create music, from shower singers to rising artists. You can use Suno AI to generate a song on any topic or mood you like. With many helpful features, the online sensation offers a convenient solution for song creation. You can customize your songs and even use others’ creations for inspiration.

suno ai music generator

Key Features

  • Access the trending tracks on and remix them for further use. You can also continue from the exact clip and build your own song.
  • Suno AI can automatically generate song lyrics based on your description. Use them in the song or customize them if you wish.
  • The tool also provides an automatically generated title for the song. It can also be changed according to your liking.

Tips to Create Music using

  • For better accuracy, describe the song you wish to create in depth. Try using descriptive words and adjectives to explain your requirements.
  • If you want to share the track on social media platforms, it is advisable to download the video from Suno AI. You can also customize the privacy of the file for enhanced access.

9. Mubert

A compelling AI song maker that can help everyone generate custom music is Mubert. You can use it to create tracks that suit your every mood. Mubert offers a range of royalty-free music to start your day. It is the perfect bridge between humans and technology to create unique masterpieces. You can use Mubert to effortlessly create a soundtrack of the perfect length, mood, and style.

mubert ai music generator

Key Features

  • Mubert features an image-to-music converter. Instead of typing prompts, you can insert an image, and the tool will produce music suited to it.
  • You can also search tracks by reference, such as a YouTube video URL. Mubert will analyze the video and generate a similar soundtrack in minutes.
  • Mubert also offers a streaming service to help you listen to music suited to your every need. You can find tracks to help you focus, sleep, meditate, and more.

Tips to Create Music using Mubert

  • If you are a content creator and wish to use the music in other content, try Mubert’s extensions. The extensions are available for Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro for better accessibility.
  • Try combining musical and emotional terms when including details on the mood you want. Using both in combination can prove effective in generating the specific music type.

10.  MusicStar.AI

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool that can generate music, vocals, and lyrics using AI, the answer lies in MusicStar.AI. This remarkable tool can generate music in your favorite style with just a few clicks. You no longer need to spend long hours curating the best sounds. MusicStar.AI takes a few seconds to create the perfect music for your every need.

musicstar ai music generator

Key Features

  • You can add your lyrics to the songs on MusicStar.AI. It also allows you to add a few sentences, and the tool will complete the rest of the song.
  • AI allows users to select a music style from various options. You can choose from hip-hop, country, rock, and others.
  • If you have a favorite artist on MusicStar.AI, you can specify it on the tool. The AI will automatically generate music similar to the artist’s tracks for you.

Tips to Create Music using MusicStar.AI

  • Adding adjectives to instrument names is helpful when generating a prompt. Try adding words like “reverberated” and “powerful” for better results.
  • Experiment with the various settings provided by MusicStar.AI to fine-tune the output. Doing this can help the track align more closely with your vision.

Bonus Tip: Craft an Outstanding Music Video with DemoCreator

As we dive into the world of cool AI music makers, it is natural to dream about turning your awesome tunes into eye-catching music videos. That's where Wondershare DemoCreator steps in – it's like the superhero of video editing tools. This professional-quality video creator can create fascinating music videos that capture the viewer’s attention.

DemoCreator contains a comprehensive toolset to cater to your every video-related need. You can use its features to polish your video content, from high-quality screen recordings to premium video effects. It can instantly transform your text into dynamic and natural voiceovers. DemoCreator offers abundant resources to help you create the perfect music video.

How To Make an Attractive MV in a Few Steps?

If you want to create a striking music video, DemoCreator can help. It contains easy-to-use tools that can help you generate remarkable videos with the music of your choice:

Step 1: Import Source Material

You will be taken to the startup page once you download and install DemoCreator on your device. Here, tap on "Video Editor." Once inside this panel, you can import the media files you wish to include in your music video. You can add music, videos, images, PowerPoint, and other files.

start video editor democreator

Free Download
Free Download

Step 2: Drag Media to the Timeline

After successfully importing your media files into DemoCreator, you must add them to the timeline. Drag and drop the files from the “Media Library” to the timeline.

add media to timeline

Step 3: Add Captions to Music Video

You can now add the captions and subtitles for your lyrics in the music video. You can automatically use DemoCreator’s caption templates and overlays to add them to the video. The “Annotations” tab is available at the right to help you modify the captions as needed. You can also adjust the captions' color, font, and other properties.

add and edit captions in mv

Step 4: Apply Video Effects

Once you have finalized your captions, you can start modifying the video. DemoCreator offers a range of tools you can apply to make your video stand out. Thousands of transitions, effects, and filters are available to alleviate your content. You can also add stickers to convey emotions and enhance the narrative. You can easily find the elements that fit your video perfectly.

apply different effects to mv

Step 5: Export the Music Video

After editing the music video, you can export and share it to multiple platforms. Tap the “Export” option at the top-right corner of the screen. You can choose to export the file in multiple formats and resolutions. You can also directly share the music video to platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

export final music video

Free Download
Free Download


AI-generated music has made it easy to create and disseminate music. You can try the abovementioned AI music generator tools to boost your productivity. If you want to create an outstanding music video, DemoCreator is the perfect answer. Use it to make appealing music videos without effort and take your content to the next level.

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